Friday, September 14, 2012

wine tasting but dont remember with whom

Monfil Macabeo Spain 2010.. unoaked and softly mineral.. interesting porch pounder that is just a little out of season

Abadia de Tortoreous Albarino 2010 Spain.. again no oak and tasting this blind I think I would have thought this a Torrontes from Argentina.. more sweetness and floral than I remember them being.

Monfil Garnacha Rouge 2009.. iron soils.. unoaked and light..missing a middle i think

Pietro Marin Malbec Argentina 2008 unoaked but sensiously smoky.. cherry that doesnt go bing.. long finish.. very fun

Pietro Marin Cab/Syrah blend Argentina 2007 slightly rusty.. lots of tobacco but not much fruit...liked the malbec much better

Gotin del Risc 2005.. Mencia .. lots of cedar and tannin... may calm down.. may not

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