Monday, December 13, 2010

jonata with matt

The Pairing White 2007 California Santa Ynez SB, Semillon  a touch smoky, sweetness and minerality. Full bodied for a white wine. tamed Sauv Blanc

Jonata La Flor 2008  Santa Ynez  light yellow color.. straw and grass.. good acidity long finish.

The Pairing Pinot Noir 2008 Santa Ynez  dark ruby in glass.. fruit and earth.smoky dried fruits..

The Pairing Red 2006 classic bordeaux blend  dark in glass. rich cherry on palate.. acidity behind it. Lots of high notes...could use some more depth.

Jonata El Alma Cabernet Franc 2007 beautiful nose, herbal coolness and striking tannins.. ripe... long finish.

Jonata El Desafio Cabernet Sauv 2007 full bodied.. rich.. soft tannins..supple...firm but giving tannin..very tasty.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MollyDooker wine tasting with cellarmasters

Mollydooker WinesImage of Mollydooker Wines via SnoothTasted through 6 Mollydooker wines from older vintages bought before they were in this market. The thing that struck me was how super( to the point of obscene) concentrated these wines were. Not for the faint of heart with high alcohol and extractions. Summed up by the gentleman sitting on my right that these wines were too much... relentless, and unforgiving.. take no prisoners.

2006 Maitre d Cabernet , dark color, thick and juicy... dark fruit and lush... which becomes overbearing..

2006 The Boxer Shiraz dark color, a little dried meat or bacon fat on the back of the nose which was a pleasant surprise. Roasted meats and dark berry on the finish.. some acidity..not much

2006 Gigglepot Caberent dark berry full bodied dark berry... not interesting at all

2006 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz dark berry full...

2006 Enchanted Path Shiraz/Cabernet Dark full good weight... a little more interesting

2006 Carnival of Love Shiraz given a 97 point rating by parker.. and every bit a parker darling.. full bodied light acidity.lush and dark berry fruits.. tongue and palate coating lushness...

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Manos Negros with JP Gilmore /Vintegrity

Bert and Ernie: Getting Trashed on Pinot Noir ...Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flickr
Manos Negros means Black Hands in Spanish.. stained from the winemaking would be my guess

Torrontes 2009  not like many of the Torrontes I have experienced.  very high in acidity like the New Zealand Sauv Blanc, Grapefruit.. not the soft floral nose either.

Pinot Noir 2008 from the Patagonia region of Argentina.. soft on tannins   light on fruit.. a touch earthy but not enough to be overwhelming

Malbec 2007  dark color, bing cherry fruit... and just a little too tannic for this early in the morning
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Pinnacle with craig rohner

Ribera del Duero DO in Castilla y León region ...Image via Wikipedia
Wine by Joe Pinot Noir 2008 Oregon.. from a well liked vintage..this wine was surprisingly light and uneventful.. some raspberry for sure but light texture and quick finish

Gougenheim Malbec Argentina 2009  very juicy and fruit forward.. feminine style ?

Finca Resalso Ribera del Duero 2007.. found it to be more new world in style.. i usually like Ribero fruit and this was good but not as much earth as I would have liked

Cocchi Americano Apertivo.. made from Moscato grapes.. a distilled spirit that reminds one of St Germain.. smells like Dial Soap and bitter on the finish.. to be mixed for sure.. with white wine or gin..

Black Maple Hill Bourbon , with a name Maple in it you would think sweeter and it is a touch sweet but not the big heavy drink jack daniels is, smooth and citrus light body with a good amount of heat on the palalte.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Misc with Robert Noecker/ Garco

A1 and Heinz steak sauceImage via Wikipedia
Reinares Tempranillo 2008  Spain.. earthy nose with some dried fruit on the finish but pretty bland for what you can get out of Spain at this price

LeGode Rosso Montalcino 2007  dark with a typical rusty edge.. saddleleather that turns sweet.. soft and juicy.. good value.

Fritz Dry Creek Zinfandel 2006 steak sauce on the nose, some briar but just starting to go over the hill.a little watery on the finish.

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Renteria Chardonnay Carneros 2008  a major supplier for large Chard producers.. golden yellow in color, nice sweet fruit and just a hint of oak and toast...

Domaine Alain Normand Bourgogne Rouge 2007  dirty nose and palate.. a little fruit but mostly tannin and blah
Quatro Mano Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2008 stinky nose too but this time there was a little fruit behind it and on the palate pretty supple fruit.. quickish finish but typical for this price point

York Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain 2007.. dark dense color, and soft but firm tannins dark berry fruit and silky finish

Chateau Felice with Samantha Rogers

2007 LaCraie Grand Syrah Chalk Hill  .. cranberry and dried red fruits.. a long finish with good unction but not the bacon fat that I really like in Syrah but better than most I have had from this region

LaCraie Euphoria Cabernet Franc 2007  earthy on the nose which then goes to a ripe red fruit on the palate.. long finish

2007 La Craie Tall Woman Chalk Hill... best of the bunch.. cab.zin and merlot blend. great texture and lots of up front fruit.
 2007 La Craie American Celebration ripe nose and a clear linear finish... not a tannic monster by any means.

an interesting sidenote that I was getting a lot of what I called Cranberry throughout all the wines.. a similarity if you will

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pinnacle with craig rohner

SiduriImage of Siduri via Snooth
2009 Marenco Strev Moscato... soft sweet and pretty stone fruit lushness

2009 Cep Hopkins Ranch Sauvignon Blanc... soft mineral and just a touch sweet... not very distinguishing at all..a little bland even

Siduri Santa Lucia Highalnds Pinot Noir 2008  stinky nose which is fine.. a little green on the palate.. and just all over the place with flavors... lacking focus

Chave Mon Couer Cotes Du Rhone 2008.. soft roses and tar on the nose, not as fruit forward as last year but still delicious.

Novy's Gary Vineyard Sirah Santa Lucia Highlands 2008.. beautiful nose...took several whiffs.. lots of dried meats, roasted earth and tar.. dark berry fruit on the long finish.

Velho Barreiro Cachaca Brazil.. a rum from brazil that smells and tastes to me of Grappa from Italy.. pine tar and acquired taste.

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QED wines.. sean mccord

Brander Sauv Blanc 2009 Central Coast  soft a pretty blend of grapefruit and grass... best of both new and old world

Barrel 27 Rock and a Hard Place Grenache 2007.. not the nose I usually get from this area for Grenache but very juicy..not a lot of depth but good for a pizza wine..

Cass Flying Nymph 2009  ugly label and ugly wine... tannin and green and unappealling

Opolo Mountain Zinfandel 2007.. yummy.. paso fruit at a good price.. just the right amount of briar and bramble... with a 16.6 alcohol I was expecting a really firey monster and it was just lush..
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willi loth appellations

Elizabeth Rose Sauvignon Blanc 2009 .. mineral, essence of cucumber ..grassy..more of a sancerre style than new world...pretty

Waters Columbia Valley Syrah 2007... an example of bottle varietion or temprament of a taster... not as soft and juicy as I remembered it tasting when I brought it in the store.. more hot tar and tobaccoo... mineral.

