Thursday, April 30, 2009

terra rosa

The other day I was excited about a pinot noir from this company that will be priced at $8. I was saying how you never can tell what the little guys will put out to try. This time with 4 wines I found3 with nothing to really enjoy for the money. But you have to keep trying.

La Villetta Frascati Italian 2007 the original nose was of vanilla and flowers but the mouth was minerals and a dull finish. the more i thought about it the more I wondered if it wasnt oxidized or slightly heated at some point in its travel.. too bad because Frascati can be a nice change from ubiquitous pinot grigio.

Terra Romana Milenium White 2006 a sauv blanc, riesling and muscat blend. a touch sweet from the riesling nice mouthfeel and inexpensive evolution .. not quite conundrum

Chateau Senailhac Bordeaux Superior 2004 superior gives it a little more alchohol...earthy, tar and almost italian in nature..a hard sell anyway because of the vintage...

Domaine Couron Marselan 2007 what was described as a hybrid of cabernet and syrah... very pretty in the glass but the palate was all about the tinny young vine character...nope

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


moral to this juice and wine dont mix

Coopers Creek marlbourough 2008..seemingly a softer style of NZ SB

Coopers Creek Riesling diesel and mineral..not sweet but tart.

Coopers Creek Pinot Noir soft and easy andboring

Seitz Pinot Blanc 2007 Alsace..what I love about Pinot Blanc..round and yet lively.. lots going on for a lighter white wine

Darnat Bourgogne (Mersault) 2007 acidity and soft fruit, a quick finish...was expecting more power from the wine given its pedigree and price.


Hopler 2007 Pinot Blanc..Austria a soft style pinot blanc...some minerality and viscosity but not much more..

St Innocent Vitae Vineyards Pinot Gris Willamette valley 2007 soft, some minerality but not much there

Kung Fu Girl Columbia Valley Riesling 2008 soft style...seems to be a theme to my tasting today... not sweet for a riesling..although this area is known for more mineral and less fruit...not much acidity..

Maison de Lamartine Cassis de Bourgogne NV... a cassis from burgundy...a little earthy on the nose and very thick rich dark raspberry flavors...looking forward to tasting another bottle because I heard other reports.

from Bernie Elio Perrone Bigaro NV a moscato/bracchetto mix..sweet nose and just when you think it is going to finish sweetly it turns a touch bitter...


Consilience Grenache Blanc 2006 interestingly wall street journal a few weeks spoke of their love for all things grenache from california..rouge or blanc or rose...this wine has the depth of color, traditional nose of grenache blanc...something like green olive meets honey...viscous on the palate but the flavor to me is caramel flavored rhubarb... maybe it is one that will be better in time...other white rhone wines seem to always be better much latter.

Consilience Bien Nacido Vineyards Pinot Noir Santa Barbara 2006 earthy, dirty and B.O.
lots of tart rhubarb flavors at the front that do not get mellow... I dont usually dislike rhubarb by the way..

Consilience Petite Sirah Santa Barbara 2005 dark color that promises dark fruits that does not deliver...stewed nose and quick flavors..acidity but not much fruit..and given petite sirah is a fruit bomb usualllyy.....


Stump Jump Verdelho Australia 2008 a grape original to Spain that makes great sherry there. In Aussie land it gets riper and sweeter...this would be like riesling without the heavy sweetness at the end...lots of green apple and rich texture

Windsor Vineyards Monterey a mellow yellow color...sweet ml aromas and nice touch of oak on the finish...the wine will be labeled with Missouri or Kansas State logos..i think

Stump Jump Sticky Chardonnay...dark yellow color and thick...round flavors of butterscotch, butter rum? and just butter in general... a soft lingering caramel apple flavor...

new and exciting

One of the recession positives for me and the store, things that normally go only to restaurants are available. Case in point..Merry Edwards Pinot Noir, never got it and today I have a case in store...Lewis Cab Reserve I acquired 3 more bottles....also today Harlan, and two single vineyard Bonds came stuff for sure.

also Forman from Napa and Carlisle who is gettting a lot of attention for their Shiraz and Zins

Thursday, April 23, 2009


It seems every one is bringing by Rose this week.. I had one from the Provence that was too dry.

Bell Rose 2008 from Syrah I think..didnt write it down for some reason.... dark raspberry in color, strawberry/rhubarb on the palate and a long finish for a rose..

Bell Claret 2005 a bordeaux blend with syrah to the mix...dark ruby color, soft cola on the nose, silky tannins and a touch of cedar on the long finish.

Care Rosado Cab/Tempranillo great label...very modern and artsy... typical light fruit flavors and a pretty quick finish. buy it for the label..

Simi Blitz with Susan Lueker

One of the chances to meet with the winemaker...and here her side of the story.. Simi has a history of strong women...the original owners wife started the first roadside tasting table in Healdsburg.

