Monday, March 28, 2011

Craig with Pinnacle

DeBortali (DB) Chardonnay 2009.. first wine of the day and VERY tart.. and not a lot of fruit to show through

2010 Kung Fu Girl Riesling..Washington state.. and on first taste I would have said this is New Zealand Sauv Blanc.. not a lot of sweet fruit.. some hints of tropical fruit but dry finish..

Domaine Boisson Cotes du rhone 2009.. from the newly touted 09 vintage this is a very young wine.. lots of esthers that it needs to release or work through.. time will tell

2007 Mitolo Serpico Cabernet Sauvignon.. again with the esthers.. my nose must not be showing right.. lots of bing cherry and not much else... disappointing for the maker and the cost.

willi with appellations

Londer Dry Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley 2008 definitely a dry styled wine.. pretty, true nose of Gewurz. a touch of petrol on the finish. 

Obelisco Estate Malbec 2008 out of washington state.. this wine is dominated by an oaky or woodsy nose.. dirty tannins and a dull finish.. stay with argentina for malbec.

Obelisco Estate Red Mountain 2008 agin with the oaky woodsy nose.. a stronger fruit mid palate but overall not an interesting wine.

Obelisco Les Grosses VIneyard Syrah 2008... lovely coffee and mocha chocolate nose.. rich purple color.. nice astringency not as opulent on the palate as I was hoping from the nose but still very nice...the oak seems to have integrated with this wine better than the other two.

Misc posting

Monday seems to be a day for wine reps to be out.

Bill with Bommarito
LeClerc Bourgogne rouge 2008... sweet nose and fruit.. if someone asked me what grape juice would taste like it would be this.. simple and uncomplicated.. not a lot on the back

LeClerc Gevry Chambertin 2008.. staying with the light sweet theme of the Bourgogne.. some more depth but not a lot of complexity for the money they are asking

Paitin Sori'Paitin Barbaresco 2005  light rusty color.. some light italian dirt on the nose.. rose and anise on the palate.. good grip with some cedar on the back.. nice but not overly excited given the price.

Chris Berry with Palm Bay Imports

Salentein Malbec 2008  dark color in glass. lovely mocha with a little more medicinal notes on the nose.. higher in alcohol but good viscosity and mouthfeel. long finish

Portillo Malbec 2009 Argentina.. soft easy and juicy with some pretty cedar notes.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Victorie imports with Yvon Mau/ glazers

Seigneurs de Bergerac white.. sem and sauv blanc.. semi sweet with a slight dull finish..

Chateau Coustaut le Grangeotte light and delicate with not a lot of flavor

Seigneurs de Bergerac rose 2010.. of cab and merlot.. salmon color and light and pleasant enough

Seigneurs de Bergerac red.. 2009  cab and merlot.. a touch earthy and green.. young vines would be my guess.

Chateau Boutillot bordeaux 2009.. good color in the glass.. not green but not interesting either.. a little earthy

Chateau Laurensanne cotes du bourg 2009  a little of the french stink.. with coffee notes on the finish..some fruit but mostly hidden

Chateau Jalousie Beaulieu Bordeaux Superior 2009  being a superior has more alcohol a touch smoky on the nose.. juicy and full bodied with red fruit throughout.. standout

Chateau La Criox Blanche 2009  supple red cherry.. toasty on the nose.. from the oak.. just enough... very enjoyable for the money.. another winner...

\Chateau lafaurie 2007 dessert wine.. St Croix du Mont. a sub appellation of sauternes.. starts of with the beautiful nose of sauternes but goes flat on the tongue.. and no were near the viscosity they normally have

Henri Abele Brut NV Champagne. heavily yeasty nose.. soft finish.. had been opened a while when tasted so some of the sparkle was off.

misc tasting

Mark Tarry Missouri Beverage

Santa Ema Select Terroir Sauvignon Blanc 2008 grapefruit and apple.. some minerality.. a touch sweet herbal on the finish.. crisp and nice beginning wine

Santa Ema Terroir Chardonnay 2009.. way too sweet with vanilla and pineapple.. super ripe fruit

Santa Ema Terroir Cabernet 2009  dark fruit flavors. nice body.. a touch green on the start but it didnt linger around. surprisingly good for the money

Scott Werner with Bommarito
 Stony Hill Chardonnay 2006.. the anti establishment chardonnay of california.. no ml no new oak.. all expression of fruit.. and bottle aged to promote the development of character. as chablis as a cali wine can probably get.. grown on the east and north slopes of spring mountain this wine is a lot about nervosity and strength. 

Great wines from Pinnacle Imports craig rohner

Van Duzer VineyardsImage of Van Duzer Vineyards via Snooth2008 Van Duzer Estate Pinot Noir .. bright color...nice texture and intensity.. silky finish.. maybe a little tight but would open up nicely.

