Thursday, July 28, 2011

Andrew Wesson of Shafer/ glazer domaine and estates

Shafer is one of the elite wineries in Napa..mostly focusing on wine from around the Stags Leap area on the east side of the county.

Red Shoulders Chardonnay Carneros 2009 ...going away from the big fruit and butter bomb this wine sees 25% stainless steel and no malolactic...and as unctious as this wine is if it had any it would have been the butter bomb. still hard to pair food with this that doesnt have some texture to stand up to the wine.

Merlot Napa 2008.. dark color a little green on the nose that could go away with some age.. 20% cab in the blend. a good amount of fruit tannin.. about as good as merlot gets in napa.

Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5 Stags Leap District 2008.. since 03 they have not had a straight Napa cab... the 1.5 is to signify the relationship between the father and son Shafer... this is 98% cab with 1% each of Malbec and Petit verdot. bright fruit on the palate... a little smoky.. the nose wasnt giving up a lot but it was, is, a tight bottle. great finish with cassis and cedar.. you can see why they are napa royalty

Relentless Syrah 2007... with a little bit of petite syrah it has huge color, cofermented with the petite also.  one of the prettiest bouquets or noses I have encountered in a while...perfume,roses and coffee... dark fruit... and then... i was really disappointed in the body.. weak midpalate.. a little light for what I was expecting... may be going through a dumb phase or still needing to open up... lots of high and mid notes on the back..but none of the depth that I love from Syrah in central coast or northern rhone...

quintessential wines with clint young.supplier to many

Sweet Chardonnay California 2009... with a name like know what you are getting. a sweet wine that tastes like grape finish at all...not sweet and not dry.. kind of dull...

Sweet Cabernet California 2009... a touch too ripe but dull also... a we dumbing down our buyers even more.. or is this the new phase in wine...probably both

First Press Chardonnay Napa 2009.. another wine from Napa but who knows where...american canyon maybe... juice from overstock of a good producer... my guess mostly stainless steel...fruit on the nose ..
some upfront fruit but then a quick uneventful finish.

First Press Cabernet Napa 2009.. finally a varietally correct wine. nose that smells like a cab with some earth and spice..nice juicy character on the palate.. and fruit tannin.. longish finish with some cedar... not bad..stupid name but wine was okay

Gnaughty Vine Zin 2008...gno gway... juicy without flavor.. no briar no pepper.. just there

from  Ron DiGiovanni and JJ Gazzolli wines
Ricardo Santo Semillon 2010 Argentina.. round in the mouth with lots of tropical flavors.. most prominent to me was Pineapple... Semillon is usually a boring grape but here there is a lot going on... it will be interesting to see how this ages. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

christian with terra firma/ and marian fuica the new salesman

Cabernet Sauvignon Laudun Chusclan 2009 Vin de Pays d'Oc ... surprisingly full bodied and ripe cherry on the finish.. ripe for the money.. if not truly varietally correct

Merlot Laudun Chusclan 2009 Vin de Pays d'Oc...slightly green on the nose and tobacco and bell pepper on the finish.. not anywhere near the quality that the cab has.

Chateau du Cugat Bordeaux entre des mares white. 2009.. a touch of muscadelle makes this a little more fruit forward white bordeaux.. a hint of minerality really good depth on the finish.. stone fruit even in evidence...

Chateau La Hase Bordeaux 2009.. if this is another example of how good inexpensive Bordeaux from this vintage is going to be.. i will be happy.. 100% merlot.. a perfumy sandlewood nose.. a little meatiness on the body and longish finish... only $13 in the store...showing better than some $20 California cabs i have had lately

La Croix David. Bordeaux 2008 Cotes du Bourg silky and juicy on the palate...tight nose up front and not showing a lot of middle palate depth... not bad for the money but expecting a little more

Beau Soleil Pomerol 2008 dark color in the glass. great fruit on the palate.. showing tobacco and earth but not green.. beautiful sun? and showing the predominance of merlot

Paveil de Luze 2008 Margaux.. beautiful color in the glass. juicy but then there is no back up.. no there there.. would like to have a fuller experience.. especially for the price... may be in a dumb phase but too many people are waiting for the 2009's to come that I can't have an 08 that just sits...

