Tuesday, February 26, 2008

odds and ends for the end of february

Lots of wine to try recently but not a lot of time to try them I did get to meet with Dr Jerry Seps of Storybook Mountain and had his new Antenaes named for the god who could never be destroyed as long as he kept his feet on the ground. A blend of Zin and cab it was very tasty.

Also met with Jonathan Lachs of Cedarville who has been in the store before. His wines are very extracted and huge, needing a little time to breathe.

today I tasted with kim klein who brought some unusual wines from new york and missouri. from new york the Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in the USA. various types of wines. Dry riesling which wasnt, and Pinot Noir which I would describe as chunky, not unpleasant but not subtle by any means. The cab and merlot were interesting in they had a bit of the tannin that cold climate wines would have from carneros say, but missing a little bit of the fruit and structure. That being said for $15 they were not bad.

From Oak Glenn in Missouri near Hermann, they have three wines. Moonbeam Melody, a white wine with grapes not listed. Sweet and soft but not overly so. Definitely an easy drinking wine.

Sweet Caroline, a blush wine without any grapes listed. It reminded me of the Plum wine I had with Mr Noecker a few weeks back. marachino cherries but a clean finish. too sweet for me but it was well made.

River View Red smelled like a port, cherry port. with an interesting aftertaste. Not unpleasant just different.

More time in the future to taste I hope.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Siduri tasting with craig

Here is hoping that you had a safe and happy valentines day. It is never a very busy day for retail because everyone is eating out. Lots of deuces from what I remember.

Tasted through some nice wines with Craig and Rich from Pinnacle. The Siduri wines from Adam Lee and a few Loring Pinots.

Siduri Chehalem Mountain 2006 a new bottling for them, and they really didnt need more, but probably my favorite of the bunch. Chehalem Mountain is a new sub appellation for Willamette Valley. Earthy, mushroomy nose with a touch of mocha, good acidity, light body and color but lots of intensity. what i love about pinot is you think its going to be wimpy and it blows your socks off.

Sonoma Coast 06 Light colored, soft, missing something in the middle palate. Very disappointed in body and texture. Not much going on here

Santa Lucia 2006 a little rustyaround the edge, coffe and mocha on the nose that carries through. Nice bottling.

Loring Durrell vineyard Sonoma o6 Dark color from cold soaking, maceration time?? soft flavors, a little spice but not overly energetic.

Loring Garys Vineyard Santa Lucia 2006 Pretty ruby color, cranberry tartness very nice body and finish.

Loring Shaw Mountain Vineyard 06 Lovely nose of violet and earth, with an equally lovely finish. I liked it a lot but my notes seem fuzzy on this one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday with Stacey

Not much lately ..mostly because of the change in store management. Stacey from Major brought some wine today distributed through Small Vineyards.

Forte Canto Rosado 05 Made from Italian grapes this rose' was starting to fade a little. Some fruit on the nose and the Italian dirt but not as rich as I was hoping. The color was a little dirty rose too.

Forte Canto Negromaro 2005 From Puglia, this indigenous grape was all about the purple. A stinky nose with a great dark fruit follow through.

Lonardi Valpolicella Ripasso Barrel Aged and a little uninteresting.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dry Creek Wines with Randall Pettit

Tasted through some wines quickly from Dry Creek Vineyards located oddly enough in Dry Creek Valley Sonoma. The wines have always been consistent, not in love with their labels but I am not a boater by any means so maybe its just lost on me.

Fume Blanc 2006 One of the few wineries that still use the designation instead of Sauvignon Blanc. Pink grapefruit, not that heavy citrus you get from New Zealand. A touch herbal and nice roundness.

Chardonnay 2005 Pretty straw color 75% malo but surprisingly crisp, a touch of vanilla on the nose but very light. A pleasant surprise for California Chardonnay

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Very nice grip on the front . maybe a touch too much oak. cassis and lead pencil definitely

Mariner Dry Creek Meritage 2004 I had tried this a month or so ago and didnt care for it. same this time. cola colored, very heavy tannin not smooth at all. not as bad as last time but I still would like to see more fruit. All 5 bordeaux varietals used which would lead one to believe it would be smoother.

Endeavour Dry Creek 89% Cab 11% Merlot Much stronger fruit and balance to me. very pretty and approachable. I will have this in the store soon.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tuesday with stacey

stacey from major brands brought by some wines from small vineyards, a supplier who only specializes in Italian wines . I met the new supply rep but cant remember his name...needless to say he is from Italy.

Rocca Pinot Grigio 2006 a touch fruity nose, nice body and good acidity. another pinot grigio....

LeRote Vernaccia de San Gemingano Vernaccia is a fairly innocous grape type from Italy that does well in the tuscan region of san gem. San gem was the first DOC of Italy also DOC states the law of the region, what can be produced, how much per acre, farming types etc
This wine had some almond on the palate at first but it got a little fleshy, not much acidity

Nessun Dorma This first bottled smelled like someone who has bad breath smelled like. the second bottle was nice and juicy. one of my favorite arias from turandot ...how can you go wrong...

TenutaPonte Carazita... Aglianico a grape type found in the southern region of italy, lacryma christi may be one of the wines you have heard about. Usually dark and forbidding this wine has a touch of merlot and cab in it to help soften it out. a little meatiness in it reminded me of a syrah almost

Forte Canto Primitivo Dark cola colored with a touch of briar which isnt surprising since it is a zinfandel cousin. juicy.

Lonardi Amarone 2000 tight is all i wrote both in nose and flavors. there was a little fruit coming on the end but realitively uninteresting bottle

If any of you are familiar with this store you will know that Sam, my boss, has left the company. It was a difficult decision but one I think will be good for him in the long run. Good luck my friend.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mambo with Bernie

I know that sounds like a dance but Bernie from Premier Cru brought in two bottles today. Hey Mambo Swanky White and Hey Mambo Sultry Red. Both are drinkable wines, the white being a blend of sauv blanc, viognier, muscat canelli and chenin blanc. very aromatic and not over the top sweet, but definitely sweet.

Mambo red is a blend of different red italian grapes from alicante bouchette which is actually french i think to barbera, zinfandel, syrah, petite sirah. i liked the red better but it was interesting in that I was expecting a fruit forward wine and it was showing more tannin that I had assumed it would. A little green on the nose too.