Friday, January 29, 2010

vintegrity with jp gilmore

Wine from Some Young Punks. colorful label and usually very good wine..

Double Love Trouble 2007 Tempranillo/Cabernet Australia... pretty purple with a tinge of rust, the cab dominates the nose but tempranillo is showing off... expecting more body but not a bad bottle of wine... the label is fun.

Brujeria 2007 South Australia... an interesting label... not for the week of heart..a cab/grenache/temp blend... chunky to start and then smooths out... really pretty wine once you get past the label...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

classique wines with madeline pulley

Castello la leccia chianti classico 2007 a touch rusty around the edges. some leather but nice fruit.. a little cocoa.. nice expression of chianti.. a little thin at the finish though..

Fieldstone Convivio Red Blend Alexander Valley 2005 stinky feet... lots of not over ripe merlot... longish finish but not altogether pleasant...

Red Wire New Zealand 2007 bordeaux style blend that features the cold weather grapes that give good grip and character.. some sweet fruit at the front and nice finish.

Stone Paddock "Scarlet" New Zealand 2007 another blend...not as merlot driven... and more sexier... a little silkier.. pretty finish...bright fruit flavors...

Hardy Vanille Cognac and Vanilla Bean extract... vanilla and orange on the nose, a lot...vanilla overwhelming on the palate...lost all the cognac flavor...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Razor's edge/fetish wines with robert carter and premier cru

Razor's Edge Chardonnay Australia 2007...hints of banana, light and lively? a bit of ML or roundness that may come from the ripe fruit..

Razor's Edge Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Australia a touch green which surprised me with the older vintage... somewhat vegetal not overly so.. soft and light... quick finish

Razor's Edge Shiraz Australia... sweet fruit, nice roundness. not overly complex but drinkable

Fetish Playmates Barossa Valley Shiraz/Grenache/Mataro 2008 sweet nose, sweet label... strong fruit on the mid palate. and then juicy finish... a touch of coffee and roses.. a sweeter version of a cote du rhone... thanks to the abundant sunshine...

Fetish The Watcher Barossa Shiraz 2008... after the great blend I was disappointed with the Shiraz, fruity, not over the top but not very complex or interesting..

Fetish Field of Dreams Barossa Moscato ... a surprising find from Australia.. sweet honeysuckle nose but the fruit is light, airy and not overly sweet... great for a moscato... cute label too.. this will be at our spring fling wine tasting

Fetish The V Spot Viognier.. beautiful aromatics of viognier... lively on the palate and longish finish... very nice minerality... dynamic anime label that will definitely make it stand out...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ironstone, christine andrew and Oak Ridge

Ironstone is located in the Sierra Foothills, they market themselves more for their winery than the wine and after tasting through them again I can see why. Ironstone was known for relatively good value wines back in the day... Obession and Xpression are the two best selling wines they produce .. a little on the sweeter side

Ironstone Reserve Chardonnay 2008...lots of glycerin and oak... tropical fruit. over the top so

Ironstone Old Vine Zin 2008 bing cherry and lots of it. one dimensional fruit... was hoping for more from a old vine property...

Ironstone Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel 2007 missing some depth and flavors... bright fruit but nothing behind it... again expecting more from the vintage and old vine

Christinee Andrew Petite Sirah Lodi 2007 dark color, aromas that remind one of bandaids.. which is not unusual but you would want something else behind it.

Christine Andrew Malbec Lodi 2007 bright fruit... kind of fun but nothing after the first flavors... a little heat too which is not completely unexpected with the appellation

Oak Ridge Winery Cabernet Lodi 2006 pretty purple color, bright fruit, interesting coffee on the finish... easy drinking

Oak Ridge OZV Lodi Zinfandel 2005 Old Zin Vines...garnet and nice fruit...not overly exciting though... dark berry fruits on the finish but quick finish....

