Thursday, May 23, 2013

Global Vineyard Importers/ Lary Challacombe/ Massandra

Albamar Sauvignon Blanc Chile 2011.. very herbal with lemon/lime citrus... a little like subdued New Zealand

Santos Semillon 2011 Argentina.. a varietal that is usually blended or made into dessert wine, unctious and a little honeydew melon.. and the finish starts you toward a sauternes thought...

Tercos Torrontes 2011 Argentina.. pretty floral, melon nose, bright juicy fruit, but the finish is a touch bitter.. definitely needs food

Calcu Cabernet Franc 2010 Chile// pretty floral nose which is a cab franc moniker.. a touch herbacious on the first but gives way to nice fruit on the finish...

Santos Malbec 2010.. lots of jammy fruit almost bing cherry on the front.. a little earthiness on the finish but pleasant

Maquis Cabernet Sauvignon Chile 2009  again with the herbacious green olive flavors of chile.. but the finish is smooth.. almost velvety.  sawdust/ pencil lead on the nose.

Patz & Hall with Kevin Hinchman/Bommarito

Patz and Hall

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2011.. short vintage.. collected from two single vineyards..a strong oaky influence.. nice texture though.. good finish

Chardonnay Dutton Ranch 2011. more of a crowd and unctious with the right amount of oak influence for me.. old vines... which for chard is around 30 I am told

Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard 2010  much more austere and mineral.. a nice rush of fruit on the end.. and finished a little hot..

Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast.2011 again light vintage.. dried fruit and perfumey nose,  definite tannic finish on the back but was expecting a little more fruit up front

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

misc wines with Cynthia Paugh/Bommarito

Luzon Ciranza Seleccion 12  from Jumilla, Monastrell with others... oak influence very obvious , nice enough fruit and tannin but served a little chilled
Retorno Garnacha 2010 Calatayud according to the wine info a young red wine from Old Vine Garnacha.. wine double speak.. no depth and a little herbal.. my Niel from Almansa runs rings around this.. and it sold by Cynthia too

Loimer Lois (low Es) unless its Lois like Lois Lane.. anyway. Gruner Veltliner Austria.. a little rounder than what I was remembering Gruner to be but it also is the 2nd wine from this vintage that gave me the same thing.. maybe a sign of the vintage.. spectator said great things about the vintage in the latest magazine  cute bottling and label and good wine for the money

Eric Chevalier Chardonnay Nantais 2010... very dry.. a sauvignon blanc drinkers chardonnay.. but I liked Chevalier's Muscadet which is what the region is really known for.

one hope wines/libby congelliere/ major brands

One Hope is a winery conceived by 8 friends with Bob Mondavi Jr as the winemaker. Each wine in the portfolio has a different charity that half of all profits go to. All very notable and good charities, to date they have given over 750,000 to their various charities.

Sparkling goes to Childhood Hunger
Sauvignon Blanc to the Enviornment
Chardonnay to Breast Cancer awareness
Pinot Noir to ASPCA
Merlot to Pediatric Aids
Zinfandel to US Troops Home
Cabernet to Austism

I wish I could say the wines were all great and worth the cost of admission but they are mostly typical Calfornia wines with some varietal characteristics and a big heart

Monday, May 20, 2013

bna wine group with dane mcfarlin/ vintegrity

an offshoot of Owen Swift, dave phinney.. but not

Butternut Chardonnay..2011  a little creamy and green olive. full malo mouth feel..

Bandwagon pinot noir 2011 Oregon/ California light color, and light tannin, not a strong finish.. a little blander than hoped for

The Rule Napa 2010 83% cabernet tobacco and strong fruit tannin but the flavors were a little linear..

Volunteer Napa 2010 dark color.. licorice/ anise soft tannins not to hot.. viscous and really dark color.. long finish.. best of the bunch..

cameron hughes with adam mahler/. d and e glazer

Greenlip Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand 2011  pink grapefruit

Cameron Hughes Lot 247 Napa  oaky and dusty.. very tight

Cameron Huges Lot 285 Rutherford.. a little more money but worth it.. a spicy cinnamon nose, and good fruit.

350 Chardonnay Santa Maria hills 2010  a touch of butterscotch not the tropical fruit bomb I was expecting.. very subdued for cali

Christophe Bakunas Artisan wine and craft spirits

Jigsaw Pinot Noir 2011 willamette .. slightly sweet nose, some herbal notes and rhubarb

 Ransom Pinot Noir 2010.. dark pinot color and fruit.. a little heat on the finish.. a little sawdust on the finish??

