Friday, September 28, 2012

Susana Balbo/Ben Marco/missouri beverage

winemaker Gustavo Bertagna

Ben Marco Malbec 2010... dense dark purple..which will be the hallmark of all the wines today.. ripe fruit on the nose and palate... dark raspberry but not over the top jammy...

Ben Marco Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 dark color from maceration.. a hint of chlorine? juicy on the palate.. lots of fruit tannins... . not afraid to be noticed

Ben Marco Expressivo a blend of malbec and others...tannat and petite verdot.. lots of cedar on the nose, and interesting how the fruit on the mid palate is all tannin... not wild about it.. a little clunky

Susana Balbo Estate Malbec again with the chlorine.. darker yet in color but more terroir on the nose, more interesting with pretty sweet tannins that keep you wanting more.

Susana Balbo Estate Cabernet from high vineyards where the grapes pick up some spice. elegant and lower in tannins... good structure.. nice

Susana Balbo Late Harvest Malbec.. allowed to sit on the vine much longer.. goes through a second fermentation.. nose of sweet molasis and tar.. viscous and lingering but not cloying.. very clean flavors.. from good acidity.. i was craving some bleu cheese

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