Monday, January 25, 2010

wine with pinnacle/craig rohner

Alban Viognier Central Coast 2008 ..central coast.. pretty yellow color, but HEAVY on the with most rhone style wine I would recommend aging for several years. I bet it will be great in 2015. lots of overripe fruit, oak.

Biale Monte Rosso Zinfandel 2007...dark purple, briary, juicy, gritty... jammy...what every one who drinks zin likes... not overly hot or high in alcohol.

Biale Petite Sirah Royal Punishers 2006..big deep purple color and deep purple flavors... teeth staining.. jammy. huge wine...lots of fun not wimpy

Biale was in the market before and the Black Chicken was their big seller for this store... it will be back too

Kamen 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma ...another teeth stainer.. the cork was stained almost black... what a young pup this wine is... big fruit gritty tannins... i am sure this will settle down in about 5 or so years... sweet cedar from the oak... 93 from parker... and I can see why.. he likes the big style

Friday, January 22, 2010

european wine with robert n from garco

Val de L'Ours 2008 Vin d' pay cab and syrah blend... just goes to show you are influenced by what you eat.. having just finished a light salad with mango this wine did not show well. very astingent. not a lot on the nose either... a little barnyard to prove its french.

Ludavicus 2008 D.O. Terra Alta grenache/syrah/temp from a region near Priorat off the Mediterranean coast. clean sexy label and the wine shows the same... clean on the palate.. a bit offputting early nose of iodine and "Off" bug spray but that goes away quickly and you have really nice fruit concentration and long lasting flavors. will be in the corner

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vina Robles /Terra Firma

Sauvignon Blanc 2008 nice soft yellow.. melon and pears... creamy texture... not a new zealand style at all.. very nice food wine

Chardonnay Monterey 2008 a bit hot on the tongue..typical central coast flavors.. touch of oakiness..

Signature 2006 predominately a petite verdot.. with cab and syrah.. wine of the day... dark color.. elegant and silky... lovely finish

2007 Zinfandel Paso Robles Westside... stinky briary nose, too hot and a little vegetal ..hoping for more given the great 07 vintage for zin

Small VIneyards with Jay Hutcheson/Major Brands

Small Vineyards showcases smaller producers in Italy and soon Spain

Trevisiol Extra Dry Prosecco NV original hint of banana.. hint of sweet and minerality.. still a little dull on the finish but nature of the beast I think

Tre Donna Moscato NV some effervesence..not cloyingly sweet.. stone fruits..very pleasant

Marchetti Verdicchio.. 2008.. the nipple wine...thanks to the label.. light yellow, light floral, citrus, and creamy. great alternative to pinot grigio.

La Quercia Montepulciano 08.. a fruit forward style opposed to the wine tried yesterday... organically grown..low yield.. dark color.. a little stinky feet but lots of fruit on the palate.. no vegetal...very ncie..

Parazzeta Sara Rosso Toscano 2008 sangiovese with cilliagolo (sp) cherry nose, one dimensional... earth saddle leather nose...not terribly interesting

Sanguineti ChiantiDOCG 2007 traditional sang.nose, juicy soft red fruit and a hint of licorice.. nice

Sanguineti Brunello 2003 beautiful nose of earth and roses. mouthfilling and delicious.. supple and really not as fruit forward as I thought the 03 would be...heat wave year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gilbert cellars in washington

Gilbert Chardonnay 2008 Wahluke Slope light yellow color, toasty oak on the nose, and way too much of it on the palate.. astringent some green apple but too much oak otherwise

Allogroges a blend of Mouvedre, syrah and Grenache. 2007 a blend i usually like but this bottle was not right.. a little corky on the nose, not as much on the palate but just wasnt showing as well as it could.

Cab Franc 2007.. best of the tasting.. unfined and unfinished...(I think it was unfiltered) floral on the nose and violet and lavender on the palate.. lush and soft supple finish.

