Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday wine and weather rantsc

Feeling much better today from the awful cold I had. Could actually detect some aromas and tastes. It always feels so good when you get over being sick. I wonder if thats why we get sick sometimes, so that we could appreciate what we feel like normally.

My weather rant is about the local forecasters and scare mongers that were telling people how bad the weather was going to be all day Saturday and to please for gods sake do not even think about leaving the house all day....if your life depends on it. When I was driving to work I was expecting Armeggedon on the streets and to my surprise it was just wet. I didnt slide once on the way to work. I wonder where the line is drawn between information and hype to keep people watching your own show. The problem comes when people here this and see how bad it wasnt then when a bad thing comes along they assume they had cried wolf yet once again. Shame on them.

Wines today.

Avignonesi Rosso 2004 Italy A blend of Sangiovese Cab and Merlot. A nice drink for the money. Raspberry color to brick with a touch of leather and tobacco on the nose. Great pasta wine

Star Lane Vineyards Syrah 2004 The wine was tasty , more of a northern rhone style with iodine and bacon fat. Very dark inky color but I have to say I really hate the label. I will carry it in the store but the label looks old before you get to the product. Some would say its subtle but I hope its not too subtle and gets lost on my shelves

From Bodi wines.

Laird Ranch Red Hen Ranch 2002 Oak oak and more oak. A touch of vanilla but not much.fruit. I dont think the wine is going to ever lose the oak.

PepperbridgeCabernet Washington 2003

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas

I cant believe I havent posted here for so long. We had a great Thanksgiving and Border War Weekend, and then I was hit with the worst cold I have had in many years. For several days I sounded like Demi Moore, and then I sounded nasally..sort of like Mr Limpett for all you Don Knotts fans out there. I finally tried some wine this week but everything tasted like metal....nothing that i could recommend but knowing that smell is the first approach to taste I asked them to bring the stuff around again when the nasal passages would be able to detect the right flavors. That being said I did bring in a few things because of reputation and past experience.

Look for Lazy Creek Pinot Blanc from Anderson Valley

Look for the new Tastebud magazine for Christmas suggestions.