Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday wines with Derrick and Craig

I feel sorry for these two because after tasting port your tastebuds are a little shot. speaking of tastebud the february issue will be out shortly.

Derrick from Bommarito
Eye of the Toad Pinot Noir Rose 2006 a dry rose with a pretty light peach color. red fruits and banana on the nose and palate. I was hoping for a little more depth but I had just tasted port so who knows. In the store

Trenel Macon Rouge 2006 Bright red color, I was told this was Gamay which is the grape of Beaujolais. Nice fruit but a quick finish.

Penascol Tempranillo 2005 from the castillo y leon region of spain. Wow for $7 this wine has a lot of body and fruit. I was expecting a green taste from overcroping or young vines that comes with the price point but this wine did not show those at all. lots of fruit on the end with bing cherry coming out front. a nice intro to spanish wines.

Craig from Pinnacle
Bird Sauvignon Blanc 2006 Cat pee all over the place. not overwhelming acidity. nice long finish. This was the producer of Thornbury who went on to make a nicer wine.

Qupe Central Coast Syrah 2006 lots of fruit and a touch of iodine. not a complex red but a definite sipper.

Long Shadows Saggi 2005 a project of Folonari and Allen Shoup of Chateau St Michelle fame. Even though it makes itself known as a Super tuscan style the Cab and Syrah are very promienent in the nose and mouth. 45% Sangiovese gives it a little softness but a pretty finish with tea and spice coming through.. limited amount of 800 cases made.

Thursday jan 31 Jorge Ramos with Taylor Fladgate

Just a short note that the 05 Shafer Merlot and 03 Silver Oak Napa are going to be in the store by Monday. Allocation of the Silver Oak is 4 cases and 1 case of Shafer.

I was able to taste several ports this morning. Port with its high alcohol content is not always a great morning beverage but they were still tasty.

Fonseca 10 year Tawny Tawny is made with wine in oak barrels to allow the wine to get air. this causes the wine to open up quicker. this wine was caramel coffee colored, very soft in the mouth not overly sweet. A good beginner for people trying tawny for the first time.

Fonseca 20 year tawny. Bright caramel color a touch more alcohol on the palate than the 10 yr and an interesting touch of asparagus on the back.

Taylor Fladgate 30 yr Tawny Rich caramel, dried fruit notes. very unctious with a touch of vanilla.

Taylor Fladgate 40 year Tawny blue cheese is screaming at me for this wine. not as unctious as the 30 but more elegant in style.

Taylor Fladgate First estate. A non vintage wine which is a blend of different years. Dark purple color with a very tight nose...not much. a touch hot on the tongue but juicy.

Fonseca lbv 2001 dark purple in colro with a little iodine on the palate with the dark fruits. Unfiltered so you can keep the bottle in a cool dark place and it will actually improve over the next few years, whereas most lbv does not change.

Taylor Fladgate Vargelles 2005 Not a vintage year but the wine from this estate or Quinta was thought to be worthy enough of being given its own bottle instead of blending it with the other estates. A woodsy aroma of pencil shavings and sawdustt. Very unctious with lots of fruit. high in alcohol but well balanced in the heat wasnt on the tongue. Lots of cherry on the back end..

All of these wines are in the store currently. It was nice to retaste them. Taylor Fladgate and Fonseca are very reliable producers.

Wine on Wednesday

I had three days off which is unusual for me. Didnt do anything important .just rest and reading. When I came back I had a lot of catching up to do.

Had wine with my new sales rep from Glazer Domaine and Estates Ciaran Malloy who we have nicknamed Itchy for some reason. Here were the wines we triedd

Heitz Chardonnay 2006 Continuing the less oak is better idea that I noticed last vintage. Very dry wine with hints of green apple and a touch of vanilla on the finish. For those who are looking to get away from the traditional cali chard

Trimback Riesling Alsace France 05 Trimbach is known for their dry wines. This riesling was no exception there. A touch of petrol and mineral on the nose but where was the finish>?? where was the tension or nervosity as I heard it called once... a disappointing bottle to be sure.