Caberent Sauvignon 2007 lots of grit that may have been carry over from the cab franc actually, dark berry flavors, medium bodied, nice finish if unexciting.

Riesling 2007 mineral and stone fruits on the nose, good fruit concentration and mouthfilling...needs food though...not a cocktail wine

Erin Adams with Glazer

My first tasting with Erin who took Ciaran Molloys place

Fairview Viognier SOuth Africa 2006 flinty mineral..not the traditional flowery nose, not much sweet on the palate..reminds me of an alsace wine...just the hints of sweet..may be a little past its tme

leone de castris salice salentino rosso puglia 2007 a touch earthy on the nose, dullish finish..earthy...not a lot of fruit..typical italian red.. leather

Valle Reale Montepulciano d' abruzzo 2008...lots of bing cherry on palate.. one dimensional but not a bad dimension.

Terre Nero d; Avola Sicily2007 dirty nose, med body but needs food.. a lot of italian sausage

Argiolas Costera Sardinia 07 dinky..vegetal.. not ripe...a disappointing effort from the past I have tried..100% Cannanou or Cab Franc

Cline Cool Climate Syrah 2007... some dark fruits, iodine...but not very robust or interesting..

Sixth Sense Syrah 2007 Lodi dark color.. hits all the right buttons.. fruit..iodine..bacon... long inky silky finish

Chris Ringland Shiraz Barossa Valley 2007... some oak..well balanced fruit flavors.. cocoanut on the sweet finish... a little heat but not over the top.. interesting..

Stone Hill Winery/Glazers

The 7th most sold wine in Missouri. Located in Herman Missouri'

Dry Rose 2008? American...mostly grenache from New York state this wine is a light amethyst I think is the stone pink, light fruits on the nose, red berrys, strawberry on the nose and palate,..not bone dry, typical of many of the popular rose from around the world. a little heat on the end but otherwise pleasant.. the question. if i put it in the missouri section or the rose sections?? where would it sell best.

Chambourcin 2007...not in love with this grape.. something of a beaujolais nose to it...some cherry fruit on the palate but the finish is a tad bitter. Trying to be Pinot Noir in style but not quite interesting enough for that.

Traminette Off Dry White Wine 2008 . gewurz nose, pretty honeysuckle..somewhat subdued, a little minerality but a rather dull finish... trying to be two things it doesnt please either

Jacquesse wine line from Stone Hill... appealling to the mogen david drinker.. with a cute jackass on the label.

Kick N' White... no vintage.. smells and tastes like you think grape juice should taste like... surprisingly not cloyingly sweet

Kick N' vintage.. smells and tastes like grape pop..

Kick n"Berry. no vintage.. a fruit wine... lots of fruit flavors going on... strawberry on the nose.. and no apologys for being sweet... a cotton candy finish.. again..not over the top sweet...but definitely sweet enough

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avanti Bob Campbell./Golden Barrel

Villa Grande Prosecco NV of the lightest and freshest proseccos I have tasted. some citrus and spice on the finsh. I think this would be appreciated by brides or people sitting on the porch on a hot summer day
Lapis Luna Chardonnay Monterey 2008... straw yellow ..bright fruit..some ml...unoaked...almost one dimensional though...not a lot of character.
Tapestry Chard Australia 2006 heavy oak notes..citrus not mouthfilling... lemony..dilly
Lapus Luna Romaseca Zinfandel 2005 bing cherry nose, a touch of bacon on the finish.. full mouth and lots of flavor but a little too old for retail. jammy upfront

Monday, January 18, 2010

wine with craig rohner and pinnacle

mostly tasting new vintages of wines that are in the store

2008 Atteca Garnacha the past this wine has been more robust and full bodied... still a nice wine but a lighter style..nice long lasting dark fruit flavors but no big finish.

2008 Velvet Devil Merlot Washington..made by Charles Smith of K Vintners fame..this is a young wine showiing green vegetal flavors that should become better after some time in the bottle. a touch of cocoa on the end..

