Monday, December 13, 2010

jonata with matt

The Pairing White 2007 California Santa Ynez SB, Semillon  a touch smoky, sweetness and minerality. Full bodied for a white wine. tamed Sauv Blanc

Jonata La Flor 2008  Santa Ynez  light yellow color.. straw and grass.. good acidity long finish.

The Pairing Pinot Noir 2008 Santa Ynez  dark ruby in glass.. fruit and earth.smoky dried fruits..

The Pairing Red 2006 classic bordeaux blend  dark in glass. rich cherry on palate.. acidity behind it. Lots of high notes...could use some more depth.

Jonata El Alma Cabernet Franc 2007 beautiful nose, herbal coolness and striking tannins.. ripe... long finish.

Jonata El Desafio Cabernet Sauv 2007 full bodied.. rich.. soft tannins..supple...firm but giving tannin..very tasty.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MollyDooker wine tasting with cellarmasters

Mollydooker WinesImage of Mollydooker Wines via SnoothTasted through 6 Mollydooker wines from older vintages bought before they were in this market. The thing that struck me was how super( to the point of obscene) concentrated these wines were. Not for the faint of heart with high alcohol and extractions. Summed up by the gentleman sitting on my right that these wines were too much... relentless, and unforgiving.. take no prisoners.

2006 Maitre d Cabernet , dark color, thick and juicy... dark fruit and lush... which becomes overbearing..

2006 The Boxer Shiraz dark color, a little dried meat or bacon fat on the back of the nose which was a pleasant surprise. Roasted meats and dark berry on the finish.. some acidity..not much

2006 Gigglepot Caberent dark berry full bodied dark berry... not interesting at all

2006 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz dark berry full...

2006 Enchanted Path Shiraz/Cabernet Dark full good weight... a little more interesting

2006 Carnival of Love Shiraz given a 97 point rating by parker.. and every bit a parker darling.. full bodied light acidity.lush and dark berry fruits.. tongue and palate coating lushness...

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