Sauvignon Blanc. 2008 Sonoma easy drinking, typical california style of herbs and spice...

Roseto (Rose) from Syrah... bright translucent garnet...soft strawberry flavors with nice acidity.

Chardonnay Sonoma ...definitely a lighter style of Chard... not overly oaked with just enough ml to make it have some character..

Chardonnay Russian River ....smells like creme brulee in the glass...bright yellow and soft and supple on the mouth...very enjoyable.

Merlot..may be the disappointment for me of the wines...a little lean and green...with some malbec added.

Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley...lead pencil and cassis..classic cali flavors and aromas... a great wine for us at the store.

Cabernet Sauvignon Landslide 2005 single vineyard...named for the rock formations on the property... dark color, rich and silky tannin... very nice long finish.

Zinfandel Sonoma 2006 for those looking for the more delicate or feminine zin this is a good example... you still get some of the briary aspect but it falls away quickly.

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2004 the color was dark for the bit of aging it has done.. sawdust and pencil shavings on the nose.. and juicy fruit...long finish...i noticed the tannins were hitting all over the place from the first sip to finish..can definitely store for some time

wines with ciaran molloy

Altosur Torrontes 2008 a lightly sweeter version of torrontes...pretty varietal aromas of flowers and honey...

Ardeche 2006 by Louis LaTour soft, a bit on the fruitier side which fits many american palates.

Groom Bush Block Zinfandel 2007 Australia not many zins outside of california and this may be a reason why...aromas of bad breath and B.O. that don't thank goodness translate in the palate...there are some nice berry fruits but like sangiovese done in california you want to ask..why?

Groom Shiraz 2007 lush, juicy, the kind of wine australia is known for... dark purple in the glass, and dark berry fruit...with a coffee and mocha finish...just lovely.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Josa Galdos with Heredad Ugarte

This supplier of Rioja and La Mancha wines is based in Lawrence Kansas.

Rienares Viura 2007 Viura is a grape indigenous to spain..sometimes called Macabeo and used in their Cava's. this wine was tart and bone dry...a bite in back and mineral finish...needs food

Reinares Tempranillo 2007 bright purple in old world style with an earthiness and light on the fruit...

Mercedes Eguren Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 dark purple, supple and suprisingly good...not the overly berry flavors of cali but nice.

Mercedes Eguren Shiraz/Tempranillo 2006 a touch of chlorine or Iodine on the nose, lush palate but lacking in a fruit wave to overcome the earthiness..

Heredad Ugarte Cosecha 2006 rioja wine with 80% Tempranillo and 20% Grenache.. 6 months on oak...young vines and that shows in the mouth more than nose... a little tinny but not overpoweringly so.

Heredad Ugarte Crianza 2005 dark purple in the glass..92% Tempranillo old world nose...pretty red fruits on the palate with a nice long finish...

Domino de Ugarte Reserva 2004 95% Tempranillo and 5% Graziano...unfortunately corked.

Martin Cendoya Reserva 2004 named after one of the founders of the winery.. dark purple in the glass again...made from some of the oldest vines in Rioja..100 to 115 years.. dense and of the wines that needs aeration and time to open up to show all it most compelling taste was the end with a coffee note...

Interestingly I always thought Rioja had to have Tempranillo in the bottle but they can be any or all of Tempranillo, Graziano, Grenache and one more...whites are Viura, grenache blanc...

J wines with Steve Rubsam

Interesting when a style comes through a set of wines tasted...all of my notes today said "Soft"
and some of the wines could be described as feminine.

J Pinot Gris 2007 done in stainless steel but with some lees stirring...some creaminess to it...good acidity

J Chardonnay 2006 a new product from this producer for this market...most of their chard ends up in the sparkling program. light oak and vanilla...soft fruit..almost too soft.

J Russian River Pinot Noir. light cola color, viscous on the glass but not as thick on the tongue... earthiness on the back of palate but not a lot of upfront fruit...not a typical for california.

J Nicole Pinot NOir light opaque color.. soft but good quality...

J Sparkling Cuvee 2o made from Pinot Noir 49%/Chardonnay 49% and Pinot Meunier... soft and of the best selling sparklers from california for this store.

J Rose Sparkling NV earthiness on the nose and creamy and rich on the palate...a very light hint of pink in the glass.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Misc wines today

Pinnacle Rabbit Ridge Pinot Grigio 2008 light yellowish tint...sweet and viscous in style..but quick finish.

2007 Rabbit Ridge Barrel Cuvee Chardonnay off bottle, no fruit..

Cartlidge and Brown Pinot Noir 2008 light colors and flavors...traditional california style pinot but on the light side...hopefully it will improve with a little age.