Monday, July 25, 2011

appellations with willi

Domaine des Cassignoles Cuvee Gros Manseng 2009 a wine from gascogne..with a little Ugni blanc thrown in.. surprisingly round on palate when the opening aromas are herbal and grassy... a fun white for this time of year.. it will be in the corner soon

Domaine LesGrands Bois Cuvee Gabrielle Cotes du rhone Village 2009... dark color and green vegetal on the nose.. which followed through on the flavor...some good acidity but just lots of high notes and not much depth..

Spann Vineyards Chard/Viognier North Coast 2008.. pretty nose, with stone fruit and flint... definitely a creamy finish and just a hint of sweetness on the finish.

vintegrity with jp gilmore

Artazuri was with Eric Solomon and went a different direction and now represented by another supplier.

El Seque Monastrell Alicante 2009 full bodied.. great for the money... a little green on the finish that keeps getting a little more rustic.

Artazuri Tinto Grenache 2009... deep color, ripe nose, good ripeness on the palate.. long meaty finish

Artadi Vinas de Gain Rioja Tempranillo from 3007  dark color...lots going on in the back of the palate..dark berry  flavors again long finish

Vieux Marc de Bourgogne  Brandy Didier Meuzard golden yellow.. caramel and smoke.. and molassis ...good viscosity.. lots of acidity...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steele wines with Brian Fisher/ Bommarito

Jed Steele... made a name as Kendall Jackson winemaker who created the Vintners Chard blend.

Shooting Star 2010... grassy and herbal but with new zealand yeast that brings out just a little more citrus... pretty in the mouth. shooting star in one of the indian languages is Temcusah  which I believe is Steele's middle name

Writers Block Roussanne 2009.. from lake county fruit... a touch of oak to round out the wine but at the temperature I had it served tasted more like a poor mans chardonnay.. usually more interesting than that.

Steele California Cuvee Chardonnay 2009.. oaky toasty nose, some new oak but not overly oaked.. still had some oak... california style anyone

Shooting Star Pinot Noir.. 2008  a nice starter pinot for people looking to discover if they like the grape or not... a touch of earth and a little caramel toast on the finish.

Steele Pacini Zin 2007  briary fruit and nose.. light and easy.. a good starter zinfandel.. not overly alcoholic.

Writers Block Syrah 2008 Lake County... sits with chard skins in fermentation.. nice and juicy but not a big finisher though.. again.. a good starter syrah.. they Grenache from this line is MUCH better..Writers block is made by Jed Steele's son.

erin with glazer

Scharffenberger brut NV ...light with a green apple, anise character

Pio Cesare Cortese di gavi. 2010... creamy yet minerall good finish... serious gavi...great for shellfish

Ladoucette Sauvignon Blanc grassy and herbal.. needing more acidity... kinda boring

Querciabella Chianti Classico 2008.. pretty floral.. good earth not overwhelming.. pretty finish.

Delas Cotes du rhone esprit 2009.. dark purple... good grip in the mouth if a little rough around the edges..

Marquis Murrieta Rioja Reserva 2005... light purple in the glass.. beautiful cedar on the nose, more layers on the palate than in the past..

Post 4th pre bastille day wines

From Pinnacle
Castalvero Cortese Piedmont white... cortese the wine of Gavi... soft and minerally.. already have a couple in the store... good porch pounding though.

Niepoort Twisted Duoro Portugal 2008... all port varietals.. a bit juicy and good acidity but when all is said and done I thought I would have a stronger finish.

Valle las Acequias Cabernet Sauvignon Mendozaa.. winner of this small group.. pretty nose, good fruit and a long finishl.. good dark fruit

from Vintegrity
Gilbert Picq Chablis 2009  good acidity and appropo for this weather.. no oak.. just fruit... well priced for a good chablis

Closerie des Lys Rouge Limoux 2009  light and fruity a beaujolais styled wine from languedoc area...

Wodka Vodka from Poland.. cirtus notes on the nose with a good dose of alcohol... clean and easy..