Edizione Pennino Zinfandel Rutherford 2005 named for one of Francis Ford Coppola's grandfathers. the label looks like a stamp on a passport. Very dark purple in color with a pretty nose. I put purple flavors so dark fruits and black pepper. Unfortunately was a little cool in the bottle so the fruit wasnt showing really well. We have had t his in the past and it hasnt sold.

Friday, January 25, 2008

One wine with stacey

Stacey from Major Brands Cellar Selection division brought in an interesting wine from Washington state. L'ecole is the name of the winery. One of the first boutique wineries from Washington in this market.

Perigee 2005 Walla Walla Perigee is the point at which the moon is closest to the earth. I thought that was strange but when you think about the importance the moon has in biodynamics I guess it makes sense. I know of several people who plant by the moon to get the best out of the plant. This wine is a blend of Cab Merlot and Cab Franc from the Seven Hills Vineyard. There was a lot going on with this wine at first, typical cab nose but juice and tannin and grip, I thought it was like a youngster that has potential it just needs to settle down a little. The fruit was hidden somewhat by the tannin and hopefully will come out of its shell. For those who love in your face( or mouth) red wines this is right up your alley. Around $47 in store

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gernan wine with Robert Bowditch

It is always interesting to me when I taste the same grape from a region or country and have such different experiences. In this case Riesling from Germany. It is hard to break the stereotype of all riesling being sweet but that is one that can be changed. By nature of the beast there is good fruit and sugar in the grapes but depending on what the producer does it can be used to their advantage.

Pfeffingen Pfeffo 2006 Riesling Kabinet Pfalz One of the important wine regions of Germany Pfalz is more often overshadowed by the big brother Mosel. This is a medium dry which kabinet is the least of the sugar levels of German law. You get the granny smith apple and a little cotton candy on the nose and palate. Pfeffo was the first Roman who planted grapes in Germany. Romans were planting grapes for hundreds of years. Riesling was first documentedd in the 1100 A.D.

Gunderloch Jean Baptiste Estate Riesling Kabinet Rheinhessen.2005 A big mineral nose with almost 11% alcohol, very high for german wines. A little honeydew mixed with the mineral on the finish.

Dr F Weins Prum 2006 Estate Riesling 06 was a hot year and Riesling got uber ripe. This wine showed a lot of petrol and viscosity. Definte sweet aromas and a strong finish.

Schafer Frolich 2006 Estate Kabinet Nahe Another lesser known but very good region is the Nahe. This wine to me was all petrol and very very dry. I wonder if when this one ages whether the petrol will take over??

Rudi Wiest Selections Rhein River 2006 Juicy sweet but not over the top so. a little granny smith tartness at the end.

Gunderloch Diva Riesling Spatlese Rheinhessen 2005 Pretty light yellow, round rich and ripe was how it was described to me. No high in alcohol for the Diva in all of us??

Monchof Estate Mosel Slate Spatlese Mosel 2006 A wine that could have been Beerenauslese because of the ripeness. lots going on in the glass...unctious to the core The slate is reflected in the minerality of the wine.

Schloss Lieser 2004 Niederberg Helden Auslese in a 375 bottle..Petrol going to peach. but not cloyingly sweet.. I was hunkering for some foie gras or blue cheese.....yumm Unfortunately they sold out, if you belong to the river club downtown you want to get this.

Italian wines with doug

A nice cold day and what would go better than a big glass of something heavy and warm...instead I got riesling and light italian..oh well.