Oakville Cabernet 2007  front tannin and hot on the palate.. all the disjointed characters of cali cab

Hedges Red Mountain Blend.  dark color and a pretty cedar nose.. meaty and fruity juice.. but a little discombobulated.. could use some time in the bottle 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gazzoli with ron di

ApaltaguaImage of Apaltagua via Snooth
Bertrand Ambroise Cremant NV... sparkling wine from burgundy...Cremant sounds creamy when it should be petulant...bubbly... a soft mousse. more green apple than toasty yeasty... but fun

don Rodolfo Pinot Noir Argentina 2009... maybe this explains why there are no many inexpensive pinot noir from argentina... dark color, dark fruits on the nose but harsh and bitter tannins... quick finish

Apaltagua Carmenere Reserva Chile 2008  dark color, green bell pepper and sawdust nose, very vegetal and one note... must need food

Old Ballantruan Peated Malt interesting in that most peated scotch comes from Islay region whereas this comes from the highlands.... so when you smell it, there is that smell of iodine without the sea salt... and the inside is soft and round... touch of honey.. not hot on the palate... 
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

wine with robert noecker

Grapes, left to dry for a passito wine, Marco ...Image via Wikipedia
It is always fun to try new wines.... new varietal. I can not begin to tell how many chards and sauv blancs i have tried over the years. Today I got to try two new (to me) grape types

Arnoldo-Caprai Greante 2008 Grechetto is the grape type from this region of italy which I could not ascertain. Slightly sweet nose that reminds one of Torrontes.. but more lush and yet a hint of minerality and lime on the finish.. very good and not overly expensive

Ben Rye Donnafugata non vintage I think.. golden brown the color of deep bourbon. made from the Zibibbo grape. done in the passito style or restive style.. dates and figs and almonds... very lush caramel. perfect for stinky cheeses... a little burnt honey, creme brulee on the finish... expensive but very good
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opici wine with Matt Sharpe/ Gazzoli

Domenico de Bertiol Prosecco first taste is of medicinal petrol.. but finish nice and cleanly..

DeMartino Legado Reserva Chardonnay Chile the ML comes through on the palate.. almost to the exclusion of the fruit. and yet there is a soft uneventful finish

Umberto Cesari Moma Rubicone dark sweet fruit...lush with a cinnamon finish.interesting style of Sangiovese clone.

Rizzi Barbera d'Alba 2007 fruit, red berry soft.. uneventful

Cesari Amarone Classico  dirty, earthy and not at all raisony porty that some people like. soft tannin, more of a feminine style.. food friendly

Luiano Sangiovese 2009 smells of bologne and dried meats... which carries through to the palate... a little offputting

Terlato Wines major brands

Bollinger Special Cuvee Champagne NV  LOTS of toasty, yeastiness. strong firm mousse.. made with 60% Chard

Tangley Oaks Merlot 2007... boring.. somewhat juicy and a little over the hill

Mazzoni Rosso Toscana 2007 12 months in oak barrel and needing a little me time... to settle down.. tannins are fine but showing the Italian stink

Pieve Santa Restituta Brunello de Montalcino Toscana 2005 wow  what a beautiful nose of saddle leather and roses and earth. great grip and acidity. and yet a soft elegant finish.

Ca,Marcanda Magari Toscana 2006... showing the nature of terroir this has the stink of an Italian Sangiovese but none in it... lots of dirt and not a lot of fruit.. hot on the finish.

Erin with Domaine Estates

Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee Green Valley 2006.  mostly made with Pinot Noir, light soft mousse.. not a lot of intensity to it.

Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay Green Valley 2007 a nice amount of ml and lightly toasty oak... higher in acidity you wonder if it was meant for the sparkling wine

Kings Ridge Pinot Noir Oregon 2007.. light color and flavors which were indicative of the vintage in oregon.. tasty for the money

Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec Mendoza Argentina 2008  smoky and lots of good juicy fruit.. very nice price for the quality of wine

short help wine tasting day part 1 Cab day blitz

Estancia Cabernet Paso Robles 2007.. a slilghtly green nose with a nice red fruit finish..good first time cab drinker cab

Simi Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley 2007  soft and pretty.. medium bodied with good red berry flavors... a touch hot on the tongue...

Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2006  dark color brooding in the glass. not a clear wine.. very linear in the mouth.. maybe showing a little age... pleasant enough but not big by any measure

gin and spirits with george vessel

Miller Gin.. an english gin made with Icelandic Water... and you can really see the cucumber effect that some people have with this spirit... light and clean

Miller Westbourne is 90 proof.. round and sweet...

June.. Espirt de June.. a liquor made with flowers of different wine grape plants.  Loads of stone fruit on the smooth mouth filling finish.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Erin Martin with Laird Family Estate wines/Appellations

Laird 2006 Cold Creek Ranch Pinot Grigio 2006.. i would have to say this was the miss of the day... Carneros fruit, soft pink grapefruit... ml or oak softness.. low acid .. and pushing old age

Laird Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay.  golden yellow in the glass... mouth filling.. light acidity and long finish.. California Chardonnay wine

Laird Jillian's Blend Red 2007... cab/syrah/merlot  good acidity and melded flavors... soft tannin on the finish..named for the winery owners daughter??

Laird Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2007.. surprisingly a 100% cab that was drinking now. showing good cassis and fruit and just the right amount of oak.. good value for the region.

Laird 2005 Mast Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon single vineyard that is dark purple and heavy... sweet fruit but not as lush as the Napa 07...have to say I like the 07 better... even with the age of this wine.

Lairds sell a good amount of their grapes to other vintners. Rombauer for one.

terra firma

Chateau Du Bois Chantant.. 2006.. dirty, meaty nose and not in a bad way... strange finish though.. its like the tannin vacuumed my tongue... Bordeaux

La Cuvee Leo du Domaine D'Oustric 2003... smelled dirty and taste cheap... too old.

La Marquise Du Chateau Tour Blanche medoc 2007  fruity cherry nose for a french wine.. flavors on the thin side in the middle but good acidity on the long finish..

Chusckab Gigondas Las Traverses 2006.  coffee... and more coffee... roasted ..mocha.. juicy on the palate.. white pepper and very enjoyable..

appellations with willi loth

Arderius Tinto Spain...85%tempranillo... typical old world nose with a light green underripe finish.. needs food.. even then I would be surprised.

Arderius Rose 2009 Grenache.. soft and round... nice fruit ..quick finish

Arderius Crianza 2006 Tempranillo and Garnacha.. dark color in the glass. nice juice at first but a medicinal off taste at the back..

Pindal White Wine 2008 Rueda.. Verdejo and Viura blend...  round and fresh.. interesting ml action and not as mineral as wines from this region can be... very user friendly

Egelhoof Cabernet walton Vineyard 2006  all about the oak and some fruit... but pretty much a one note wonder. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ramey with Craig Rohner/Pinnacle

Map showing the Russian River drainage basin.Image via Wikipedia
Ramey Sonoma Coast 2008 Chardonnay.. a little toast and soft ML.. not as smoky as I was expecting on the finish...often get a toasty cinnamon on the back... maybe just a touch flabby

 Ramey Russian River 2008... quiet..soft almost boring

Ramey Claret 2006... 80% cab so it could technically be labeled such. soft and easy drinking..

