Thursday, May 28, 2009

wines for the day

from casey major brands.. a new wine from eric solomon..90 points from parker..all grenache.. juicy and stinky..highly extracted quick finish but tasty when in the palate...

from terra frima
Byzantium Blanc de Transylvanie 2006 somewhat dullish, maybe from the age... pinot grigio. gewurztraminer and Feteasca Alba blend...the nose what somewhat promising because of the gewurz but finished dull

Sole Chardonnay 2008 Romania. pretty toasty nose, some tropical fruit on the nose and palate..creamy texture a touch hot on the tongue so will be a better food wine than just cocktail.

2007 Domaine des Rozets Coteaux du Tricastin soft nose somewhat green and uneventful on the palate.. but it did have a longer finish...just there are too many good wines at the same price point

2007 Domaine de Couron Cotes du Rhone 2007 iodine..juicy..needs some time to settle..a nice savage flavors on the palate..will be in after the 06 are gone.

Prosecco Baby NV frizzante style..light and just a right touch of the mousse.

Prosecco Babbo Extra Dry NV sweeter style but light and not as nice as the first wine with a higher price tag

Rosso Toscano Sangiovese 2007 opaque purple..traditional nose, a little fruity but needs a little more body but at $8 will be a nice enough wine.

Garco Wines
Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir 2007 indicitive of the vintage..leather and coffee smells like when you walk into a barnes and noble.. but the flavors are quick and fade fast

Crane Lake Pinot Noie 2008 from the Fred Franzia 3 buck chuck statement.. cranberry, earth and light

Ogier Cotes du Rhone 2008 nice traditional flavors..good mouthfeel and finish.

Gundlach Bundschu Mountain Cuvee mostly merlot but the cab nose sure comes through...currant and dark berry..nice tannin and texture.

STG Cabernet 100% cab from the Russian river.. dark in the glass and dark fruits on the palate...soft finish but good for the money.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

about the doug frost article today

I was just reading the kc star and saw the article that doug frost wrote about available wine in kansas..and how far kansas has come in the wine world from 30 years ago when it was next to impossible to get a good glass of wine in the state.

Having written for a small publication myself and seeing what I write sometimes not mean what I wanted because of editing, and I have a great editor by the way, because of my limited use of english grammar. So I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because his words could have been twisted around from what he originally wrote... The fault I have with the article is what is left not mentioning the wines are also available on the Missouri side the reader is left with the impression that they are only available there...and 95% of all those wines are available on the Missouri side. So it became a nice little p.r. blitz for Kansas wholesale, retail and restaurant sales as he mentions. I know they have been the red headed step child for a long time and it is good to see more options open in the state.. just remember if you see a wine you like chances are still good that you will have more chances on the missouri side...thats all I am saying...

wine with jp from vintegrity

Interesting wine from spain ..a grower cava...Cava Avinyo Brut..Non vintage I think...pretty light bubbles made from traditional cava grapes.. which there are three and not coming to me right now...paralleda? xarello ? macabeo?...i can be the norm crosby of wine easily...and there is a little more richness to this wine... grower cava would indicate it is made by the people who grow the grapes opposed to Codorniu or Freixenet that buy them from growers and put their name on it.. lovely mousse foam with still the indentifier of a slight burnt aspirin taste on the very back..

Dashe Brothers 2006 Louvau Vineyards Winery... dry creek..I would buy this myself if no one else will...dark purple, juicy with dark fruit flavors..cedar and vanilla..and loaded with all the zin goodness. around 34$

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adelsheim Winery with Michael Adelsheim

Having been sponsored by this winery at Pinot Camp last year I always like to see the wines promoted.

Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2007 light in texture..a little minerality and nice finish.

Pinot Blanc 2007 good acidity, lush texture with a hint of apple on the finish.

Rose of Pinot Noir 2008...beautiful strawberry in the nose, salmon pink color and just the right amount of fruit... I am so looking forward to the 2008's from oregon

Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2007 indicitive of the vintage..lighter style, not a lot of tannin, soft nose of cola and berry...quick finish..

Pinot Noir Elizabeth's Reserve 2007 good fruit, may have been a touch corked...

Deglace of Pinot Noir 2007 their version of ice wine.. soft easy and quick...almost reminds one of a muscat...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inland Sea Barrel tasting

On monday I had the opportunity to taste through some wines that Michael Amigoni has in barrel at the boulevard warehouse. I once referred to Michael as a gentleman farmer which harkens back to the days of George Washington who farmed in name only, well when Michael comes into the store covered in mud and dirt from working in his fields I know he is definitely hands on.

Chardonnay.. 8 barrels produced. a rough start on the nose but tastes much smoother, a little toasty on the finish.. nice ml and good fruit on the finish.

Viognier a very tight nose with good stone fruits on the palate with a finish that keeps going

Cabernet Franc To kati Block taken from the to-kalon block of mondavis wine. lots of aromatics you expect from cab franc, soft tannins and red fruits.