Dievole Fourplay Rosso Lot #1 from Sicily 2005 A blend of four grapes indigenous to the area Sweet flavors on the finish after you get past the tobacco aromas on the nose. I didnt really care for it but the name will sell itself. $15

Piegaia Chianti Classico 2004 Classico is the region of Chianti that is the best region for growing grapes. this had a bright color to it which was odd because Sangiovese usually is a little rusty around the edges. This was described as Old world meets New....maybe.. $14

Dievole Chianti Classico La Vwndemmia 2003 I was expecting a fruit bomb because of the vintage but it was restrained with the earthy italian nose of saddleleather and dirt. Drank very well $21

Parusso Langhe Nebbiolo 2002 The Piedmont region of Italy in 2002 was hit by some disasterous hail and rain at harvest time. Many producers instead of making Barolo or Barberesco declassified these wines and just labeled them as Nebbiolo, the grape that Barolo and Barberesco are made with. This wine was a little watery to me. Some earthiness but a quick burst of fruit and then nothing. Most good producers will not have a Barolo or Barbaresco in 2002 and 2003 will not be a great vintage either because of the heat Europe experienced that year.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

misc wines these days

Yesterday had a few wines to try, here are some thoughts.

Gladium LaMancha Spain 2005 Tempranillo a fruit forward style with a bit of spanish dirt. a touch of iodine that may be from the cold nature of the bottle itself.

Zontes Footstep Shiraz/Viognier Australia 2006 Very sweet fruit with a touch of orange peel? just a little viscous that with a warmer sample may be a little more pronounced...remember i like viscous..the wine was juicy with a nice mocha finish and then really pretty berry at the last.. one of those wines that keeps changing after a little time. will be in the Corner because it received 90 from spectator and will run around $15 a bottle.

Today I tasted Tiz Red from California 2004. This is a kendall jackson project that i think may be taking the place of the Collage series they had for a few years. Tiz Red is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet supposedly from valley floor fruit near their Stonestreet property. I like the label a lot...very artistic in its abstraction. as for the wine it is ok... a little brickish in color which comes from the age...most wines in this price point are 2006 right now, not much in the aromas and a very quiIck finish after a pleasant initial burst of fruit. Good acidity though so it should work with food. Around $8 in store.

Sad about Heath Ledger... a talent who seemingly couldnt handle life which is funny because acting seems to be a way for people to not be who they are.

Monday, January 21, 2008

banfi wine tasting

Beffore I get into this I would like to recommend Atonement for anyone who enjoys a great movie. this is one of those movies that makes you think about it hours after you see it. i have had people compare it to The English Patient and i could see that but really enjoyed it more. there are some very memorable shots in it especially the evacuation of dunkirk... definitely gave it 4 corks.

Back to the new Banfi rep Christine Dodgen came into the store with Marc of glazer. Banfi is one of those distributor/wineries that always have consistent products, if not terribly exciting.

San Angelo Pinot Grigio 06 Interestingly enough most Pinot Grigio comes from north eastern part of Italy, a cooler region. This wine is from the Tuscan estate owned by Banfi. The warmer climate makes for a rounder wine with a soft finish, and a nose almost reminiscent of a Sauv Blanc.

Banfi has a new wine series known as the Artist Series. The first is Fumaio 2006, which means from the wind. This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Very pronounced sauvigon blanc nose more grassy than grapefruit. A touch watery on the finish though.

CollePino (hill of pine) 2005 Sangiovese and Merlot rusty sangiovese color but the merlot came across a little green.

Banfi Chianti Classico 2005 sweet smelling nose. a touch sweaty leather. good acidity, and a little fruit forward. definitely a good food wine.

Natura Carmenere Valle di Colchagua Organic.2005 Come visit our new Organic section, Natura is one of those. Located in Chile the winery has to be 5 years organic before it can be described as such on label. Soon Walnut Crest will also be certfied organic they are currently 3 years in.

This wine was dark in color and aromas with a little sweet flower. nice ripe fruit with coffee and mocha flavors. Great price and wine for those going green!

Rosa Regali Brachetto d'Aqui Non Vintage. This is the sparkling wine from Italy that makes pairing with chocolate so easy. The nose is sweet raspberry with just a hint of earth, but creamy raspberry explodes with the bubbles. Very decadent.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

friday sake talk

Robert from garco brought in some interesting sake's to try. definitelynot your fathers sake that taste better warm to hide the bitterness, this rice wine loves the chill to show off its flavors. sake is made from rice, but not just any old rice from rice-i-roni, this is a special type of rice. And then they take the rice and polish it to remove the husk to get to the meat of the grain. The farther into the kernel they get the better but also more expensive, having lost half of their crop in the process.