Penner Ash Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2008.. silky.. smooth.. red berrys fruit and a long finish... a little pricey though.
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Terra Firma

Château Paveil de LuzeImage of Château Paveil de Luze via Snooth
tasting through some french and romanian wine

Laudun Chusclan Les Argeliers Vacqueyras 2009... my first taste of a 09 wine from this region. bright purple in the glass.. reminds me of a dolcetto or cru beaujolais. fruit forward and pretty with the acidity leading to a nice finish.

Chateau Abelyce St Emilion 2005  earth and band aid on the nose. red fruits with lots of acidity.. good fruit on the mid palate where often these wines can go weak.

Sempiternam Corbieres 2007... Iodine and a touch of sherry..not impressed at all and after seeing the cork finding some seepage it will be good to revisit.

Chateau Paveil de Luze Bordeaux Superior 2006 dark purple in the glass and pleasant enough but a quick finish and not worth the price I was told

La Croix-Davids Cotes de Bourg 2006... pretty aromas of cinnamon, earth.. soft and medium bodied...

Solo Quinta 2009 a white blend from romania... sweet nose from the Muscat in it  but a dullish finish with not much going for it at the price.

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krug wine with scott johnson/glazers

CK Mondavi California wineImage via Wikipedia
Krug is one of the oldest wineries in Napa... made famous by the split between Robert and Peter Mondavi in the mid 1960's. They now produce a value wine known as CK Mondavi.

CK Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc 2009.. probably one of  the worst wines I have tasted in some time. It looked a little golden in the glass and had tea and off sweet notes.. but not tempting at all... no acidity. no crispness

CK Mondavi Red Field Blend  2008... cab.merlot.petite verdot and syrah... much better.. herbal nose with a touch of steak sauce... nice fruit and acidity... red berry... good for the price

Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc 2008  ...sancerre or french in style.. light and not overly interesting.. would like to have more there there.

Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon Yountville 2007... one of the least expensive wines to have this designation I am told. pretty cedar on the nose, smooth tannin and sweet fruit..a little tobacco and smoky on the finish.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

moet hennessy tasting with michael storey

Casa LapostolleImage of Casa Lapostolle via Snooth
Newton Unfiltered Chardonnay Napa 2007...surprisingly uneventful.. maybe a little old and a touch corked.. not showing much fruit or energy... alcohol was showing though..

Newton Cab Sauvignon Unfiltered 2006 a lot of tannin and earth and again not much fruit... was expecting more I have to say

Terrazas Gran Malbec Afincado 2006... deep ruby red color, nose of A1 steak sauce... juicy spices, nice grip on the palate..needs some beef to tame it

Casa Lapostolle Carmenere 2008... possibly one of the best Carmenere I have ever tasted... a pretty strawberry rhubarb nose, long finish and one of the most silky mid palate wines I have had in a long time

Numanthia Termes 2007... tinto de toro.. or tempranillo.. with lots of character.. it makes your mouth water... pretty red fruits to it... very good and will last for several years.
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Taste Vino with Golden Barrel

Alma Mora Pinot Grigio 2009 Argentina..  a surprisingly rich, honeyed pinot grigio... not the light mineral Italian type at all but not as over the top as California's can be.. interesting.

Alma Mora Cabernet Sauvignon 2008  a slightly vegital nose, but once past that some nice fruit, dark cherry, good finish.

Alma Mora Malbec..juicy rich and dark..good finish.. nice wine for the money.

Del Pecado Malbec/Cab blend.. dirty nose, hints of coffee and mocha on the palate with nice enough fruit but kind of soft in the mid palate..

looking forward to trying my first Uruguay wine in a few weeks from this supplier.. lots of people have gone to Argentina and then across to Uruguay and found wine to be interesting

Thursday, September 9, 2010

dr jerry seps/storybook wines/vintegrity

Dr Seps has been in the wine business for some time now. Located in Napa Valley he makes some of the most consistent, if pricey, zinfandel that I know.

2007 Mayacamas Zinfandel  dark in color, rich in flavors of dark berry .. not overly hot like some from napa can be

2007 Eastern Exposures Zinfandel.. Eastern exposure does not get as much afternoon sun, the wine has a more finessed, restrained style..

2007 Estate Reserve Zinfandel ... lots of berry action.. mocha and cocoa on the finish... lots of lush tannins, pretty wine.

Antaneus 2007  ... a blend of Zin and Cab similar to the Prisoner by Oren Swift that is popular.... earthy and roses on the nose, nice fruit and finish

Seps Cabernet 2006  tight nose, dark color... needing time to open up and show off

Seps Viognier 2009.. what a beautiful nose this wine has.. remembrance of a Gewurztraminer without the heavy sweetness... and a long rich finish... beautiful wine

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

QED wines.. sean mccord

A new distributor...with wines from the Central Coast area of California

Brander Sauv Blanc 2008.. pretty melon and fig on the nose, and some body... one of the wines that does not really have a type... but showing fruit well/

Queen Of Hearts Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2008  a little green on the nose and palate.. stainless steel.. not too ripe fruit.. a little boring

Queen of Hearts Merlot Santa Barbara 2005 going to be 07.. fruity nose and juicy... a touch of tobacco and spice on the finish.. surprising because more often the chards in this price point are better than reds.

Lucas and Lewelling Syrah 2005.. wanting it to be more rhone style.. there was some body and iron but just didnt turn the corner.. a weak mid palate but good acidity on the back

Lucas and Lewelling Cabernet 2005 Valley View Vineyared  good color, pretty steak sauce aromas... lots of up front fruit... a little softer finish than hoping for but a nice bottle of wine.

lisa pyrczak with ravenswood/ major brands

Big River Zinfandel Alexander Valley 2007 a little more brett on the nose nice soft fruit and a little more heat on the palate.

