Tuesday, May 31, 2011

clayhouse adobe pink

A blend of Mourvedre/syrah and Cabernet... pretty salmon color, almost bone dry which is not a bad thing. some grapefruit and strawberry on the palate... not a wimpy rose and one of the best of the bunch from this producer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Della terra with brian larky/ bommarito

della terra means "of the earth" in italian and that is the only wine that he brings to the table...italian.. many well known producers from Legeder to Inama from Soave..

Veneto producer Adami Prosecco a non vintage version has a nice mousse to it with good acidity and finish.. maybe a little tart at the end but over all pleasant

from the Piedmont region we have Vietti with a Roero Arneis 2009.. golden straw color.. good fruit. with a slight uplifting of sweet on the finish.. very enjoyable compared to most boring pinot grigio in this price range

Vietti Nebbiolo "perbacco"" 2008 smoky tobacco on the nose, good tannin .. a poor mans barolo.. made from the grapes that didnt quite make it inot his much more expensive Barolo

Friday, May 20, 2011

craig with pinnacle

Secco Brut.. Prosecco blend with Pinot Bianco... soft and fizzy but not as good as

Secco Rose.. Prosecco with Pinot Nero.. juicy and not as hard edged as the first...nice mousse and texture on the mouth.. pretty in pink

Domaine Lafond Lirac Blanc Grenache Blanc roussanne and Viognier. unctious and slightly sweet from the Viognier.. a little tight on the nose but it must have opened up by the time cellar rat tried.. he liked it alot.

Guigal Cotes du rhone 2009 a blend of rhone whites much like the above but a little heavier yet on the palate.. juicy and full bodied it will hold up for some time to come

Box Car Rose 2010.. pretty roses and rhubarb just a little earthy... not a wimpy rose.. tasty

La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino 2006 from the glorious 06 vintage.. stinky on the nose.. juicy a little lighter on the mid palate than expected.. blueberries? and nice tannin structure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

appellations with willi

Lazy Creek Anderson valley Rose 2007... brickish in color and pink grapefruit on the nose... definitely drinkable but lost a lot of its fruit

Felice Acier Sauvignon Blanc 2009  tropical fruit and some acidity but kind of lost.

Wines of Substance Riesling Washington 2009 smoky and oily nose. an interesting mix of old world and new.. a reminder of petroleum and tropical fruit...

David Arthur Chardonnay 2009... one of the followers of less oak more about the fruit.. light malo to give some body but not the heavy hit over the head vanilla and dill..

Domaine Charvin vin-de-pay Principaute d'orange... a baby chateauneuf but not showing the depth that some of these wines produce.. a little green, vegetal.. maybe just still young.. but I doubt it.

stags leap wine cellars/ mark schroeder/ glazer

A long time, important winery for the early to mid 70's Napa  not to be confused with Stags Leap Winery... this one has been around for a long time.

Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Napa grassy and herbal... not a subtle wine...

Karia Chardonnay Napa 200 some creaminess and acidity.. not the oak bomb that I was expecting. may be starting to show a little age..

Hands of Time 2008 Napa a cab, merlot and syrah blend.. the cab stands out the most but the finish was a little weak for the money

Artemis 2007 Cabernet from Napa.. softer style.. lush tannins.. pretty wine..

Fay Vineyard 2007 Bright cherry and light red fruits. and not as tannic as I was expecting..showing very well

SLV (Stags Leap Vineyards) estate 2005. vanilla and sweet berry and lush

SLV Estate 2007,, just as lush as the 05 without the fruitiness... tighter... but still surprisingly supple for an 07

Cask 23 the best of the best 2007  ..huge and big..lots of mouthfeel and not as tannic as it is heavy... and pricey..best of the lot from fay and slv vineyards.

vino del sol/ M T Gavigan/ Vintegrity

Zolo Sauv Blanc Mendoza 2010 grassy note and style... a little more french than new zealand style.. soft

Verum Chardonnay Patagonia 2009 a fruit bomb but not sweet... interesting wine with many tastes..hope to have it at the Summer tasting

Lamadrid Cabernet Sauvignon Agrelo 2009... Agrelo is a sub appellation of Mendoza.. sweet cherry nose, dense on the palate but really too sweet on finish.. not complex at all

Altocredo Malbec Reserve 2008 best of the bunch.. dark color from longer maceration. juicy tasty... from older vines and it shows.. very elegant style for malbec

Ksana Bonarda Mendoza 2008.. fun purple label.. dark color and interesting coffee and cotton candy nose, lots of berry.. interesting how it hits all around the tongue but the middle.. good acidity.