Hakutsuru is the brand we tried. Their basic Sake with no bells or whistles was first. A touch lemon, a touch hops, very basic but pleasant.

Hakutsuru Draft Sake in a 300 ml container with its own reusable top. They say its the freshest of the brewing. i thought it sort of like free run juice for grapes. There was the same nose as the first sake but a much rounder mouthfeel, nice smooth aftertaste.

Sayuri Niguri Sake 300 ml Sayuri means small lilly, sounds like the name katie and tom gave their daughter. Niguri is a style where the juice is not filtered so it has a milky or creamy look to it. A little sweet on the finish but very nice roundness.

Hatuksuru Junmai Ginjo Sake 300 Jummai means that 50% of the rice has been polished off. Beautiful fragrant nose that reminded me of soft cucumber. very soft on the palate and would make an interesting cocktail with gin i think.

Hakutsuru Plum wine. Sweet plum but not cloyingly so...very refreshing. and the flavor to me was more cherry than plum.. interesting.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

gallo wines and such

From Glazer a new line from Antinori, the powerhouse from Tuscany. this is a wine from the puglia (apuglia) or bootheel region of italy...often thought of as too hot to grow grapes well, there are some regions and grape types that do thrive there. Negromara being the most common red grape.

Tormaresca Chardonnay 2006 Clean fruit, good finish but it is very hard to sell Italian Chardonnay. He will try this at our March 6 tasting.

Tormaresca Neprica 2006 Neprica means land of towers or lighthouses. with a blend of negromara, primitivo the cousin to zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon. dark in color with good italian earth aromas. the wines from this region can be overcropped and this one was not, nice and ripe. Will be in the store.

From Gallo, they have been acquiring lots of properties lately and one of them is William Hill an old style winery from Napa. They are the ones with the actual leaf on the label. it was cute about 10 years ago but I do hope they change that soon.

the chardonnay was the best of the bunch. true california nose of butter and dill but the fruit was bright considering it all had gone through ml...nice acidity with the caramel coffee lightly on the last of the finish.

the merlot from 2003 was not showing off vintage with a juicy mouthfeel but not a long finish.

the cabernet was showing some off aromas too, a lot of tannin and not much fruit in front or finish... it was an 04 that was to be really great so i would hope that they are just tight and will open up in time..

Bridlewood a property from central coast makes Viognier and Syrah

The viognier was light and not very aromatic. a little acidity but not much finish...and for the money i expected a little more finish

Syrah was better, full bodied color and plenty of black fruit, a little coffee on the finish. Not cote rotie but not bad.

Gascon Malbec...06 from Argentina A light flint or gunpowder nose with ripe fruit and a pretty finish. You will see it in the COrner next month as it got 90 points from parker and will be a good price point.

They also had a wine called Red Rock out of California which was their answer to Blackstone, and for a year it was on premise only or at Whole Foods. i found it soft and juicy, good for porch pounding or bbq but not very exciting and I would ask you to use your imagination when you look at the label and tell me what you think you see.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Robert from Garco

Wines were as follows.

Domaine de Nalys Chateauneuf du Pape 2004 Traditional style maker using all 13 grapes allowed. but the bottle wasnt showing well... will try again .

D'arenberg Hermit Crab 2006 Viognier and Marsanne blend. dry...a bit rustic. not typical over the top Australian but I have noticed that the whites from Australia tend to be very mineral and linear in style, not the big fruit bombs their red siblings can be...especially in the riesling...

St Jean di Minervois Muscat Vin doux so it has a brandy added to it.. Softly sweet not overly cloying would be good with a blue cheese or creme brulee....