Barricia Zinfandel Sonoma 2007... fruity juicy lovely a little quick on the finish but a nice glass of wine
Teldeschi Zinfandel 2007  alcohol in the nose and palate.. lots of mid palate flavors... coffee and briar on the finish
Belloni Zinfandel 2007 soft, not as briary as others.. boysenberry and mocha
Ravenswood Icon Sonoma 2006 a blend of black grapes.. carignane,petite sirah etc.. a little more austere than last time I tried the vintage... but still showing good fruit.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Santa Carolina Chilean wines/ glazers Steve Ewing

Santa Carolina Sauv Blanc 2009... first wine tried in a while...sweet nose of flowers and grass... a nice cross between New Zealand and French SB soft finish

Santa Carolina Chardonnay 2009.. a touch vegetal on the nose, some fruit on the dryish bitter finish.. all stainless steel
Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon 2008  also a touch vegetal on the nose which seems to be a trend for this winery... a little cherry fruit onthe dirty earthy finish

Nimbus Estate Sauv Blanc 2009... a slight vegetal nose but interesting sweet jalapeno on the finish... lots of length.
Finca el Origen Malbec 2009... some of the earthiness of argentina... more bordeaux like in its composition. the fruit is much more restrained and subtle...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

mike dorsey with golden barrel

Milbrandt Merlot Traditions 2007 COlumbia Valley light purple in color, a bit of an alcohol nose, dark fruit on the palate with just a touch of bitter on the finish.. first wine of the day though sometimes has this tendency

Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise Paso Robles 2007 zinfandel 95 and petite sirah 5 %... briary nose, juicy on the palate... a little weird on the label but kinda fun

Tommasi Fiorato Recioto 2004 dessert wine from the Valpolicella region... made of Corvina and other indigenous grapes... round and mouthfilling.. grapey? and yet not cloyingly sweet.. a softer dessert wine than you would find from other regions..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Terra Firma

Bordeaux mostly from 2005...mostly not showing well the second day having been opened.

Chateau Saint Genes Cotes de Blaye 2005 french stink..which all of them had the same first aromas... makes me wonder about the authenticity.. if they were all the same and bottled differently. but this one was a little rounder and more fruit showing..nice finish

La Marquise du Chateau Tour Blanche 2005 stinky with light body and nice enough juice. quick finish

Chateau Laubes...stinky nose, mid palate stronger but quick finish.. getting a little old

Chateau Haut Mouleyre Bordeaux more pleasant on the palate... mocha and red berry with a soft finish

Chateau Guerry french dull stink, light body, light finish with a little spice.. all of the wines were value wines. none over $10 my cost

Wilson Daniels portfolio tasting/Garco

Tardieu-LaurentImage of Tardieu-Laurent via SnoothDomaine LeFlaive Puligny Montrachet 2007 rich and luxurious on the palate.. light golden yellow in the glass.. lots of mid palate action... but for $100 it better

Tardieu Laurent Cotes du Rhone Les Becs Fin 2008 dark purple.. a touch of stemminess... chocolate and mocha... lush.. nice the nose definitely does not do the wine justice.. had been open for a short time

Domaine Phillipe and VIncent Jabolet Croze Hermitage Nouvelere
2006 earthy nose, good grip on the palate.. lots of action in the middle.. roasted coffee..

Tardieu Laurent Chateauneuf Vielles Vignes 2006 a touch rust around the edges,.. jucy mouth filling.. needs more time to open up.. but there were a lot of flavors exploding on the palate
Ceretto Monsordo 2004 a super piedmont that didnt do it for me.. cab merlot and nebb... lots of italian stink.. almost ammonia...

Ceretto Zonchera Barolo 2005 light garnet color, some cedar .on the nose, surprisingly soft but it had been open for a day. good grip or texture too...
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Excelsior Wines with Peter de Wet/ Amy Halloran/ Major Brands

Excelsior Chardonnay 2009 good expression of fruit. a little bit of a bitter ending but overall pleasant

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 a touch of sulfur on the nose, but bright red fruit on the palate.. really good color and good finish... in the store soon...

Excelsior Shiraz 2007... the winner of this group.. nose of a rhone red.. good acidity and a touch of pepper.. again nice extraction of color..

a value based wine from South Africa.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

maison marques and domaines

First wine tasted in a long time between trip and tooth extraction.

Scharffenberger Brut NV green apples and a hint of cinnamon. 2/3 pinot noir, pleasant mousse and malo on the finish for a smoother finish.

Domaine Ott Les Domaniers Rose... a true french provencial rose, soft red fruits on the nose, very robust mid palate for a rose, and fine finish

Marc Bredif Vouvray 2007... some acidity, not a lot, maybe a product of climate change, a little warmer in the Loire so the grapes lose some of their nervoisity.

Delas Cotes du rhone 2008 not the bomb that 07 was but still a nice drink... good fruit and long finish for the money

Querciabella Camartina 2006... nose typica, or typical for the region, italian stink.. a sangiovese and cabernet blend.. lots of exploding flavors in the mouth.. mocha, dried fruit, round and lush

Marques de Murrietta Rioja Reserva 2005 spanish earthy on the nose, aged in american oak which comes out with the sweet vanilla notes.. good grip on the palate..and nice finish..

Marques de Murrieta Gran Reserva 2001 tempranillo and manzuela.. american oak, a touch of sherry or maderization.. not for off

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eric Solomon wines./ Major Brands Cellar Selections

Novellum Chardonnay 2009 tropical fruit on the nose,not as sweet on palate... left on Viognier lees... mostly stainless. pleasant wine

Cuatro Pasos Rosado Bierzo 2009 strawberry pop looking and some strawberry on the palate... definitely fruity but not sweet... a little minerality on the finish

Epelt Corali Rosado Emporda 2009.. a new spanish region to me... lots of upfront fruit and red berry... pretty

Cuatros Pasos Bierzo red 2007 tar and earth on the nose, juicy... a little blunt on the finish though

Castano Monastrell Yecla 2009 100 % monastrell and delightfully gorgeous wine

Sierra Salinas MO... disappointment to me... monastrell, garnache and cab blend... young smelling nose, soft finish... not overwhelmed

Lafage Cote Est red.. 2008... loved their white, liked the red... juicy and pleasant but not outstanding

Capcanes Mas Donis.. 2007... fleshy, juicy and lots of layers of flavors year in and year out a winner

Sotorrondero 2008.. a touch of stink on the nose, and just a beautiful wine on the palate... a little rich and round.. perfect for fall

Verdes matas Mencia 2007 a little light color, dark earthy nose, not much fruit on the finish

Vendimio from Cote de Ventoux
Regain.. grenache syrah 2008 pretty raspberry up front, nice wine with a quick finish

Imagine.. dark color, 50/50 grenache and syrah a little more iron/iodine from the syrah, the wine is more intense on the palate , a little hot on the finish.

Amadeus 2007 coffe and mocha, beautiful juicy mouth filling., dark roasted coffee on the finish

Pruno Ribero del Duero 2008.. i usually like the wine from this region.. predominately tempranillo.. this bottling had an intense smell of tomato sauce bordering on Heinz 57... light color in the glass and light texture...

Prestige Wines/Garco

Lucien Albrecht Cremant d'Alsace Rose NV pinot noir based... earthy, mineral and light red fruits on the nose, a little strawberry , pleasant mousse and soft finish

Rutini Chardonnay 2008 Argentina very heavy for a chard.. lots of ML and some oak going on.

Rutini Merlot 2006... one of the best merlot I have tried in a long time... nice color, good ripeness and some layers of flavors..

Rutini Malbec 2007.. very fruity, jammy maybe a bit one note though.. good sipping wine

Apartado Rutini 2004 to set apart is the translation... this wine is only made in great vintages.. dark color, fruit and vanilla on the nose, Malbec, Cab and Merlot blend.. almost like a syrah at the end with the iron and minerality... very supple and long lasting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gary Schlem with Palm Bay /Glazers

Mont Gras Sauvignon Blanc 2009... grassy, herbal and pretty much one note wine.

