Thursday, September 27, 2012

Indigenous Selections /Tamer Harpke/Bommarito

Continuing with the Italian theme of this week

Contratto Brut Millesimato 2007... made in the Franco Corta style.. but a vintage .. pinot noir with a little chardonnay.. very rough and not a lot of mousse

La Pinetta Vermentino. 2010  interesting label of rhino , not many in Italy. some minerality, lots of heavy handed acidity.. not finessed or subtle

Ciaci Toscana Rosso  2009 Sangiovese with some Cab/Merlot/Syrah. light bodied.. and again heavy handed with the fruit upfront.. very dark

La Spinetta Barbera Ca di Pian 2008  cedary on the nose, a little iodine? needs food I think

La Spinetta Langhe Nebbiolo 2008  people wanting a Nebbiolo experience without the Barolo price... this has all the tannin of one.. might need to age a little

Ciacci Brunello di Montalcino 2007... brickish and lush.. lots of tannin on the front but approachable

La Spinetta Moscato di Asti.. 2011. a single vineyard Moscato... freshness and soapy again but this wines acidity keeps it going .. more mousse on this than the Contratto.

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