Monday, September 24, 2012

Cakebread Lunch with Dennis Cakebread.JJ's restaurant

Cakebread is arguably one of the most recognized names out of Napa.. celebrating their 40th harvest.

Chardonnay Napa Carneros  nicely integrated with toast and acidity.. only a little malo so the butter isnt quite overly obvious..

Chardonnay Reserve .. a little more oak treatment and battonage or stirring of the lees  but not overly oaked... just from better blocks in the vineyard

Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 2009.. actually the second vintage available in our market.. the 2007 being first and the 2008 because of the intense smoke was not bottled. Clear and soft this wine makes a very good argument for wine from Mendocino.

Merlot 2009... a right bank wine... carneros fruit that is from cooler climate.. lots of grip and texture.. not the sideways merlot for sure

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009... whats not to love... just a nice nice bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon Benchland 2009... and when benchland is mentioned its with the idea of the Rutherford Bench.. where a dusty quality usually stands out.. no exception here... this was a big masculine. need a wash kind of wine... almost needs a tougher steak like ribeye or porterhouse

Dancing Bear Cabernet Sauvignon... named for the imaginary machination of happy bears in the vineyards.. this is the elegant feminine side of the winery... lush and supple... very nice

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