2008 Vega Sindoa El Chaparral Garnacha Navarra...this was the wine of the day...for the money much better than the Atteca..mouthfilling..ripe and not over the top flavors...

2007 Trentadue Merlot Alexander Valley stinky feet..nice texture on the wine..supple finish.. needs some time to grow up though.. new label

2007 L'Aventure Optimus Paso Robles.. this was the wine I thought would be my fav and it disappointed...even though 5% more syrah than cab the cab comes through. in the nose and syrah influence at all...lots of oak.. and some alcohol on the tongue even though it had only 14.7 alcohol..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

wines with robert noecker/garco

Thousand Oaks Caberent California inexpensive wine that was showing very well for an older vintage. juicy and supple still, not complex by any means...some interesting dust and cherry fruit...supposedly the 06 is what they are actually shipping

Jim Barry The Cover Drive Cab Sauv Australia 2007 stinky feet on the nose, which is often unripe fruit.. vegetal...bright cherry fruit but pretty one dimensional. Barry is a cricket fan many of his wines have cricket terminology as their name

Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz 2007 Clare Valley dark intense purple.. some mint on the nose, ripe juicy fruit.. some grit or texture on the palate... but finishes a little silky.. good compliment to of the best wines I have tried from him to be honest/

Deschaux Napolean Brandy...lots of heat from the alcohol..interesting nose of single malt scotch..maybe heather?? I was hoping for a good inexpensive drinking brandy but it is a nice inexpensive cooking brandy...or spiced brandy hot....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

st michelle wine estates with mark schraeder

Haras de Pirque Carmenere 2007... carmenere the lost grape of bordeaux..thought to be merlot until people stopped drinking merlot?? interesting aroma...dill and cedar that turn a touch medicinal.. may need some more time in bottle

Chateau St Michelle Harvest Select Riesling 2008. almost late harvest.. nice weight on the tongue.. pear and stone fruit on the nose and palate..

Chateau St Michelle Eroica 2008... mineral and stone fruits combined. light body

Antica Chardonnay 2007 traditional california chard

Antica Cabernet 2006 from Atlas Peak area of napa... lush, good grip or tannin... longish finish.

Erath Pinot Noir Estate Oregon 2006... earth and mushroom maybe a little old.. not showing a lot today

Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2005 dusty nose with a hint of cherry.. nice palate texture

Il Bruciato Super Tuscan from Guado Al Tasso 2007... cab with merlot and syrah... dusty.. dry.. lots of texture but in the end.. a little disappointing.

Pali winery with Gary White

A newish winery from Soutern Central Coast. named for the Palisades Park region where it is made, using local names to designate the different regions where the grapes come from.

2008 Alphabets Pinot Noir Willamette Valley.. sourced from several vineyards one being Shea..very tight on the palate..with more mid palate activation... red fruits on the end... i was hoping for more with the early buzz on how wonderful the 08 oregons are. maybe they just need time

2008 Bluffs Pinot Noir Russian River...a tad dark on the palate..tar,leather and dark fruits.. good balance and flavors..

2008 Riviera Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast favorite of the bunch.. dark aromas, dense and earth..lovely dark fruits.. mouth filling..very approachable..

2008 Huntington Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County..from some of the closest to the ocean vineyards in Santa Barbara... rich ripe fruit...very drinkable but not to me as complex as the Riviera..lots of berry flavors.

first wine tasting of the year 2010

I cant believe it has been almost two months since I posted. Between Thanksgiving and New Years it has been an interesting time in the liquor business in KC.

Craig Rohner with Pinnacle
Decero Remolinas Malbec 2007 argentina...juicy and tart for the first wine of the year. In the store for $19. lots of blackberry and raspberry fruit. very supple and mouthfilling

Rabbit Ridge Estate Cab Reserve 2005 Raso Robles...ugly label... very dark in color but lots of oak and not much fruit...disappointing