Derrick from Bommarito
Havens 2005 Napa Merl0t ...interesting style..merlot with a sangiovese style.. a little saddleleather...a little fruit...maybe from the age.

Lily Pinot Noir 2007 pretty california style..fruit forward with nice acidity... pleasant

Chasseur Russian River Chardonnay 2006 ...heavy malo in the nose and palate..a touch of green veg or rhubarb...not liking this bottling...will try again

Cline wines

The time of year again for Cline Zinfandels

Bridge Head 2007 softer in style than the others with red fruits...

Big Break 2007 huge and jammy, nice texture with high alcohol but not to showy on the finish...

Small Berry Mourvedre..pretty garnet color, concentrated and mocha on the finish,...lovely wine

Cline Sonoma Zin...2007 grown over a hot spring..dark purple and dark interesting syrah kind of finish...

Mourvedre Rose 2008 salmon light pink..sweet strawberry.. raspberry nice tartness.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

renteria winery

One of the perks of tasting wine is it takes place once and awhile in very nice enviorns. Today I had a lunch with others at Starkers Upstairs with the winemaker Oscar Renteria. The family has been in Napa valley for many decades developing relationships with some of the big guns in the wine industry.

2007 Chardonnay Carneros a clean crisp light on the oak and ml chard...great with food.

2006 Salva Tierra Cabernet Napa good california cab...named after his mother-in-law...trying to get brownie points no doubt.

2006 Knittel Vineyard Pinot Noir pretty food wine...color of bright garnet...some earth and cola on the nose...

2005 Mount Veeder Napa Cab ... woodsy aromas on the nose, nice cassis and tannin on the palate/

winner of the day....Fourteen...taken from Fourteen producers in Appellations all over Napa and Sonoma from some of the big guns... only 1 ton per producer...this is where the contacts with people have paid do such an ambitious project. silky and almost perfect for the price...will have a six pack in store soon.. only around $95

also got to try some older vintages thanks to Jim Coley of starkers and Mr Renteria himself.

1999 Renteria Napa a touch brickish in the glass. sawdust and dirt on the nose, sweet fruit and silky tannin on the palate...long finish..beautiful

2002 Tres Perlas Stags Leap Vineyard...made from what were described as midget vines in the Stags Leap District...three pearls stand for his three daughters..typical of the 2002 that I have tried...lush opulent fruit, a touch of alcohol on the nose that does not translate at all to the palate...beautiful wine..we will have a bottle of the 2003 as only 144 magnums were made...period

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wente Wines with Jeff Floyd

What was it someone told me, never trust a man with two first names?? Jeff however seemed very nice and genial. texan through and through.

Tamas Pinot Grigio 2007 light light light

Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay 2007 from the warm Livermore area of California.. smells like butter popcorn and tastes like it too...typical cali chard

Wente Reliz Creek Pinot Noir 2006 rusty color lots of fruit tannin , a touch tobacco, lost in two worlds not really california and not european... harking back to the Chevalier I tasted this morning it was pretty similiar but a little more aggresive for a lot less money

Wente Crane Ridge Merlot 2006 sweet nose, juicy and soft, definitely thebest of the bunch today. nice bright cherry fruit through out.

Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay 2007 pretty golden color, toasty oak but nice acidity definitely more enjoyable than the Livermore bottling.

terra firma wines

One reason I like doing business with all my different distributors is you never know when a very nice wine at a great price will show up.

Vina Robles Rose 2007 light salmon color, soft red fruits and a touch earthy...perfect for this time of year at only $7

Chevalier de Dyonis Pinot Noir Romania a rustic color, soft earthy nose and nice cherry fruit, just the right earthy or mushroom quality. very good for the money at around $7 also

Little Canyon Vin de Pays grenache and syrah...purple in the glass, earthy on the nose and green on the palate. there are some fruits that come through but the green rustic notes overpower.

Couron Cotes du Rhone Villages 2007 from what is going to be the great rhone vintage of 07...village wines are more selective than regular Cotes are... dark fruit and spice. will be in the store around $15

Dolce Stilnova from Cantina Aurora a non vintage sweet pink almost the color of raspberry spritz but it had been opened for a time...quick finish. but probably will be popular in the summer tasting on June 18

Lewis Reserve Cab 2006

I got a miniscule amount of this today. Price is around $130

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ridge wines with Caleb Mosley

Ridge and Zin...good combo
2007 Three Valleys a blend with mostly zin.. I found the wine not to be showing well today but it could have been the glassware...not as jammy as I remember

2007 Geyserville tight nose, but you can tell some good fruit is coming out...needs more time

2007 East Bench Zinfandel mells like a winery...move overly jammy, nice and balanced with acid and alcohol...a little mocha on the finish.

