Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eric Solomon wines./ Major Brands Cellar Selections

Novellum Chardonnay 2009 tropical fruit on the nose,not as sweet on palate... left on Viognier lees... mostly stainless. pleasant wine

Cuatro Pasos Rosado Bierzo 2009 strawberry pop looking and some strawberry on the palate... definitely fruity but not sweet... a little minerality on the finish

Epelt Corali Rosado Emporda 2009.. a new spanish region to me... lots of upfront fruit and red berry... pretty

Cuatros Pasos Bierzo red 2007 tar and earth on the nose, juicy... a little blunt on the finish though

Castano Monastrell Yecla 2009 100 % monastrell and delightfully gorgeous wine

Sierra Salinas MO... disappointment to me... monastrell, garnache and cab blend... young smelling nose, soft finish... not overwhelmed

Lafage Cote Est red.. 2008... loved their white, liked the red... juicy and pleasant but not outstanding

Capcanes Mas Donis.. 2007... fleshy, juicy and lots of layers of flavors year in and year out a winner

Sotorrondero 2008.. a touch of stink on the nose, and just a beautiful wine on the palate... a little rich and round.. perfect for fall

Verdes matas Mencia 2007 a little light color, dark earthy nose, not much fruit on the finish

Vendimio from Cote de Ventoux
Regain.. grenache syrah 2008 pretty raspberry up front, nice wine with a quick finish

Imagine.. dark color, 50/50 grenache and syrah a little more iron/iodine from the syrah, the wine is more intense on the palate , a little hot on the finish.

Amadeus 2007 coffe and mocha, beautiful juicy mouth filling., dark roasted coffee on the finish

Pruno Ribero del Duero 2008.. i usually like the wine from this region.. predominately tempranillo.. this bottling had an intense smell of tomato sauce bordering on Heinz 57... light color in the glass and light texture...

Prestige Wines/Garco

Lucien Albrecht Cremant d'Alsace Rose NV pinot noir based... earthy, mineral and light red fruits on the nose, a little strawberry , pleasant mousse and soft finish

Rutini Chardonnay 2008 Argentina very heavy for a chard.. lots of ML and some oak going on.

Rutini Merlot 2006... one of the best merlot I have tried in a long time... nice color, good ripeness and some layers of flavors..

Rutini Malbec 2007.. very fruity, jammy maybe a bit one note though.. good sipping wine

Apartado Rutini 2004 to set apart is the translation... this wine is only made in great vintages.. dark color, fruit and vanilla on the nose, Malbec, Cab and Merlot blend.. almost like a syrah at the end with the iron and minerality... very supple and long lasting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gary Schlem with Palm Bay /Glazers

Mont Gras Sauvignon Blanc 2009... grassy, herbal and pretty much one note wine.

Mont Gras Chardonnay 2009 lots of ml and toasty nose, over the top so... kind of acrid on the tongue... not very subtle

Mont Gras Carmenere the national grape of chile, unofficially, cherry fruit.. bright acidity, light cedar. kind of clunky though

Mont Gras Cabernet Sauvignon.. best of the bunch by far.. juicy and ripe, not over the top with flavors.. very fruit forward..nice finish with some tobacco and earth...

El Portillo Malbec Argentina nice acidity, good fruit.. good value for malbec.. fruit forward

Salentein Reserve Malbec Argentina huge color, not very complex wine but enjoyable.. ends with a cough drop finish...

Mondori Asti NV pretty melon and soft mousse... an expensive Asti but worth the money

Aperol.. an aperitve from Italy... made with herbs and spices... a lighter version of Compari.. mixed with a sparkling wine there is an Orange to Grapefruit aroma wheel going... smells like Orange Slices candy... a nice summer refresher... if you like orange... try with a prosecco not a sweeter wine like Asti though

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kym Tolley/ Penley Estates

Yes, Kym is a man. Australian.. heritage with wine his mother was a penfold before she married.

2008 Penley Estate Pinot Noir... lack luster one of the bunch... dark color.. lots of lush fruit but no way to tell it was Pinot except on the label.

2008 Penley Estate Phoenix Cab Sauvignon ..dark color and bright fruit.. long and luxurious finish for the money

2007 Penley Estate Hyland Shiraz... very nice shiraz not over the top like some can be...fruit bombs... nice layers to this wine

2007 Penley Estate Condor Shiraz/Cab... cab seems to come through on the nose, with a little iodine and shiraz character.

2005 Penley Estate Reserve Shiraz juicy, fleshy and pretty cedar...

2004 Penley Estate Reserve Bordeaux my first whiff said steak house, cedar seems to be prevalent through the wines... fruit may be not showing to well but lots of tannin...

In this heat I have noticed that the red wines the last few days are just not being able to shine... the acidity is dampened and all I have been tasting is fruit...little nuance

Thursday, July 22, 2010

breggo wines with jp gilmore/vintegrity

Breggo Pinot Grigio 2009 surprisingly petrol, aromatic...would be accused of being Alsace expect for the viscosity of the wine.. nice finish

Breggo Gewurztraminer 2009.. may be the weakest of the whites... aromatics of a gewurz but missing some of the nutty quality.. quick finish

Breggo Chardonnay 2008// from the savoy vineyards.. toasty oak nose that carries through to the finish.. nice ml intergration... much like the Leeuwin but for half the cost...

