Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sparkman Vineyards Trademark Wines

Birdie Riesling 2013  dryish with some granny smith character..

Lumiere Chardonnay 2013  new french oak and you can tell.. good acidity... missing a little weight..

Kindred 2012 bordeaux varietals.. very dense.. dak ccolor.. pleasant finish.. best of the bunch
Wilderness 2011  kitchen sink with syrah as main difference..

Ruckus Syrah 2011  wax and crayon on the nose, dense also full bodied.. may need some time

Kingpin Cabernet 2011 mostly from Klipsun vineyard cedar and graphite nose, almost minty  very smooth... good tannins throughout

Finca Decero Argentina/ Pinnacle

from scratch
Finca Decero Malbec 2011 single vineyard malbec at a great price. Juicy and full bodied.. lots of blueberry

Finca Decero Cabernet 2011  sawdust nose, dark color in the glass. typical of varietal

Finca Decero Amano 2009 dark color, pretty cedar nose, sawdust.. lots of goings on.. silky and elegant with a touch of heat on the finish

Aberrant Cellars/ Trademark Wines

from around Woodenville.

Confere 2012  slight brickish color, hitting a lot of high notes, dried fruit and mushroomy on the finish..

Virtue ex (means in virtrue of) pretty som cinnamon nose, missing some middle fruit... tannin on the finish

Amplus deep in color, almost california in style, light fruit tannins with more back oak tannin

Expensive wines that really didnt impress today.

Roccofiore Winery Classique

Umbrian winery
Bianco Fiordaliso 2011. slight yellow tint.. a blend of greccheto and trebbiano. surprisingly just a nt on the end. little sweet.. a slight rustic finish maybe because of the vintage. 

Fiorfiore 2011 Older vines 100% grechetto yellowish gold. beautiful aromas of flower petals.. mineral and creamy on the finish

Melograno Rosso 2011  stinky italian nose, juicy soft drinking tannins... rustic in color but elegant all around.

Friday, September 19, 2014

bordeaux with terra firma

Clos des Lunes Luna Blanche 2012... light sauv blanc, boring a little dull
Chateau Gromel Bel Air 2012  light soft and easy.. not much character.

Chateau Grandes Mottes Bordeaux Superiore 2009 light in color and also soft.. may be just aging a little
Chateau de la Huste 2009 Fronsac french stink on the nose, but smooth tannins with the requiste cassis and dark berry flavors.. long finish.. nice

Chateau Croix Figeac Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2010 french stink but softer.. good fruit but the finish leaves me with a dirty mouth feel

Lacoste-Borie Paulliac 2008..one of those wines you just want to smell...cedar and cassis and graphite..lots of structure and substance along with clean fruit.  best of the bunch

Chateau L'argilus du roi Saint Estephe 2011  pretty nose, tannin and fruit in tune.. all that you want a good bordeaux to be.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tavolo Vigne

interesting italian varietals and types

Feliciaio Vermentino 2013 rich on the palate but not oaky so.. a hint of rustic flavor on the end to remind one of Italy.

Manicardi Fabula Spumante Rose  Greccheto and lambrusco... slight fizz thats just right.. light rose color.. lots of high notes and just enough sweetness to keep from being boring

Bricco San Giovani Monferrato 2011  primarily barbera slight fruit on the palate.. pleasant finish..

Gea Il Paradio di Frassina Rosso 2011 soft and easy. with a nice weight on the finish.. not overly tannic a good example of Montepulciano for beginners.

trademark wines with marc joseph

2012 Bodegas Campante Vina Reborda Bianco Spain 2012  a blend of treixauro and torrontes.. interesting mix.. light and sunny perfect for summer... next year

2013 Barone de Valforte Pecorino Italy  a white wine from italy that puts pinot grigio to shame. Crisp and clean almost chablis like on the front with a quick finish.. lots of high notes

2010 Bodegas principe de viana tinto crianza temp,cab and merlot blend.. juicy on the front but earthy and dull on the finish

2010 Pomum Cellars Syrah Yakima Valley... deep nose and deep color.. good fruit unfortunetaly didnt really get me on the finish.. soft tobacco and tar.. for the money was hoping for more