tgic imports with Luke Fuller/Kim Kline Mo Bev

Mostly a south american importer

Santa Ema Sauv Blanc Amplus Chile 2009  a touch of co2 and herbal to the inth degree... green pepper on the nose... not a fan really

Montes Classic Chardonnay 2009 Chile... a nice easy drinking chard with not a lot of flavors that would upset a new to chardonnay drinker

Montes Cherub Rose of Merlot 2009... interesting nose of roasted coffee..not a lot of fruit on the nose but good juiciness on the palate.. huge body for a rose... the color is more of cherry limeade than pink salmon

Castillo de Monseran Garnacha Carinena Spain 2009 old world stinky nose but the fruit is soft bing cherry with some nice finishing for the money.

Santa Ema Amplus One Chile 75percent Carmenere, not my favorite grape, ripe fruit but a bit herbal and a little hot on the palate. again  not a fan

steve ewing supplier rep/Clayhouse

Clayhouse is a brand from Central coast of California.. mostly value priced wines.

Clayhouse Sauvignon Blanc 2009  grassy, unctious heavy... some tropical fruit.. just too much of a weight not enough acidity

Clayhouse Adobe White 2009.. a white blend.. viognier. muscat.. a little disjointed. not as enjoyable as other in the style like Evolution.

Adobe Red 2008 lush and jammy showing some brambliness.. 8 varietals like the white with Zinfandel being the most obvious.

Clayhouse Malbec 2009. bright fruit nose, juicy a little light on the finish probably the best of the bunch here..

Clayhouse Cabernet 2007 Dark color, maple and sweet vanilla on the nose, ripe fruit maybe just a little too much so...not a fan

Benovia Winery/ Andy Hagen with Massandra

Benovia is a small production winery from Russian River area of Sonoma.

Chardonnay La Pommeraie 2009.. so named because of the vineyard being an old apple orchard... guess you can tell what makes more money... this did have a green apple character to it.. creamy on the finish without being heavy handed on the ml and oak...

Pinot noir Sonoma Coast 2009 not the typical tea and cola and dried fruits... a little mushroomy pretty drinkable...a little on the lighter style it seemed.

Pinot Noir Russian river valley 2008  beautiful nose and texture... tight on the palate but opens up beautiful.. really liked this wine..

Pinot Noir La Pommieraie Russian River 2008.. a little more of the dried cranberry that I expect from this region. good weight.. pretty wine

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scott Lloyd with Frank Family Wines/Major brands.

Chardonnay Napa 2008.. a little flabby, maybe a little tired from the days events.. creme brulee without a lot of the cinnamon.some coffee on the finish.. mostly carneros fruit

Pinot Noir Napa 2009  smoky , earthy mushroom nose, tart dried fruits.. interesting finish.. lots of acidity...

Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2007... the last of the 07 to try.. a little stinky feet or napa stink as opposed to french stink.. not typical napa cab nose...juicy and lush on the palate.. nice berry and cedar

Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Reserve 2006.. from the best lots? again with the stinky feet.. not overly fruity though.. tight and restrained.. some vanilla and cassis on the finish... should hold for some time..

Sara Gorr/ Breggo Cellars/Vintegrity

Breggo which is Boontling for Ram or sheep, because there is a ram on the label. Breggo was recently purchased by Cliff Lede . this winery is located in Mendocino.

Chardonnay 2008 kind of the best of both worlds has the oak that some love without being heavily dependent on it.touch creamy without being overthe top and the soft caramel on the finish

Pinot Gris Anderson Valley Mendocino 2009.. creamy like muscadet can be because of the stirring of the lees or dead yeast at the bottom of tanks. a touch of citrus, lime. 

Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley 2009  bone dry.. almost a pink grapefruit citrus finish.. the bottle was a little cool so the floral notes were not singing

Pinot Noir 2009 Anderson Valley 2009  a little young.. dried fruits and some mushroom notes  pretty nose..

first post with new laptop

stolen lap top means no typing

Domaine les aphillanthes cotes du rhone rose 2010... on my rose tree in the store.. salmon color, lots of floral rose and strawberry.. sweetish finish. lush.. nice

Domaine le Grands Bois Cotes du rhone Cuvee les Trois Scuers Rose 2010..  okay it took longer to type this than I did trying this.. a nice wine almost the same color as the first but not as full bodied as the first. 

Chateau Font Mars PicPoul de Pinet 2009 what a fun wine and label... Picpoul is one of the accepted grapes in Chateauneuf du Pape and here you get the roundness of chard without the heaviness on the palate. kind of reminds one of a Albarino..