Breggo Pinot Noir 2008 anderson valley fruit... lots of upfront front..but you aren't hit over the head with it like the Patz... very nice.. a little woodsy, mushroomy on the end.

wine with andrew from bommarito

LucienCrochet Sancerre 2007 fresh lemony nose, nice acidity and fruit on the palate...pretty wine
longish finish and good minerality.. great food wine

Jaspi Coca I Fito.. spanish Montsant.. 2007... usually like this blend of carignan and grenache but this wine even though having a good purple sheen.. fruit wasnt as extracted as it looked.. light finish

Patz and Hall Sonoma Coast 2008 pretty garnet color, dried fruit on the nose and palate... typical cali pinot..not very subtle...

ridge with dan buckler/glazer

2008 Geyserville.. from a shorter vintage with small yields.. still delivers a lot of flavor and high alcohol but not on the tongue...08 and 09 are drought years for cali

2008 Ridge Three Valleys soft and easy drinking... good value for ridge

2007 Ridge Lytton Springs.. wine of the day... juicy lush...beautiful nose of pepper and brush.. lush mouthfeel..

2006 Ridge Santa Cruz Estate Cabernet tight tight and tight... purple and tannins... needs time

2007 Ridge Zinfandel. young vine property.. color is purple bordering on brown.. juicy.. now overpowering

2007 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel a touch sherry on the nose, not sure if the bottle is showing as well as it should

2006 Montebello cinnamon and spice on the nose, lush and smooth...dark fruit long finish..nice but very pricey

Leeuwin Estates with Chris Rowe/Garco

A premier estate from Australia's Margaret River.. my favorite appellation in Australia I think.

Leeuwin Estate Siblings Sauv Blanc/Semillon 2006... what should have been an old wine was still young and vibrant... dry style... lots of mineral some of the fruit may have faded a little...just too old for the store.

Leeuwin Estate Artist Series Riesling... petrol and bone dry.... not my style and a little old again for the store...althought these are current releases they tell me

Leeuwin Estate Prelude Chardonnay 2006 I was blown away when they said it was 100% new oak... because you get a little hint but nothing like you expect from a cali version. the thing that works is light malolactic fermentation.

Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay Artist Series 2005 very well integrated wine... you can see why its in the top 100 spectator...terrific finish and price...over $80 on the shelf

Leeuwin Estate Siblings Shiraz 2004... again.. way to old to sell but I wouldnt turn down a glass of this if offered...lots of southern rhone style with juicy dark fruit.. nice

Leeuwin Estate Artist Series 2006 white pepper on the nose, provence flowers.. juicy and no where near over the top like most Barossa shiraz can be... beautiful wine.

Monday, July 19, 2010

wine with andrew adams/bommarito

LeitzImage of Leitz via Snooth

Leitz Out. German Riesling 2009..from the Rheingau region of germany...lots of stone fruit up front.. nice viscosity and long finish of sweet fruit.

Steele Chardonnay Steele Cuvee 2008 California... tropical fruit on the nose, sweet and just enough of a light oaky touch at the end... from the man who made Kendall Jackson Chardonnay the top seller it is.

Cetamura Colitbouno Chianti 2008.. definite Italian stink on the nose, medium-light body... some dried cherry fruit, quick finish.

Carr Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Napa ... pretty pencil lead and dark fruits on the nose , a good bargain for the fruit from this region. sweet fruit on the nose and finish.. not a killer wine but very good for the money.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Valckenberg tasting at Trio with Missouri Beverage

A new german supplier for Missouri Beverage.. this supplier had been represented in the market by a smaller distributor who only carried only a few of their products.

Saarsten Pinot Blanc 2006 n and round and holding up for a few vintages old.

Undone Riesling a cute label but the riesling doesnt really deliver

Undone Pinot Noir.. germany is thelargest european producer of Pinot Noir...the cool climate helps keep the grape from getting over ripe... the undone is pretty in the nose and has some grip to it...

JJ Prum Gracher Spatlese.. prettiest wine of the evefning.. and most expensive...

Maxim ...didnt right enough to know.. but it had a LOT of petrol...i was told a byproduct of the mosel.. but have had other mosel no were near that. this was almost on the scale of Alsace.

Valckenberg Dornfelder.. the german answer to Beaujolais... if they needed an answer... a little sweet.. aromas of tin and banana... not quite ripe...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mike Mathis with Terra Firma

2008 Prahova Valley reserve Chardonnay light, a touch of vanilla and stone fruits but pretty boring

2007 Chateau du Ragon White Bordeaux... herbal grassy and a little over the hill

2008 Sole Cabernet Sauvignon ...strong nose of tar and dark fruits, a full bodied wine for the price, not vegetal at all

2007 Chateau du Ragon Bordeaux red.. french stink..a little on the light side.. soft finish

2008 Studio Pinot Noir gren nose, light and uninteresting

2008 Prahova Reserve Merlot ..juicy, soft, not green or vegetal either.. nice texture in the glass

Karma Chardonnay 2009 a slight asparagus nose, pleasant and light with no oak... light finish.

Tariquet wines with Julien Ducos/JJ Gazzolli Imports

Tariquet Classic 2009 Ugni Blanc/ Colombard blend.. light and mineral with a surprisingly long finish.

Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc 2009... very linear and uninteresting wine... none of the attributes of a Sauv Blanc...from the south of france

Tariquet Chardonnay 2009 mineral, fresh a little creaminess from the lees content.. but overall very light.

Tariquet 3 star Armagnac mocha, orange and surprisingly not too hot... pretty

Tariquet VSOP orange and mocha with a sweet start and long finish...

Tariquet XO floral and smooth nose, long finish of citrus and orange...

Monday, July 12, 2010

craig with pinnacle

Siduri Rosella's Vineyard Santa Lucia 2008 soft..dark berry flavors...pretty wine

Novy 4 Mile Creek North Coast 2008.. a nebbiolo/zin/syrah/viognier.. dark purple color, juicy.. quick finish..