WInner of the day... Chambers Moscadelle fortified also. Golden yellow, white raison and toffee on the nose and the mouthfeel was on the the most luxurious i have had in a long time.. talk about umami, that fifth taste sensation. It was all cream and caramel and I bought in some because if it doesnt sell I will buy it. I didnt even ask how much but i am thinking its around $17 for a 375ml

Bodi wines again...forgot these

Valle de Salinas from Yecla Spain 05 One of my new favorite spanish regions is Yecla where I have one wine Hecula from Yecla an old vine grenache that is really great. this wine is a blend of mourvedre, merlot and syrah. unfortunately it has that spanish stink or earthy smell to it. not a lot of fruit and dry saddle leather finish... compared to the other wines this leaves a lot to be desired...maybe its old style and I am a big fan of new style.

Chateau Felice Cabernet franc 2004 Lots of Violets and fragrance....light purple in the glass and sweet berry in the finish.... I like Cab francs a lot...this will be $35 on the shelf and fyi trefethen cab franc will be back in stock this week.


Gelida Cava Rose 2005 Light pretty pink color, touch of strawberry a touch of earth...i would have included this in the february issue of tastebud for valentines wines. $15 Cava is the sparkling wine of Spain.

Torbreck Semillon Australia 2006 Woodcutters Mineral mose, light round very easy drinking wine. almost passes for unoaked chardonnay.. you can see my notes a few days ago about semillon. this one seems to sell a little but partly because of the name the winery has.

Knipser kabinet Pfalz 2006 Light aromas, stone fruits on the finish, but not a wildly exciting white wine.

Elderton Friends 2004 Cabernet from Australia also. nice fruit but not a fruit bomb that i was expecting, restrained, a touch of cherry fruit

Gilles Robin Croze Hermitage Rhone 2005 Dark colors and aromas but a light finish almost like a pinot noir...what gives...i know that croze is the distant red haired step child to Hermitage but I still expected something more from this bottle. Very disappointed

Immach Batterierberg Enkircher Batterieberg Spatlese Mosel 2006 After all that I was expecting a sweet thing and what I got was a dry almost alsace style wine..which i am told is the style of batterieberg... it had good viscousity and i did get some lime and tropical fruit on the front but hard to describe this wine especially after the Knipser was sweeter in the kabinett. also this bottle comes in 500ml which is a really hard sell.

california and china

Before i go any farther got to see SweeneyTodd at the Lyric hall and I have to sayit was an interesting piece of theatre...having known the music since i was a baby I was interested to see how they staged it...very stark and minimalistic with the actors being the musicians also. the singing and such was incredible but the staging was a little....lacking some soul...anyway

Tom from Bodi brought by
Felice Acier Chardonnay Chalk Hill 05 Acier is french? for steel... this is an unoaked chard with light malo...very burgundian in style. i marked a quick finish too

Carol Shelton Wild Thing Zin 04 Mendocino Pretty purple in color, briary in the nose and palate. a little mocha and blackberry. High alcohol but not on the palate.

2008 is the year of the rat and to celebrate you can try some of these new wines from China. They are made with noble grapes, chardonnay and cabernet. the winery is called Dragon's Hallow.

From the eastern foot of the Helan Mountains...I know a bit of geography but Madeline informs me that it is the same longitude as Napa, Forward almost sweet fruit, cloying almost. Around $10

Cabernet is dark with licorice and some type of spice could it be chinese lead pencil?? spiced apple? interesting $10 also.

Killer Cab from Whitman Cellars a blend of caby syrah and cab franc nice upfront fruit, touch of tobacco a little berry, the only thing is it has a cutesy label with a car with teeth...killer cab get it??? but i like the other things from Whitman especially the syrah, $20

Merryvale Winery

Number name for the salesman ..brought in some upper end Merryvale this week. Merryvale is a pretty well known winery in napa that does some good things year in and year out. I was hoping for some excitement out of their high tier.

Sihhouette Chardonnay 04 pretty yellow gold color, rich creamy finish but a little quick. typical california chard for those liking a little butter and caramel.

