Monday, October 20, 2014

banfi with christine hodgens/ glazer

San Angelo Pinot Grigio 2013... round smooth and pinot grigio.

PacRim Gruner Veltliner Yakima Valley 2013  a slight sweetness on an othewise dry wine... pleasant acidity... austrian its not but still interesting

PacRim Chenin blanc 2012 Hahn Hills slight banana on the nose, much more rustic in style than I was expecting

Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Cabernet 2010 no typicity here. earthy and dry tannins.. slight cassis on the finish but way more old world in style

Banfi Chianti Classico Reserva 2011 this one not typical either.. not the italian stink on it and fresh red berry fruit... not a problem for me  just surprised

Banfi Brunello de Montelcino 2008  dry grippy tannins with the italian aromas.. good fruit structure.. may be aging just a bit

Le Poiane Valpolicella Ripasso 2011  a ripasso is usually a good price alternative to Amarone.. this one is missing the fruit though texture is there but wheres the beef

Sartori Amarone 2010  a more elegant soft style without the overbearing raisony, good depth on the palate.. slight earthiness and saddleleather.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Misc wines with misc salespeople

2011 chateau beaucastel chateaunteuf  very voluminous.  sensous but not restrained... lots of cherry and red berry... volume volume volume

2012 Treana Red  a blend of Cab and Syrah all kinds of black pepper and coffee notes on the end..
more structured than the Chateauneuf..

Elena Walch David Mcmurdy. bommarito

wines from the alto adige region of italy
once part of the austro hungarian empire so very germanic in appearance

Elena Walch Pinot Grigio 2013  very round nose, you think its going to be more round on the palate but it has lots of acidity.

Gewurztraminer 2013  beautiful nose, spicy, honeyed some clove and spice ... some viscosity but not overly heavy

Schaiva 2013... my first time trying this grape varietal... said to be the lightest skinned red grape.. the term means slovakian because the thought the grape may have originated there  for a light skinned grape it has some complexity.. said to be the winter rose for the locals..

Wilhem Walch Prendo Pinot Noir Dolomiti 2012  darker red than the last red..slightly brickish.. light dried fruit and cranberry... not as earthy as some... good finish

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

josh mott/ appellations

Dante Pinot Gris 2012 California... a little offputting flavors of sauv blanc style.. trying to be grassy but not getting there.
Pozzan Russian River Chardonnay 2012  round on the palate.. candied fruit and tropical flavors..

Dante 2012 Pinot Noir California slight stewed tomato and rhubarb nose, some candied fruit on the dry finish

Pozzan Russian RIver Pinot Noir 2011 mushroom and stewed tomato.. silky tannins though with a soft velvet glove finish

Pozzan Alexander Valley Cabernet 2010  soft cedar and vanilla on the nose moves into the mocha vanilla finish.. good tannin and structure... will be at the fall tasting

Annabelle Platinum Napa 2011  cab with 2% malbec.. silky tannins and tight fruit.. may be a little young to show...was softer than the previous wine even though done in new oak

roche-mere with theo mellion/ trademark wines

Gimmonet-Gonet Champagne le mesnil-sur-oger nv  yeasty, pretty mouth feel, soft mousse.. flowery

Paul Vattan Sancerre 2011  soft grassy, a slight pink grapefruit.. nothing too exciting

Closerie des alisiers chablis vielle vignes 2011  steel fermented and noticeable creamy from the lees

Thierry Nerisson Chinon 2010  cedar and french stink on the nose, may be pushing an age thing, cinnamon and sulphur

Domaine de l'arnesque cotes du rhone 2011  a little medicinal on the nose, bandage gauze and  plastic.. good fruit on the finish but the nose is too offputting

Friday, October 10, 2014

greek wine. ionia

Spiropoulous Mantinia 2012.. moschofilerio mineral, almost like a pop rock flavor on the front.. but dry on the finish.

Centilim Roboa 2013 clean, crisp nice acidity good

Mercouri Kallisto 2013 a blend of whites  reminescent of viognier and moscato.. with a slightly dull finish.