Mont Gras Chardonnay 2009 lots of ml and toasty nose, over the top so... kind of acrid on the tongue... not very subtle

Mont Gras Carmenere the national grape of chile, unofficially, cherry fruit.. bright acidity, light cedar. kind of clunky though

Mont Gras Cabernet Sauvignon.. best of the bunch by far.. juicy and ripe, not over the top with flavors.. very fruit forward..nice finish with some tobacco and earth...

El Portillo Malbec Argentina nice acidity, good fruit.. good value for malbec.. fruit forward

Salentein Reserve Malbec Argentina huge color, not very complex wine but enjoyable.. ends with a cough drop finish...

Mondori Asti NV pretty melon and soft mousse... an expensive Asti but worth the money

Aperol.. an aperitve from Italy... made with herbs and spices... a lighter version of Compari.. mixed with a sparkling wine there is an Orange to Grapefruit aroma wheel going... smells like Orange Slices candy... a nice summer refresher... if you like orange... try with a prosecco not a sweeter wine like Asti though

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kym Tolley/ Penley Estates

Yes, Kym is a man. Australian.. heritage with wine his mother was a penfold before she married.

2008 Penley Estate Pinot Noir... lack luster one of the bunch... dark color.. lots of lush fruit but no way to tell it was Pinot except on the label.

2008 Penley Estate Phoenix Cab Sauvignon ..dark color and bright fruit.. long and luxurious finish for the money

2007 Penley Estate Hyland Shiraz... very nice shiraz not over the top like some can be...fruit bombs... nice layers to this wine

2007 Penley Estate Condor Shiraz/Cab... cab seems to come through on the nose, with a little iodine and shiraz character.

2005 Penley Estate Reserve Shiraz juicy, fleshy and pretty cedar...

2004 Penley Estate Reserve Bordeaux my first whiff said steak house, cedar seems to be prevalent through the wines... fruit may be not showing to well but lots of tannin...

In this heat I have noticed that the red wines the last few days are just not being able to shine... the acidity is dampened and all I have been tasting is fruit...little nuance

Thursday, July 22, 2010

breggo wines with jp gilmore/vintegrity

Breggo Pinot Grigio 2009 surprisingly petrol, aromatic...would be accused of being Alsace expect for the viscosity of the wine.. nice finish

Breggo Gewurztraminer 2009.. may be the weakest of the whites... aromatics of a gewurz but missing some of the nutty quality.. quick finish

Breggo Chardonnay 2008// from the savoy vineyards.. toasty oak nose that carries through to the finish.. nice ml intergration... much like the Leeuwin but for half the cost...

Breggo Pinot Noir 2008 anderson valley fruit... lots of upfront front..but you aren't hit over the head with it like the Patz... very nice.. a little woodsy, mushroomy on the end.

wine with andrew from bommarito

LucienCrochet Sancerre 2007 fresh lemony nose, nice acidity and fruit on the palate...pretty wine
longish finish and good minerality.. great food wine

Jaspi Coca I Fito.. spanish Montsant.. 2007... usually like this blend of carignan and grenache but this wine even though having a good purple sheen.. fruit wasnt as extracted as it looked.. light finish

Patz and Hall Sonoma Coast 2008 pretty garnet color, dried fruit on the nose and palate... typical cali pinot..not very subtle...

ridge with dan buckler/glazer

2008 Geyserville.. from a shorter vintage with small yields.. still delivers a lot of flavor and high alcohol but not on the tongue...08 and 09 are drought years for cali

2008 Ridge Three Valleys soft and easy drinking... good value for ridge

2007 Ridge Lytton Springs.. wine of the day... juicy lush...beautiful nose of pepper and brush.. lush mouthfeel..

2006 Ridge Santa Cruz Estate Cabernet tight tight and tight... purple and tannins... needs time

2007 Ridge Zinfandel. young vine property.. color is purple bordering on brown.. juicy.. now overpowering

2007 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel a touch sherry on the nose, not sure if the bottle is showing as well as it should

2006 Montebello cinnamon and spice on the nose, lush and smooth...dark fruit long finish..nice but very pricey

Leeuwin Estates with Chris Rowe/Garco

A premier estate from Australia's Margaret River.. my favorite appellation in Australia I think.

Leeuwin Estate Siblings Sauv Blanc/Semillon 2006... what should have been an old wine was still young and vibrant... dry style... lots of mineral some of the fruit may have faded a little...just too old for the store.

Leeuwin Estate Artist Series Riesling... petrol and bone dry.... not my style and a little old again for the store...althought these are current releases they tell me

Leeuwin Estate Prelude Chardonnay 2006 I was blown away when they said it was 100% new oak... because you get a little hint but nothing like you expect from a cali version. the thing that works is light malolactic fermentation.

Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay Artist Series 2005 very well integrated wine... you can see why its in the top 100 spectator...terrific finish and price...over $80 on the shelf

Leeuwin Estate Siblings Shiraz 2004... again.. way to old to sell but I wouldnt turn down a glass of this if offered...lots of southern rhone style with juicy dark fruit.. nice

Leeuwin Estate Artist Series 2006 white pepper on the nose, provence flowers.. juicy and no where near over the top like most Barossa shiraz can be... beautiful wine.

Monday, July 19, 2010

wine with andrew adams/bommarito

LeitzImage of Leitz via Snooth

Leitz Out. German Riesling 2009..from the Rheingau region of germany...lots of stone fruit up front.. nice viscosity and long finish of sweet fruit.

Steele Chardonnay Steele Cuvee 2008 California... tropical fruit on the nose, sweet and just enough of a light oaky touch at the end... from the man who made Kendall Jackson Chardonnay the top seller it is.

Cetamura Colitbouno Chianti 2008.. definite Italian stink on the nose, medium-light body... some dried cherry fruit, quick finish.

Carr Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Napa ... pretty pencil lead and dark fruits on the nose , a good bargain for the fruit from this region. sweet fruit on the nose and finish.. not a killer wine but very good for the money.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Valckenberg tasting at Trio with Missouri Beverage

A new german supplier for Missouri Beverage.. this supplier had been represented in the market by a smaller distributor who only carried only a few of their products.

Saarsten Pinot Blanc 2006 n and round and holding up for a few vintages old.

Undone Riesling a cute label but the riesling doesnt really deliver

Undone Pinot Noir.. germany is thelargest european producer of Pinot Noir...the cool climate helps keep the grape from getting over ripe... the undone is pretty in the nose and has some grip to it...

JJ Prum Gracher Spatlese.. prettiest wine of the evefning.. and most expensive...

Maxim ...didnt right enough to know.. but it had a LOT of petrol...i was told a byproduct of the mosel.. but have had other mosel no were near that. this was almost on the scale of Alsace.