Carneros Pinot Noir 2005 light garnet color, cola or coffee colored, nice acidity and finish but a little heat from all the alcohol which was surprisingly high...

Syrah Napa 2002 current release only their 2nd vintage of this bottling. dark colors and aromas but flavors did not excite.. i was hoping for more.

Cabernet Reserve 03 an opaque purple color with lots of cab flavors in the mouth. was expecting more also but i know that this was a hard vintage comparitively for napa.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday wines

Here it is thursday already and the wine salesman are at the door with new products to try. There always seems to be something new and interesting to buy. I wish I could bring in everything that I get to try, that I like anyway, but this time of year with the slow business it is hard to justify a lot of new things.

From Derrick at Bommaritto we had these two offerings.
Colome Torrontes 2007 Argentina This is a property from Hess that has been getting notice lately. Malbec and Torrontes are the two types they do. However, there is such a demand for the malbec that it sells out. The Torrontes though is in now. The Torrontes is a hybrid of Muscat de Alexandria and indigenous Spanish grapes. A touch ruby grapefruit, key lime, with a very dry finish. Around $13

Dare 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa This is the second label of Viader, hence the name Dare because people mispronunce her last name. via dare instead of via dehr. Beautiful nose of coffee, mocha, that translate in the flavors. Lush soft tannin that is not overpowering but not too easy.$32

From Stacey of Major Brands a new line from the Ruffino people. Borgo Conventi a winery located in the Collio region of Italy. '
Of course every winery in the northeast of Italy has a Pinot Grigio. This offering was a touch heavy which is a good thing for Pinot Grigio because often its just bland watery. Very pleasant wine but there are so many pleasant Pinot Grigio out there for $14.

Sauvignon Blanc 06 also. Nose of gooseberry like New Zealand but richer flavors. Not a wine one usually associates with Italy but a good offering none the less. We will have these wines featured in the march wine tasting

Chardonnay 06 My favorite of the bunch. All three of these whites were brillant in color and clarity. No oak either. The trend is going toward Chard with less or no oak to showcase the wines flavors better. Good fruit and not overly sweet. Will be in the store for around $14

Merlot 03 I was worried that the Merlot had a little age on it but it didnt show in this bottle. It reminded me of the merlots I have had from Carneros, a cooler region than usual. Lots of grip or tannin through the front palate Dark cherry flavors that linger. A great buy for $14 I think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

bodi wines for wednesday

Not to much excitement going on as we head into mid january.. trying get the store into some shape after the hectic holidays. Tom Katey of Bodi wines did bring by three wines to taste today.

Amavi Semillon 2006 Columbia Valley Semillon is not one of my favorite whites. usually very bland and uninteresting. This version was a little more interesting but it is hard to sell a $21 wine from Washington that no one has ever heard of. Semillon is usually used in Bordeaux for white wine, esp in Sauternes. In the Amavi it was a bit minerally and a nice amount of viscousity but not a lot of upfront fruit to grab ahold of anyones attention.

Monteregio de Massa Marttima 2002 A village on the coast of tuscany where everything looks like a diane lane movie..90% Sangiovese and 10 Cabernet in the mix.. The nose is all Italian dirt or saddle leather. I wasnt getting much fruit from it and there was a little off flavors in the back of the throat. will try this one again.

Lazy Creek Syrah Mendocino 2005 I love the back label on this because it is so geeky. It tells everything about the wine, how the vines were maintained to the acid in the final mix. This bottling of syrah has a 0.5% of Viognier added which I dont know if it was added before or after the fermentation. but the little bit came through in the nose and a touch of sweetness on the palate. It was fun tasting this one verses the wine of the day yesterday, because that one (Spenser Roloson) was all deep dark fruits and flavors where as this one was much brighter red fruits, with a relatively quick finish. Still a enjoyable bottle of wine. In the store for $38

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

this and that

interesting wines today from Robert Necker my new Garco rep.