2007 Ponzo Vineyard Zin cedar, juicy black berry nose of tobacco and spice...very nice.. ordered a case

2006 Santa Cruz Mountains Estate cab merlot petit verdot....again with the cedar nose, smooth tannins but still tight in that it didnt give up much fruits and a little mint....definitely a cellar wine..

Rudi Wiest wines

Robert Bowditch with Rudi was in town...tasting several things that I got to revisit after the last dry tasting in late summer.

Schnaitmann Rose..Evoe Wurttemberg 2007..looking at my old notes evoe was the name of the Walkerian women and this wine smelled like it...very off aromas of athletic socks and earth...not a fun light summer rose.

Salwey Pinot Noir RS Baden 2006 a light in style but still pretty tannic wine, missing some fruit today though...

Robert Weil Estate Riesling Dry Rheingau 2006 petrol. slate and bone dry...not for the faint of heart who like their riesling sweet

Dr F. Weins Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett Mosel 2006 petrol with a nice hint of fruit on the back...pretty fruit flavors and pink grapefruit??

von buhl Armand Estate Kabinett Plalz 2006 bright yellow in the glass with nice viscousity, ptetty wine..

Gunderloch Diva estate spatlese Rheinhessen 2007 slate, fruit and a quick finish.

Karthauserhof Estate Spatlese Ruwer 2007 again with the label..with a cute story for why and a green apple tartness

Robert Weil Estate Spatlese, Rheingau 2007 great viscousity...definitely a full bodied wine with a touch of vanilla on the back end.... pretty wine...

odd and ends?

Derrick brouight in a Chateau Ferran Blanc, Pessac Leognan White Bordeaux 2006 light mineral. and a touch sweet...nice intro to the region..gravel and peaches...yum .in store

Corbin from Appellations aka Bodi
Chateau Morgues de Gres Galets Rose 2008 light pink to salmon color, soft fruits, a touch of strawberry...and banana...nice finish. In store.
also two other roses with a grenache bent but my rose was the best of the bunch.

Ronnie with Gazzolli
Wellington Merlot 2004..some syrah added which gives it color,but the nose is a touch stinky for me...that B.O. bordering on halytosis... very herbacious and not pretty

Praxis 2007 Pinot Noir Monterey lots of forward fruit, with a soft quick cherry was my predominate aroma... in store

craig pinnacle and wines

2008 Manu Sauvignon Blanc..typical typical typical..textbook new zealand wine

2007 Loring Close Pepe Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills 2007 syrah look in the glass...pretty flavors and dark fruit with a long the store

2006 Alonso del Yerro Ribera de Duero... loved last years not so much this year...rustic and not much fruit

2005 Kamen Cabernet Sauv. Sonoma beautiful cedar nose, good length with lots of dark berry and cassis fruit... and still yet a little restrained.

Emeri Pink Moscato...Australia...sweet with a light gewurz nose, cute and fuzzy
Emeri Moscato Australia soft, light and uninspiring.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Golden Barrel and Avanti Imports

Nobillisima Pinot Grigio 2007 from the Venezia...i am skeptical when people tell me a story like this has been held only in Italy and just now being released to the American market but in this case the wine is really good..lots of creamy texture for a PG and soft lush finish.

Tapestry Unoaked Chardonnay 2008 ...keeping with the unoaked new tradition of Australia and New Zealand.. light somewhat creamy but little ml and not very interesting really.

Jackson Estate Pinot Noir New Zealand 200? dark garnet color, cranberry and tea on the nose, somewhat sweet fruit on the finish with a lot of astringency.

Tapestry Bakers Gully SHiraz 06 there seems to be a glut of Bakers gully's around and the gentleman tried to explain but I think i hadnt had enough coffee.. anyway sweet nose and almost cotton candy flavors, ligher style of shiraz but too sweet for me.

scattered posting and products for first week of april

Robert from Garco
Original Malbec Vin de Pay Non Vintage...dark purple color but tinny nose, watery tannin and light cherry fruit

Mercedes Egueren Shiraz Tempranillo blend 06 a pretty purple garnett color, and pretty nose, but light finish not much weight, a little spice but nothing exciting.

From Derrick of Bommarito
Ferreria 10 year Tawny.... orangish color in the glass a little anise and orange flavors...light touch of walnuts

Broadbent Madeira 5yrs not overly sweet, more if tawny met sherry... really good with spiced desserts

With Hoyt from JK wines and Odidea
Muse Rose 2007 salmon to rust color, a touch earthy and not much fruit at all

Veritable Quandry Red a blend of Tempranillo grenache, carignane etc...dark color and cola nose,banana was the main fruit, last years version had more fruit, this was more restrained and a little more user friendly.

Unusual Suspects 2007 Carignane, Tempranillo and Grenache... gotta love the name...from Lodi where the grapes get more sun and heat , a nice finish if somewhat quickish...but the fruit was ripe and tasty.... fun label too...