2009 Novy Russian River Zinfandel.. grapey.. briary... not reallyshowing more than one dimension. not very interesting.. surprisingly bad for this producer.

2007 Chave Offerus St Joseph... was really looking forward to this wine.. the nose was everything northern rhone syrah can be.. but in the palate the body was much lighter and not the texture I was expecting. it took a little time for the syrah after flavors to open up..
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christian with Terra Firma

Chateau Haut Mouleyre Blanc 2006... lemon yellow.. nice viscosity but the flavors have started going.. some honey notes but generally beginning to dull.

Chateau Fombrauge St Emilion Grand Cru 2003 pretty cedar on the nose..drinking like an aged bordeaux would.. a bit rough on the palate.. good for a $20 bottle but not the $40 I would have to charge.. holding its color well.
Chateau LaTour  Carnet Haut Medoc 2003 the glass looks muddled.. and a little oxidized on the nose.. still showing good fruit.. but this bottle at least is over the hill.

l'egregore bordeaux 2004  100% merlot.. dark garnet.. with edges of brown.. french stink intensified.. some mocha on the finish..

Bernard Magrez Napa Cabernet 2007.  dark fruit on the palate.. interestting combination of old and new world noses. dark fruits.. lots of tannin that would hopefully settle down..  tea and cola on the finish.. tannins.

jp of vintegrity

value wines.

Chateau Haut Rion Blanc Bordeaux 2009  almost tropical fruit.. 60% semillon which shows in the weight of the wine.. mouthfilling with just the right amount of minerality.. this has been in the store for a few vintages... good example of white bordeaux.

Michael Sullberg Chardonnay California 2008.. soft and easy.. a good banquet wine.

Shannon Ridge Sauvignon Blanc Lake County 2009  wow.. lots of power in this one.. grassy and herbal.. all that is expected of this varietal from California.. very rich on the palate..

Balletto Estate Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2009.. a little one note of barnyard and earth.. some dried fruit but not as good as I was expecting from last viintage

Michael Sullberg Merlot California 2009 clean and good fruit.. not overly interesting but a good banquet wine.. not going to offend anyone.

Zolo Malbec Mendoza argentin 2009.. I would have to say the winner of this tasting.. lots going on for the price.. rich sweet fruit and silky tannins..

Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Lake County 2008. varietally correct.some good fruit... a little boring though..

elyse wines with michele duckett/ bommarito

L'Ingenue Naggiar Vineyards Sierra Foothills 2008  a blend of white rhone varietals.. being a theatre major I know Ingenue is the young female lead .. roussanne, marsanne and viognier here.. which in most tastings have a green olive unctiousness that needs time to settle down.. Terra Firma Enigma was always better three vintages in.. this has a nice mellow sweetness with a hint of caramel on the finish.

C;est Si Bon Red.. the red version of the Ingenue unfortunately was a little off... which is like being a little pregnant..

Zinfandel Morisoli Vineyard Napa 2007... pretty smokiness on the nose. a bordeaux style wine in that it is not the fruit bomb that some Cali zin tends to be

Cabernet Sauvignon Tietjen Vineyard 2006,, newly released 2006 is still pretty tight but opens up nicely. dark fruit flavors.. good texture on the tongue that does turn into a little heat from the alcohol but not overpoweringly so. some pretty graphite and oaky notes on the nose.

Folio wine with Dominic Guerrieri/Garco

2009 Arnaldo Caprai Anima Umbra Bianco.. living in the shade?? a little honeyed. nice viscosity.. from the grechetto grape which is in the store... just a touch of minerality but not overpowering

2008 Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio-Verduzzo blend from Veneto.. interesting dark yellow color that comes from the straw mat handled verduzzo.. not the ordinary run of the mill pinot grigio.. citrus lemon on the finish. that keeps going.. a hand sell but maybe worth it

Castiglioni Frescobaldi Chianti 2008.. in a word rustic. hard edges and earthy on the nose.. definitely needs food. but nice red cherry fruit.. very traditional style.

Arnaldo Capri Montefalco Rosso 2007  made with a little sagrantino which this region is known for. dark color.dark fruit and coffee on the finish ... interesting wine that I have on the shelf..mostly sangiovese though.

Masi Camofiorin Ripasso 2006.. have had this before and liked it more in the past.. this bottle may have been not showing its best.. lush even with that on the palate.. amarone grapes( corvina, etc) that are treated with a mat for a few days instead of months.. Amarone light.

Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2007 traditional cali cab. on nose and palate.. dark black fruit and a great value for the money.. showing the good 07 vintage still

Friday, March 11, 2011

valckenberg winery with Nancy Peach

Weingut Liebfrauenstift "Stift" dry Riesling. 2009  mouthwatering acidity and all the green apple flavors.. more nervosity than any of the others.