Young Vines Naoussa 2012 a famous wine region of Greece.. cute label...not traditional the wine reminds of young Cotes du Rhone.. crisp on the front slightly green finish

Atlantis Mandolaria 2010  not a fan.. slight medicinal nose, and texture was strange on the palate

Bianco Nero Moscato Sparkling.. soft and easy in cute packaging.. easy sell

atlas imports marquel dougherty major brands

Nomine Renard Brut Champagne  a grower champagne.. non vintage.. 40% chardonnay more minerality and green apple than yeast... pleasant to cut through brie

Urlar Sauv Blanc New Zealand ..urlar means earth in gaelic  dirty sox aromas, round on the finish though...slight pink grapefruit

Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Uco Valley Argentina 2013 interesting choice from argentina the home of torrontes.. the rounder style would make you think it was pinot blanc very so

Piedra Negra Malbec 2012 round. some black pepper and coffee on the back.. pleasant enough

Campo Lindo Tempranillo Spain 2010 soft throughout.. almost innocous

Dosio Vignetti Nebbiolo d'alba 2009  lots of italian stink.. with a little cinnamon coming rhrough the finish// earthy and pertty spices

Monday, October 6, 2014

marian with terra firma

Camp Romain 2011 CDR Grenache blanc/Roussanne/ Viognier/Clairette  soft on the palate with a hint of earth and mineral on the finish... not as viscous or creamy as I was expecting

Clos de Taman CDRV 2012 Syrah andGrenache based. showing its youth.. vibrant but disjointed.. would like a little more fruit on the finish. acidity was fine

Les Genets 2012 CDRV more traditional Cotes du rhone flavors of iron and tar.. but juicy also showing a bit rough

La Argeliers Vacquerays 2012  an almost Chateauneuf blend.. typical flavors and aromas... at half to a quarter of a price of Chateauneuf its a bargain

Balletto with Trademark Nick Frey

Sonoma Oaks a second label for Balletto
2012 Sonoma Oaks Pinot Gris plenty of acidity.. almost sauv blanc in style

2012 Sonoma Oaks Chardonnay aged in barrel.. plenty of viscosity.. pleasant

2012 Sonoma Oaks Pinot Noir California bright fruit on the nose and palate.. dried rhurbarb and cherry on the finish

Balletto Pinot Gris 2012  slight petrol on the nose, but very light and uneventful on the palate

Balletto Unoaked Chardonnay 2013  stainless steel and steely in the mouth.. may be young but just a little too tart for my taste

Balletto Chardonnay 2012 soft oaky nose, up front tannins and pleasant finish.. good but a little pricy for the payoff

Balletto Pinot Noir 2012  cool climate. showing fruit and wood tannin.. but not overly aggressive on the finish.. reminiscent of the Sonoma Oaks finish.. dried mushroomy and earthy too

Thursday, October 2, 2014

stolpman vineyards with peter stolpman/bommarito

Santa Barbara winery

Roussanne  2012  beautiful nose, rich and unctious. ripe with slight tropical fruit. and still pleasant acidity. what california chardonnay drinkers really want

Estate Grown Syrah 2012 minty on the palate.. lots of pretty upper notes...

Originals Syrah 2012 sweet fruit nose, juicy but more northern rhone than the first

Hilltops Syrah 2011.l. what a great expression of california rhone rangers.. from start to finish a winning wine rich and meaty
Angeli 2012 named after the mothers side of the family 100 % syrah sweet iodine but not overpowereing.. elegant

La Croce Sangiovese and Syrah blend.. very juicy.. each one compliments the other.

fess parker major

Epiphany Grenache blanc Santa Barbara co 2012 round and acidity too.. slight mineral  interesting

Fess Parker Chardonnay 2013 100% barrel, barrel barrel  not a shy wine

Riesling 2012 mineral and a slight stone fruit finish..

Parker Station Pinot Noir Central Coast 2013  100 % pinot..good price point. slightly green on the palate. due to youth:?

Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills 2011  dark color and aromas. mushroomy brooding cola and berry on finish

Frontier Red Lot 90  juicy, good body...syrah, merlot, petite sirah  nice meatiness

Big Easy Santa Barbara 2010.. jammy, sleezy luscivious.. lives up to his name

claire with pinnacle

root day.. things didnt taste as fruit forward as I thought

Mas de Boislauzon Cotes du rhone Village 2012 very very rough rustic style a little stemmy

La Cigare Volant Bonny Doon 2010 named for the banned cigar shaped ufo aircraft in the rhone valley, showing a lot like the Boislauzon, mostly the same grapes, was expecting a little more fruity.

Bedrock Old Vine Zin 2013 slight berry.. juicy.. high notes. but not a lot of back palate.. cherry

Bedrock Evangelho Contra Costa 2013  dark color.. zinfandel mostly.. lots of wood tannin

Bedrock Heritage Zinfandel Sonoma 2013  dark fruit and berry.. mouth staining tannin and grit