Malbec most of it comes from Lodi in cherry and long juicy finish.

Mouvedre all about the soft fruit but the finish is quick and a little disappointing.. still young though.

Cabernet Franc Stealth Ridge Block smoky, sweet almost savory..and a soft cocoanut vanilla finish, some of his cooperage comes from A & K who make barrels for silver oak...this is the same toast level they use.

Friday, May 15, 2009

w.h.wednesday part 6

Ionia Imports with Scott Reed

at least they had wines I hadnt tried before..

Suliccenti Insolia 2007 Sicily.. bright fruit with a little rustic bent to the finish.. interesting wine but I have better Insolia in the store..

Kudyah Nero D'Avola Sicily 2005 fruity nose and juicy..nice acidity a great food wine.

Ronna Syrah Sicily 2005 Ronna means show a softer side of syrah.. unoaked and uninteresting.. juicy with enough fruit but not a great show of what the grape can do.

Kroara Red Piemonte barbera Light purple int he glass. a nice wine for the money a touch plummy and mocha on the finish.. this will be at the next wine tasting in june

La Capannelle Toscana 2005 IGT so it is not exactly Sangiovese, a blend with merlot and syrah.. traditional italian stink.. good acidity but missing something of a nerve...cute label though

w.h. wednesday part 5

Hank Wetzel and Alexander Valley Vineyards

2007 Alexander Estate Chardonnay ..straw, a toasty oak..not a lot of ml on the tongue ...

2007 Alexander Dry Rose of Sangiovese.. light rusty pink..light fruits quick dry finish.

2007 Alexander SinZin oaky nose, and dark berry and a little heat

2006 Alexander Temptation Zin = light a touch briary but overall pretty quick finish.

2006 Alexander Merlot dark color in the glass..sweet fruit tobacco on the finish..

2006 Alexander Cabernet best of the bunch.. nice grip and fun finish...

2004 Cyrus..named for Cyrus Alexander for whom the valley was named. lots of purple color, oaky, sweet vanilla..very supple tannins with a good long finish.

2005 Alexander School house Top of the Crop dark purple, juicy and tannic.. lots of lead and cedar...a little heavy for me

w.h.wednesday part 4 bearboat winery

BearBoat Pinot Gris..2006 some bottle variation going on here because it was a little cloudy and had strange flavors... maybe a little old

Bear Boat Sauv Blanc 2007 soft , clean and herbal but not very interesting

BearBoat Chardonnay 2008 toasty caramel, nice palate of chard fruit with a long finish.''

BearBoat Riesling 2007 central coast. a touch diesel on the nose, almost alsace in style.. too rich for alsace though. not for the kind who like KJ Riesling

BearBoat Syrah 2006 Russian River Valley more of a jammy fruit style wine...a little black pepper but not for the money...

BearBoat Pinot Noir a touch earthy on the nose, nice finish. rusty garnet color in the glass, tight nose with some red berry fruit coming through

w.h.wednesday part 3 ken volk with Mike Brown

Ken Volk was a founder of Wild Horse in Central Coast.

Malvasia 2007 light straw color, nutty, floral on the sweet nose.. dryer style finish. almost alsace in nature..texture seemed to be the word of the day..

Negrette 2004...interesting grape varietal.. found in the south of france..a hybrid from the cote de fontenat.. floral with a cola nose, juicy and a bit dusty... a touch earthy finish.. the next release will be 2007 and that will be in the store.

Merlot 2005 some more cool climate grape characteristics..lots of grip, and tannin and darker berry fruit flavors..not a wimpy wine at all.

Mourvedre 2005 bright color, bright cherry fruit on the palate.. very cool finish..will be a great food wine.. these are the from the oldest central coast plantings of mourvedre..soft plummy finish.

w.h. wednesday part 2

Silverado winery with Jonathan Emmerich Winemaker

Silverado Sauv Blanc 2008 a sweet nose and lots of grapefruit after just having orange juice.

Silverado Chardonnay 2007 clear straw color, light toasty and soft ml, clean fruit and nice texture.

2005 Silverado Merlot Napa dark cloudy and brooding in the glass...tannins on the climate merlot is a good thing.. 11% cab

2005 Silverado Cab Napa sweet cassis and pencil lead..soft tannins and very smooth..the merlot was actually more of a texture...some tobacco and tar on the finish.

Silverado Solo 2005 100% cab, clear in the glass..dusty on the palate with nice black berry fruits.. very viscous..a teeth stainer

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wine hell wednesday part 1

and only two days later another day of wine reps with suppliers or actual winemakers.

Terra Firma
2007 Chateaux Mayne Pargade Bordeaux blanc light melon, grassy and a little rustic on the finish..tasting a little tired

Cinecol Torrontes Organic 2007 floral, soapstone on the nose, melon fruit carries through to the nice finish.. torrontes is the white grape of argentina as far as I am concerned.