Zolo Torrontes 2006 Argentina Floral Orange Maramalade? on the nose. This is a cousin of Muscat and you can see why with the aromatics. Not as sweet though, just enough to make it interesting.

Spenser Roloson Herradura Vineyard Syrah 2004 Napa this wine reminds me why i like wine. dark cola color, rich and dark flavors of mocha, espresso . deep wine that would remind you of a northern rhone. wonderful around $30 in the store.

yesterday I tasted some french burgundy with doug from golden barrel. verget is the producer and he caught me right when i was eating some spicy bar b que from gates.

Verget Saint Verain Terroirs de Davaye 2005 was the winner. Acid and fruit with a pretty finish. $25

Verget Pouilly Fuisee Terroirs de Vergisson 2005 Interesting in that it was still being put in a corked bottle as opposed to the other Verget wines that come in screwcap. Hints of vanilla and lemon zest. $35

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Pinnacle tasting of the year

Wines from around the world were featured. Luna Benegas Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina, 2005 rusty color but extremely juicy, a touch of gunflint on the nose. Very nice food wine.

Juan Benegas Malbec Argentina 2005 A touch earthy almost medicinal nose. juicy but a quick finish. maybe an off bottle.

Alonso del Yerro 2005 Dark and rich , smell of wood. great food wine.100 percent tempranillo. Ribero del Duero is one of my favorite regions of spain, the wines seem more intense and also more expensive.

Cartlidge and Brown Chardonnay 2006 California. Juicy, a touch harsh on the finish, with hints of vanilla and lemon. good value

Dain Savage Juliet Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 2006 David Smith is a local wine maker who has been making wines for a few years now and getting some good notice from wine writerrs. A lighter style wine with nice soft fruit and easy drinking . parker gave it 91 pts.

Almost wine of the day was Luzon Verde 2006 100% monastrell or mourvedre, that is made organically. last vintage tasted a little green to me, this one is nice and juicy with touch of tobacco on the finish. with fruit carrying through to the end. a bargain at $9

welcome back...where have I been...

Well I hope everyone survived the holidays and that santa was good to them. I myself got a pull my finger key mentioned in past posts no one tastes wine in the two to three weeks leading up to Christmas because of the hectic pace and no time to add it to the system.

Things are getting back to a normal pace, maybe too slow, but we are seeing nice weather the last few days and people are out and about.

The next big wine tasting for us will be March 6 from to 8, it will be our annual spring fling. This usually means a nice blend of reds and whites. We will have 15 tables of vendors to try. Open to the public.

Wines I have tried this week.

From Robert Necker my new Garco Rep several things.
From an Italian producer Lungarotti
San Giorgio 2001 a Umbria wine that could be Super Umbrian? Soounds like a song from Mary Poppins. Anyway its a blend of Sangiovese, Caniollo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep color with touch of rust around the rim. Licorice was the flavor that stuck out, with a nice mocha finish. Soft tannins. An expensive wine if I remember but will have some in the store.

Also from Lungarotti Dulcis 2004 A dessert wine, dulce being sweet in Italian. Not sure of the grape whether Malvasia or Muscat but a dark caramel color, tastes like liquid biscotti. Viscous with good acidity.

Innocent Bystander Moscato 07 A bit of a sparkling, fizzy wine. Sweet but not overly so. Very refreshing, a great muscat nose of honeysuckle Will sell for around $10. Has a nice bottle top instead of cork

Grayson Pinot Noir 2006 Central Coast. Light in color but lots of spices, rich creamy texture. great value for the money. lush and fruity are two words that came to mind. $14 or so in the store.

Grayson Zinfandel 2005 Ruby color a little rustic on the palate. the zinfandel didnt have the weight I was hoping for.

Spenser Rolosan Palaterra 03 Wine of the day no doubt. Syrah, Carignane and old vine Valdigue which many thought was Gamay for a while. Old world style that was full of earth and tobacco. great flavors. loved this wine and it has a cool package too. $$18.99 in store