Sweet Spot Alexander Valley 2010. sawdust on the nose, cassis and really dark in color

Murphys Law Riesling green apple, good acidity. cuter label than in the past

Ransom Dry Vermouth slight cinnamon and woodsy nose, dry finish with the woodsy nature staying on

Henry DuYore's Straight Bourbon Whiskey corn, rye and barley  sweet. and hot.. aromatic from the rye???

northshore distillery/ sonha kassebaum/ classique

One of the new batch of small batch distillers

Sol Chamomile Citrus Vodka.. lots of citrus and tea.. could really be good with long island iced tea

NorthShore Vodka wheat and corn.. light and tasty

Gin no.6. Modern Dry Gin floral, pretty aromas.. almost like a perfume.. a little  more viscous and aromatic

Gin no 11.. more of the London Dry Gin with botanicals and  juniper

Aquavit made with Caraway and other grains.. the first one made in the united states.. very pretty nose also.. interesting

Friday, May 10, 2013

shane wines with shane finley/ massandra

Shane Finley is winemaker for the eponymous winery and also Lynmar after working for Kosta Browne among others

Grenache Blanc 2012 stainless steel and more about the fruit, less the oak... more of an american style.. pretty

Pinot Noir The Charm 2011 from several lots and named for the charm of the irish.. somewhat mushroom and earth.. not a fruit bomb. soft coffee and mocha notes on the back

Syrah Judge Vineyard 2009.. he says it was corked.. i didnt get it and usually that comes through to me.. i smelled vegetal and halitosis with some nice round flavors at the end.. looking forward to trying it when its really good

not him but in the bag
Vacheron sancerre 2010  herbal and high notes of coffee.. (may be from the last wine in the glass)  light green apple with a kick of pink grapefruit on the finish.. some say a great expression of sancerre

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jessica Naluai/ Precept wines/ Andrew Mallow

precept has taken several brands in the last few years that have been well received and extended the lines to more choices

Browne Cabernet Columbia Valley 2010 aromatic with a slight perfumey character.. lush mouthfeel with cassis and blackberry.. not a lot of depth on the finish though..

Waterbrook Washington Chardonnay 2011.. fruit not  alot of complexity.. seems to be stainless.. and surprisingly sweet

Waterbrook Merlot 2010  cedar and good fruit.. pleasant

Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling  2011  typical green apple and a little flabby.. expected more acidity

Primarius Pinot Noir 2011.. light in color and light in flavor.. pretty boring

House Wine Steak House Red.. juicy but one note.. and not a lot of depth with that note... a little light for a steak i would think.

Lindy Novak/Spottswoode Winery

A treat is getting to talk to someone who is part of the scene if you will. The Novak's founded Spottswoode back in the beginning of the Napa experience. All the winery produces is Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, and given the cost difference it comes as no surprise that more of the land owned by the Novak family is planted to Cabernet.

Sauvignon Blanc 2012  non proprietary but still selected for best quality. very lush mouthfeel without being flabby.. herbal in a sancerre style

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. soft but firm tannins. loads of cassis.. long cedar finish that is just a little hot but still tasty

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

cynthia paugh bommarito

Bernardus Chardonnay 2011... tart and served too cool... missing any roundness that I have experienced in the past

Peter Franus Sauv Blanc 2011 .. again cooler bottling showing more vegetal flavors

Rombauer Merlot 2009 Carneros.. ttrying to be Pomerol in nature.. tobacco and dark berry slight herbal/vegetal on the palate.. again cold

RockBlock Syrah Walla Walla NV  lots of alcohol on the palate.. some upper palate tannins but no fruit showing

marion fuica selections. terra firma

Gircon Rose 2012 light strawberry color and soft sweet fruit on the quick finish.

Aichenberg Gruner Veltliner Austria 2011... light green/yellow color.. not as mineral/acid as some gruners put out.. lemon/lime light finish

Gircon Cotes Du RHone 2011.. a nice touch of white pepper on the nose, soft juice verging on vegetal... good tannin structure for the money

evening land with jim mauceri/massandra

A property that only does chardonnay and pinot noir but from around the world.

2009 Bourgogne Blanc some mineral some salt lots of mid palate stuff but maybe showing its age

2009 Pouilly Fuisse.. soft oaky nose, some mineral.. just the right amount of oak and fruit on the finish.

2010 Blue Label Edna Valley Chardonnay.. a touch vegetal, and some oak... not the best of the bunch

2011 Blue label Willamette Valley Pinot Noir very light in color.. with rhubarb and mushroom

2010 Edna Valley Spanish Springs Pinot Noir... dark color.. traditional cola/tea/ dark cherry notes

2010 Memorius Vineyard Santa Rita Hills.. dark earth and berry aromas.. more of an oregon style pinot... very well balanced with the fruit and alcohol.