Monday, October 1, 2012

Jean-Piere Mourgues Chateau Teyssier Pinnacle

An unusal tasting on a saturday but pinnacle was trying to do a brunch.. couldnt make it so they came to the store.

2010 Pezat Bordeaux with french stink and light purple in color.. bordeaux superiore very nice grip and tannins which will run through most ofthe wines tasted here .. was a great wine from the 09 vintage and this vintage should be no different

2010 Chateau Mazarat a higher concentration of cab franc with mostly merlot.. fruit and violet nose... beautiful juice.. pretty and elegant.. bought a case

2010 Chateau Teyssier again with the upfront fruit tannins.. felt tongue darkening in color.. can use time and a steak

2010 Chateau Laforge.. silky.. works on many levels... and lots of complexity.. and not so much french stink

2010 La Carre  dark and brooding in the glass not a wimpy merlot.. and needs time to open up

2010 Les Asteries dark and gritty and dry

2010 LeDome dark color intense tannin perfumed nose.. mostly cab franc with some merlot to balance

Worlds End" if six was nine" cabernet lots of upfront fruit. some silky tannins.. and pretty and definite new world wine after the bordeaux versions

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