Friday, September 14, 2012

Purvis tasting #4

the theme was France

Blanck Pinot Gris Alsace 2007... golden yellow color and petrol for days.. lanolin and viscousity all around...

Gustave Lorentz Pinot Noir Rose 2011.. soft and easy on the front but not a lot of there there.. maybe a little orange zest but overall too subtle

Clos du Pape Chateauneuf du Pape blanc 2009.. soft yellow and thick in the glass (thats what she said)... typical for the region these grapes come off thick and brutish but over time will soften and honey out.. mostly roussounn marsanne viognier grenache blanc

Les Penses de Pallus Loire 2009 pretty color of garnet and bright nose from the Cabernet Franc.. red berries with some cedar on the back with soft tannins.

Miniere Bourgueil loire 2006.. another Loire wine that features cab franc... but showing age and terroir more... food wine for sure

Bergaud Morgan Beaujolais 2010.. showing an almost buttery nose.. fruity. raspberry and jammy.. rich

Chateau St Jacque Mouline a vent 2010.. showing much more dirt and terroir... much more restrained

Trevallon France 1998 coffee and earthy.. cab and syrah.. the cab comes across in the finish.. a bit waxy...interesting wine.. interesting story of the vineyard

Cos d'estournel St Estephe 1996 still showing lots of color.. french stink with a little nutty almond.. and wax.. (wax seemed a feature of the wine, must be my nose) black currant.. very nice thank you for the tasting

Chasse Spleen 1989 Moulis en Medoc tobacco and acidity for days.. enjoyed the mouthfeel but there was a touch of huskiness on the back of the palate...

Zelige-Caravent Manouches (which means Gypsy) black pepper and cant read the rest of the notes..dont remember liking it that much

Gonet Medeville Rose NV mocha and cocoa on the palate.. beautiful mousse. and strawberries

A brown bag wine again with the waxy character.. green vegetal character... not really digging it and turns out it was Verite La Joie from California

Lassague  2007 Saint Emillon coffee and roasted meats.. showing lots of dark fruit. really liked this more than I have in the past times I have tried this wine.. good depth

Clos du Papes Chateauneuf du Pape 2008 lots of fruit on the palate.. good acidity a bit of the bacon fat and iodine/iron.. all things that make CDP wonderful.. and it should be good for some time to come

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