Weingut Schloss Saarstein Moose Saar Ruwer 2008 sweet fruit.. light acidity. a little honeyed and mineral on the finish. one of the few monopole vineyards in germany thanks to napoleanic laws where most land holdings were split between sons of the previous owner.

Baron Knyphausen "Baron K" Riesling Kabinett 2009  soft on the palate not a lot of acidity.. almost tropical fruit.

Prinz Salm " P2" Two princes Riesling.. lots of minerality.. tropical fruit. not overly sweet again..

coppola winery /erin adams/glazers

thanks for those who participated in our wine tasting last night. it was a good turn out and all were happy.

Coppola Votre Sante Chadonnay 2009 to your health is the meaning of the label. this wine is sweet fruit.. not oaky at all (malolactic) on the finish. unexciting

Votre Sante Pinot Noir dark fruit.. a little burnt coffee on the palate. not overly fruity and a quick finish.. not a winner either

Coppola Directors Cut Cinema  Sonoma 2008  going with the theme of Coppola being a director.. the cinema is their answer to The Prisoner... a cab and zinfandel blemd. deep purple in the glass and lush fruit with a long finish.. very enjoyable.

Rubicon Cask 2007 dark garnet red.. pretty coak nose, lush tannins.. and a little more oak on the finish than i like but still for the money it asks for it is a good wine.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Great wines from Pinnacle Imports craig rohner

Great wines was his title for the page

Domaine Talmard Macon Chardonnay 2009  a little more rustic than I expected given they are bottling this for the american market. a touch of viscosity and lots of minerality or that wet stone taste. yet there is a nice round finish.. just not a lot of upfront fruit.

Emilio Moro Ribera del Duoro ... tempranillo from the best region it grows in. beautiful nose of roses, lavender and incense. dark berry flavors and long finish.. lovely wine year in and year out.

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2008 with 12 % petite verdot that seems to overpower the wine. a more herbal grape petite verdot is usually just a blending grape with less than 2% in bordeaux. this wine is lean on the finish with some nice plummy fruit character. but with the track record of Charles Smith was expecting a little more.

Cade winery with Daron McAfee/ Bommarito

I had been told that Cade is another label of the Plumpjack Family which it really is but also has it's own 60 acres on Howell Mountain. More like the sister winery to Plumpjack. Cade is a shakespearean word for Wine barrel.

Cade Sauv Blanc 2009 Napa Valley mostly stainless steel. and made in the bordeaux style. less grapefruit more of the herbal and grassy , mineral style.

Plumpjack Chardonnay 2009 Napa Valley.. a very restrained and elegant wine. 40% new french oak. it sees no malolactic fermentation.. just beautiful expression of chard fruit. a little tropical fruit. and mouthwatering acidity.

Cade Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Cuvee 2007.. made from grapes from premier sites in the valley. dark plum in color and dark berry fruits on the palate.. a little of the graphite on the nose. a touch more oak than I expected but the finish is long and sweet

Cade Howell Mountain Cabernet 2007  98% Cabernet with 2% Merlot.. aged in french oak. tasted with two bottles since the first was a little oxidized. even that was showing lush fruit though. soft elegant tannins and dark fruit again.. very nice bottle of wine for the money

One of the backers of Cade winery is Gavin Newsom currently Lt Governor of California recently Mayor of San Francisco.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wine Guerrilla Bruce Patch /Vintegrity

A winery in business for just 5 years. He sources out some of the better zin territories in Sonoma. As with Ridge a lot of his Zin line is mixed with what is known as Field Blend reds.. carignane, petitie syrah, mourvedre. alicante buchete (sp)

his value brand. Sonoma County 2009 juicy with a slight black pepper finish. a more rustic style.. good example of what Zin can be like.

Adels Dry Creek 2009  single vineyard site...pretty nose of briar and bramble.. rose incense . that follows through on the finish.. soft and juicy.

Conte Russian River 2009  another vineyard site.. mostly zin.. picked together.. co-fermented together to make a juicy smooth bodied style.. more ripe fruit... a little pencil lead from the new oak on the finish.

Forchini Old Vine 2009... another blend.. this one with over 100 year old vines.. surprisingly it wasnt my favorite.. higher in alcohol.. more extracted.. definitely needs food like a fat porterhouse or filet...
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Christian with Terra Firma

Vina RoblesImage of Vina Robles via SnoothA smaller distributor who carries mostly European wines

2008 Prahova Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.. a little too earthy for my taste. can use some opening up maybe... the pinot in this brand is a great value.

one of the first good 2009 bordeaux. Chateau Mayne Pargade Rouge.. dark ruby in color. soft tannins with light bing cherry.. a little short on the finish but great value for the money. 09 is the next big thing from bordeaux... and it is in the lesser expensive wines that the values really do come

2007 Vina Robles Jardine Petite Syrah.. dark red.. tight nose but great impact on the palate. dark roasted coffee and dark red fruits. long supple finish..

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