Valckenberg Dornfelder.. the german answer to Beaujolais... if they needed an answer... a little sweet.. aromas of tin and banana... not quite ripe...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mike Mathis with Terra Firma

2008 Prahova Valley reserve Chardonnay light, a touch of vanilla and stone fruits but pretty boring

2007 Chateau du Ragon White Bordeaux... herbal grassy and a little over the hill

2008 Sole Cabernet Sauvignon ...strong nose of tar and dark fruits, a full bodied wine for the price, not vegetal at all

2007 Chateau du Ragon Bordeaux red.. french stink..a little on the light side.. soft finish

2008 Studio Pinot Noir gren nose, light and uninteresting

2008 Prahova Reserve Merlot ..juicy, soft, not green or vegetal either.. nice texture in the glass

Karma Chardonnay 2009 a slight asparagus nose, pleasant and light with no oak... light finish.

Tariquet wines with Julien Ducos/JJ Gazzolli Imports

Tariquet Classic 2009 Ugni Blanc/ Colombard blend.. light and mineral with a surprisingly long finish.

Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc 2009... very linear and uninteresting wine... none of the attributes of a Sauv Blanc...from the south of france

Tariquet Chardonnay 2009 mineral, fresh a little creaminess from the lees content.. but overall very light.

Tariquet 3 star Armagnac mocha, orange and surprisingly not too hot... pretty

Tariquet VSOP orange and mocha with a sweet start and long finish...

Tariquet XO floral and smooth nose, long finish of citrus and orange...

Monday, July 12, 2010

craig with pinnacle

Siduri Rosella's Vineyard Santa Lucia 2008 soft..dark berry flavors...pretty wine

Novy 4 Mile Creek North Coast 2008.. a nebbiolo/zin/syrah/viognier.. dark purple color, juicy.. quick finish..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scott Lloyd with Frank Family /Major brands

Frank Family VineyardsImage of Frank Family Vineyards via Snooth

Frank Family Chardonnay Napa 2008 self described as liquid creme brulee with vanilla, cinnamon and texture.. a little hot on the finish but nice.

Frank Family Reserve Chardonnay Carneros 2007.. lots of charm in the bottle. rich but a minerality that makes a nice wine.

Frank Family Pinot Noir Napa 2008... mushroomy nose, some dried fruits.. garnet in color and a long finish

Frank Family Cabernet Napa 2006 offsetting nose of stinky feet , soft tannin and juicy, quick finish.. a little disappointing for the money

Frank Family Napa Zin 2006... soft bordeaux style of zinfandel... pleasant and very drinkable.. but like the peggy lee song, " Is that all there is?" good starter zin though
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peter cargasacchi/brian loring /pinnacle

Loring Wine CompanyImage of Loring Wine Company via Snooth

One of the fun times is meeting legendary wine makers...Peter and Brian both make interesting wines mostly from the santa barbera and point north to Paso Robles.

2008 Point Concepcion Chardonnay ... round fruit from the sunshine but acidity and crispness.

2009 Point Concepcion Rose of Pinot Grigio.. made in the style of Northern Italian pinot grigio... keep on the skins for longer than usual the pinot grigio picks up a pretty pink color. rounder than most rose but still crisp enough for summer days

2008 Point Concepcion Syrah.. beautiful nose of meat and earth and roses... a little quicker on the finish than I hoped for but great while it lasted

this vintage the Loring wines were labeled with posts from each of the vineyard sites used.

Loring Shea Vineyards Willamette 2008 ..big bright fruit.. mocha and dusty on the finish... pretty

Loring Russell Vineyard 2008 from a warmer region than most pinot is grown in, this was all about big beefy flavors that would ho;d their own against a steak.

Loring Rossela Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands.. soft supple fruit, pretty flavors

Loring Naylor Dry Hole 2008 named for his 5 attempts to drill a well for the vineyard sites. lots of spice and juicy red fruit.. a soft finish...
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Monday, June 14, 2010

misc. wines for monday

Rodolfo Pinot Noir Argentina 2009 good color with a touch of rust, fruity nose but the palate is all earth and tobacco.. little if any fruit still it wasnt a vegetal mess like I thought it would be.

Mas Des Bressades Costieres de Nimes... syrah and grenache..2008. beautiful nose of cedar, tobacco and vanilla. sweet fruit al the way through... a touch of iodine

those wines from Gazzolli and Ron DiGiovanni

from Craig Rohner and Pinnacle
2009 Wine by Joe Pinot Gris.. crisp, light and very sipable

2008 Flying Ace Riesling Mosel... sweet and boring

2009 Errazuriz Sauv Blanc Chile grassy and herbal, nice enough

2006 Fattoria del Cerro Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ... always a good value wine, a little less earthy than the other Sangiovese wines from this part of the world. good food wine for sure

2007 Audelssa Tephra Sonoma Valley garnet, cedar and vanilla on the nose... nice acidity and fruit but nothing overly exciting about it... may be my palate..
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tercos Winery/ Patricio Santos/ JJ Gazzolli

Ricardo SantosImage of Ricardo Santos via Snooth

I have to say I have been learning my spanish lately... today I sampled a wine called Tercos which means stubborn... and even though it sort of is a critter wine because it has a mule on it... I was impressed with the quality of this value argentine wine.

Tercos Torrontes 2009... pink grapefruit.. floral, not nearly as sweet as the Altos I had the other day..more of a food wine

Tercos Bonarda 2007.. earthy nose, juicy, soft tobacco on the finish..

Tercos Malbec 2007 a little bing cherry fruit but lush tannin

Tercos Sangiovese 2008... fruit italian sangiovese markers of saddleleather and tar..

Ricardo Santos El Malbec Las Madras Vineyard 2008 earthy nose, soft silky tannin, lush... very enjoyable wine for the money.
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Well Oiled Wines from Argentina/Golden Barrel/Sebastian Barboza

Altas Cumbres Torrontes 2009 sweet nose, almost muscat like.. a little bitter on the cantalope rind..

Henry LaGarde Reserve Viognier 2009 no viognier nose, subtle sweet on the palate but not very interesting

Altas Cumbres Malbec (Altos Cumbres means Tall Peaks) a touch green on the nose and palate..strawberry and red fruit on the light finish

Altas Cumbres Cabernet dark color and flavors of bing cherry and raspberry... interesting

Henry LaGarde Reserve Malbec 2008 dark color, pretty fruity nose, a little heat bodied with a quickish finish

Henry LaGarde DOC single vineyard Malbec 2007..juicy wine with a rich mocha long finish... nice

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Familia Zuccardi with Leandro Lowu/Major Brands

Santa JuliaImage of Santa Julia via Snooth

Santa Julia Pinot Grigio 2009... not many Argentine PG and this may show why... light, and quick finish... torrontes if much better

Santa Julia Organica Chardonnay 2008 a touch of tropical fruit, stainless steel only... good acidity.. '
Santa Julia Reserva Malbec 2008 bright purple iin the glass but green on the nose and palate... to be reserva in Argentina it must be in container at the winery for an extra year either in glass or bottle..

Zuccardi Q Malbec 2007 Q stands for Quality.. rich nose of fruit and mocha with a little green herbal character on the palate.. good acidity

Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2005... winner of the tasting.. purple in the glass. from some of the oldest Tempranillo plantings in Argentina.. dill cedar on the nose, rich deep flavors of dark fruits on the long finish

Zuccardi Zeta 2006 the flagship for the company.. rich and silky on the approach... the soft tannins are sometimes too soft... dark fruits on the finish but those people looking for a big tannic finish would be disappointed
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erin adams with glazer

Otago Region within New ZealandImage via Wikipedia

Mohua Pinot Gris Central Otago New Zealand 2009 crisp, mineral, lemon and lime... light

Mohua Riesling Central Otago New Zealand 2007... nothing like an older riesling to show off Diesel, slate.. soft fruit but quick finish

Mohua Sauv Blanc 2009... a smoother version of New Zealand S.B. more grassy than grapefruit, not overly potent on the nose

Mohua Pinot Noir Central Otago, New Zealand 2008 one of the most beautiful noses I have smelled in a while, roses and earth and dried fruits but unfortunately the finish didnt match..
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Spirit Tasting with Chris Straatmann/Missouri Beverage

Tobermory with seven hundred people, the large...Image via Wikipedia

Deanston 12yr Unchill Filtered...nose of honey and heather..very scotch.. vanilla and orange zest over the alcohol... unchill filtered where they do not chill the wine to make particulates drop out.. leaves more of the guts of the product... fuller flavor

Tobermory 10 yr from the Isle of Mull... some salty air... no peat used though.. definitely more body than the Deanston

Tobermory 15 yr. finished in Olorosso Cask, giving it a slight sweet finish. it literally took my breath away when I smelled it the first time. lots of alcohol on the nose..

Bunnahabhain 12 yr Grassy and peaty and a little chunky

Bunnahabhain 18 yr.. darker yellow and much smoother

Bunnahabhain 25yr amazingly smooth and generous... for 250 or so it should be this good

Ledaig 10 yr Isle.... wow this smells like a smoking chimney..bandaid and iodine.. deep color... not for the faint of heart

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

carey with appellations

spann "betsy backacher" white 2009 white blend of semillon and chardonnay, round from the sem and a little tropical fruit but overall not very interesting for the money

spann "betsy backacher" red 2008 interesting spicy nose, some pepper and spice on the palate,, starts a little green but that goes away quickly...

Elizabeth Spencer Syrah 2006 Sonoma... strange wine with welch grape fruit overtones on the palate... some heat on the finish... expected way more.

also tried from Missouri Bev
a sparkling malbec that reminded me of a sparkling shiraz... lots of strange texture and weird tannin that sparkled...not a fan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

chris rowe Old Bridge Cellars/Garco

Hazard Hill Sauv Blanc/ Semillon Australia 750 melon and soft.... interesting label

d'Arenberg Hermit Crab Viognier/Marsanne green olive on the nose, viscous and pleasant.. will taste better next few years.

Penly Highland Coonawarra Shiraz 2006 cola and oak on the nose, too much oak for me... missing something, maybe fruit...

Penley Cabernet Sauvignon Phoenix 2008.. light cab nose, bright fruit, acidity... red fruit on the long finish... pretty wine

Shoofly Shiraz 2009 Inky purple, juicy a touch hot...dark berry flavors..

Monday, May 24, 2010

craig with pinnacle

Lafond Lirac Blanc 2009 grenache blanc and roussanne and viognier... light golden color and very viscous. blunt flavors that are to me indicative of this type of blend. a little baked banana at the end... kind of blunt.

Lafond Tavel Rose. 2009 mostly grenache rose, fruity nose. strawberry in color and in flavors...a slight mineral finish.

Domaine Nicolas Boiron Cotes duRhone 2007. dark purple color, and fruits, a nice rhone finish for the vintage but there are so many already..

Chateau Recougne Bordeaux Superiore 2006 light purple in color, french stink on the nose, mostly merlot, some red fruit on the finish but a slight bit tart and uninteresting overall.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

robert noecker with garco

PlungerheadImage of Plungerhead via Snooth

Gainey Riesling Santa Ynez 2008 tropical fruit nose, if someone asked me what grapes tasted like i would have given them a little of this, white peach...and a somewhat dullish finish

La Vendimia Rioja 2008 . 100% tempranillo, soft earthy nose, some spice med bodied, and not really interesting... boring almost.

Serego Alighieri Toscana 2005 a IGT, traditional nose of this region of Italy.. roses and dirt, sangiovese, canniolo and Ciliegiolo a underused wine type... had a nice finish and pleasant enough but a little old for a new placement on the shelf.

plungerhead dry creek old vine zinfandel 2007... beautiful, rose floral nose with what I thought was shiraz bacon fat but raspberry, very nice... have tasted this before and didnt remember liking it as much as i do.
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kristina thomas with Phelps Creek Winery/Missouri Beverage

Hellfire White a blend of a lot of white wine grapes, maybe too many, very hard to get a handle and one flavor but the overall effect is pleasant... funny label with a picture of Billy Sunday prohibitionist crusader on the label...

Phelps Creek Gewurztraminer Columbia Gorge, reminds one of pink grapefruit..not overly ickly sweet and viscous as some Gewurz can be. pleasant acidity, quick finish

Phelps Creek Estate Chardonnay oaky nose, but pretty well balanced overall... a quick finish seems to be the hallmark for this producer...short finish

Phepls Creek(on purpose misspelled) Le Petit Pinot Noir a wine made in the carbonic maceration method which usually leaves me cold because of the aromas of tin and banana, but this wine is light, pleasant and overall a great summer wine...not heavy but truly varietal.

Phelps Creek Becky's Pinot Noir ... i really liked the texture of this wine, a little chewy and strong flavors in the mid palate..much more than at the end.

Mt Defiance Brimstone Red, the red counterpart to the hellfire... pretty purple red coloring, juicy with lots of dark fruit upfront but again the finish left me wanting more.

Four Graces with Rebecca M Oliver/Major Brands

Four Graces is a winery in Oregon
Pinot Gris Dundee Hills 2008 a soft sweeter version of Pinot Gris.. a long finish though..if somewhat boring

Pinot Blanc Dundee Hills 2009 was expecting some more roundness from this crisp, mineral filled wine... more on the line of what oregon pinot gris is like...

Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2007 a hard vintage, but they picked late, lighter style, some earth and mushroom, dark berry fruits... quick finish

Reserve Pinot Noir Dundee Hills 2006 light brownish red,richer riper vintage, plummy and raspberry...nice fruit and finish...

Eric Solomon with Juan Guardia/Major Brands

Artazuri Rosada Navarra 2008 grenache rose, light rusty salmon color, dried fruit on the nose, not a lot of guts, maybe getting a little long in the tooth... soon will be the 09

l'hortus Bergerie Blanc, Val de Montferrand 2008 viognier/marsanne/roussanne blend, very much the viognier on the nose, golden yellow color, creamy and tropical fruit... a little lemony

Chateau Pesquie Terrasses 2008 earthy nose, not as much fruit as the o7. more traditional nose to the rhone. more subtle not the fruit bomb glycerin styled wine that last year was...which is ok...typicity

Sabon Chapelle de Maillac Lirac 2007 an inexpensive version of chateauneuf, but this wine is a little disjointed and rough around the edges... a few of the markers of the region but all knees and elbows..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gerard Bertrand with Mark Fine/Bommarito

A negotiant buyer of wine from the south of france.

Cremant de Limoux 2007 a blend of chard, chenin and Mauzac an indigenous grape from Limoux region. light soft mousse and pleasant sparkler...made in the methode champenoise style but a slightly dull finish

Pinot Noir 2007 soft nose, light red berry flavors.. interesting high notes but a little rustic on the finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 light, soft and uneventful

Corbieres 2006 a blend of Syrah and Mourvedre... earthy dark fruit nose, nice fruit on the palate with a quick finish of bing cherry

Minervois 2006 oldest appellation in the world with wine dating back to the 5th century. carignan instead of mourvedre... softer prettier and more approachable than the Corbieres.

Pic St Loup 2005 soft sweet fruit on the nose and a little dull on the palate.. maybe aging fast.. some dust and red fruit on the finish.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

schug wine with ben gillette/pinnacle

2008 Schug Sauvignon Blanc a creamier version of s.b. fig and smooth not overly herbacious or grapefruit, a nice middle ground.

2008 Schug Sonoma Coast Chardonnay.. a non oak version.. lots of bright fruit acidity green apple, little if any ml

2008 Schug Carneros Chardonnay barrel fermented and the toasty oak nose proves that. acidic..and not as buttery on the finish as you think. would have liked a little more on the middle but overall a nice chard

2007 Schug Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.. following the same program of no oak.. mostly fruit.made with mostly dijon clones, a little herbal on the palate...not heavy at all

2007 Schug Carneros Pinot Noir made with french and hungarian oak. soft and easy, a pretty pinot noir, made from mostly pommard clones which produce a darker berry.. was expecting a little more earth on the nose

2006 Schug Cabernet pretty soft tannins, more of a right bank style even though it is predominately cabernet. soft and easy tannin, which seems to be a consistent remark throughout my notes. very pretty finish... with cherry being the predominate stand out fruit.
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winebow with chris triddell /glaziers

featuring predominately italian wines
Regaliali Bianco a blend of three indigenous grapes from sicily. A little creamy, a little nutty, good finish with minerals and acidity.

Maiana Salice Salentino Rosso ..sweet anise nose which is not typical to me for the region. rich fruit, no green vegetal ... clean nose.. almost not typical of the region but a good wine

Castello di Bossi Chianti Classico2006 100% sangiovese somewhat astringent, not smooth.. classic nose for chianti of saddle leather and earth... defintitely needs food

Poggio al tesoro mediterra igt 2008 igt means not accepted for a region name but indicitive of the grapes grown there.. this is mostly syrah,, nice blend with cab and merlot.. long rich finish.. coffee on the finish.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Marquee wines with Christopher Cribb/JK Wines

Clemen Vinho Verde 2008 a sweet juicy nose, with a sweet tart start but calms down to a smooth finish.. great example of porch pounder

Quattro Leoni Monferatto Bianco a blend of blend of Cortese, Chard and Sauv Blanc. gold yellow color and just a little off on the nose,, and dull on the palate.. will try again'

Quattro Leoni Grignolino a grape indigenous to this area of Piedmont.., only had seen that listed before with Heitz in a port... interesting funky color, a rusty pink...not quite a rose . light body and a little strawberry fruit.. fun bottle

Quattro Leoni Vino Rosso Barbera 2007... rusty purple..more sangiovese in style... earth and cherry.. rustic harsh finish... not a lot of fruit.

Old Hands Monastrel 2006 port/madeira nose.. somewhat juicy , more in a ripasso style.. stinky and not as fruit forward as I have had from other monastrell (mourvedre) in the store.

Caligore Malbec 2009 green nose from youth but will show better as it gets some age... juicy and hints of coffee and mocha on the finish. nice for the money
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Waters of Walla Walla/Appellations

2006 Waters Columbia Valley Cabernet soft tannin on the palate ..wanting a little more fruit.. hoping for a little more character for the money...

2007 Columbia Valley Syrah dark purple in the glass. fruit nose but more about the earth on the palate... not as long a finish as the color would have indicated but a nice drink none the less

2007 Pepperbridge Syrah ... a restrained style of syrah. lots of acidity... may need a lot of time to open up

Epicurean with Sam Temme/Bommarito

The Black ChookImage of The Black Chook via Snooth

A gentleman from Australia... accent and all

Woop Woop Chardonnay 2008 very pleasant if understated wine.. mostly stainless steel so not a lot of oak influence...tropical fruit.. drinkable

Black Chook VMR 2007 Viognier,Marsanne, Roussanne.. the smell of diesel which is interesting because I didnt expect that.. no sweet fruit at all.. drier style of white that I dont really find appealing.

Woop Woop Cabernet 2008 slightly green on the nose, vegetal.. but the fruit and body where really nice.. better finish than start... and usually it is the other way around

Woop Woop Big Woop.. 2008 mostly grenache..again starting off green, then goes bacon.. juicy on the palate..dark red fruits...

Woop Woop Shiraz 2008... typical aussie noe and body...good value for shiraz

Black Chook Shiraz Viognier 2008 loved the mouthfeel...a certain thickness luxurious for the money.. raspberry was the predominate flavor... year in a great wine for the money.. Viognier is added to soften and sweet a little...will be off the next vintage

Riggs The Gaffer Shiraz 2008.dark purple color very full bodied and viscous but the fruit goes away much quicker than I expected... stay with the black chook, which means rooster..
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Alpha DomusImage of Alpha Domus via Snooth

2009 Manu Sauv Blanc.. soft citrus nose, not overly cat pee and bright grapefruit on the palate.. an almost perfect new zealand sb

2008 Huia Sauv Blanc,, how to follow up one Sauv Blanc with another... more astingent and all the bells and whistles of a NZ SB

Alpha Domus Navigator 2006 lots of oak on this one.. some nice juice and acidity but really just a little old for wines that in the same price point are into the 08 if not 09

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jk wines with hoyt

Bauer Gruner Veltliner 2008.... really nice minerality and a touch of citrus.. not a long finish but perfect for the porch pounders.

Burgenland White 2008 a blend of muscat and gewurz.. interesting wine, dry muscat and dry finish.. lots of acidity and not a lot of upfront fruit.

Burgenland Red 2008... a light rusty color, harsh tannins on the roof of the mouth. not a lot going on in this wine.

wine monday with Summers Estate and Jim Summers

Summers WineryImage of Summers Winery via Snooth

Summers LaNude Chardonnay 2008... creaminess from being on lees but no oak... bright fruit

Summers Charbono 2007.. pepper nose, juicy with a slight rhubarb twist. not overly deep in flavor...interesting wine but a little pricey for being unique

Andriana's Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon 2006... cab/merlot/cab franc. I liked the texture a lot.. long finish for the of the bunch.

Petite Sirah Napa 2007... dark color, tight on the palate.. very linear finish.. was expecting more flavor from this wine
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