2007 Terra Romana Pinot Noir...a touch of the french stink. soft red fruits on the palate..but a little soft on the ending...good for the money though.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A well known producer of Prosecco, the Mionetto brand I believe was one of the first in this market. Prosecco is a grape grown in the Northeastern area of Italy and became famous when mixed with peach nectar to make Bellini's.

Brut Prosecco NV ( almost all Prosecco will be Non vintage) dry side, nice stone fruits on the palate and good finish..not the burnt aspirin that I sometimes get from the grape.

Moscato Dolce Mionetto.. pretty muscat nose, soft texture, sweet lush palate...nice acidity to carry through to the end.

elyse with alex pryor

Alex Pryor who operated "Zin" in the space where Michael Smith is today, works for Elyse Vineyards in Napa.

Elyse Rose 2008 lots of strawberrys and fresh fruit on the dry side.. made with primarily Valdigue which for a long time was called Gamay Beaujoulais. Perfect summer wine.

C'est Si Bon 2005 a grenache, mourvedre, syrah blend from grapes grown in Sierra Foothills. deep color and dark fruits with a hint of bacon fat on the end.

Morisoli Vineyards Zinfandel 2006 rustic like you want the wine to be,,.,.briary and jammy with just a hint of too much heat but the juicy character finishes it off.

Cabernet Tietjan Vineyard 2005 dark opaque color all about dark berry flavors, oak dill and vanilla...all the bells and whistles of a good cali cab

Hell monday part 4 major brands Jonata

Jonata is the central coast companion to Screaming Eagle. New to this market

Le Flor De Jonata 2006 a Sauv blanc, semillon blend.. interesting nose but not in a good way..and way over priced at $55

Le Corazon 2005 a blend with sweet vanilla nose and sweet fruits...good acidity and finish..dark purple. The bargain of the group at $80

Le Tierra de Jonata 2005 Sangiovese from central coast. A following of sweet fruit, not much on the way of aromas...some spice..very tight and generally boring..the fundamental question is when looking to transport Sangiovese are you looking to continue the tradition of what the varietal gives or get something more full bodied and juicy, in which case Grenache does the same.

La Desafio de Jonata 2005 Mostly Cab, and bordeaux blend. aroma of steak sauce, heinz or a-1
big tannins from fruit and barrel, some heat from high alcohol. definitely needs time to open up and let those tannins settle down to show off the fruit more..a long finish. Parker gave this wine 96 and it definitely has his style all over it. $130

La Sangre de Jonata 2005 Syrah and what a wonderful wine. Almost would have mistaken it for a Northern Rhone except for too much fruit. bacon fat all over the place. long finish.. favorite of the day but again.....$130

La Miel de Jonata NV a semillon and sauv blanc blend to resemble Sauterne but made in the desert,...and what a great dessert...round marshmellow flavors with a texture that doesnt want to stop. Cat Pee yellow and sweet nose...very pretty.. I will have some in the store for me if it doesnt sell...500ml around $80

Monday, May 11, 2009

hell monday part three-bommarito

Dierberg is a better known name in St Louis with a chain of grocery stores but they have been making wine almost half a decade.

Dierberg Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley toasty nose and smoky, carries into the palate..some tropical fruit..nice finish

Dierberg Syrah 2006 dark purple..juicy yet finishes a little on the lean side..none of the good bacon fat but still juicy

Star Lane Sauv Blanc 2006 sweet melon nose, melon and grassy on the palate..typical cali style for me.

Star Lane Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Ynez 2005 a lovely french stink, ynez stink?, bordeaux blend that definitely needs time to open and soften up...a nice vanilla, dark cherry flavor..long finish.

Three Saints Chardonnay 2005 Santa Maria Valley tropical fruit nose, appropriate acidity and a long finish with hints of the tropical fruits.

Three Saints Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 a high altitude wine, pretty cedar on the nose, lots of cassis and dark berry flavors. soft tannins..very enjoyable.

hell monday part two...mike dorsey and milbrandt

Milbrandt was started when the vineyard owners realized a good thing was happening with the grapes they sold and started making wine too..they still sell to some great winemakers like Chateau Ste Michelle and Charles Smith Located in the middle of Washington state wine country.

Pinot Grigio 2007 the weakest of the bunch...very subtle, mineral and a quick finish.

Chardonnay 2006 a touch earthy on the nose, lots of chardonnay fruit and no ML but it was pretty viscous from the warm climate fruit.

Riesling 2006 soft, a touch diesel and really very good for washington state...Dr Loosen thought this was good enough to put a large part in his Eroica bottling with Ch. St Michelle

Merlot 2006 as much as I like cool climate merlot, see Truchard and , this one came off as a little vegetal for me. soft red fruits but not the grip that you need from this type of merlot.

Legacy/ strike that it is now know as The Estates because Jess Jackson had copyrighted the name and was going to sue...The Estates is cab predominately.. beautiful nose of tea and pencil and dark fruits..sweet fruit on the palate and a nice long finish.

Monday from hell-Missouri Beverage

One of those days where everyone in town has a "ride-with" with wines to try. I wish there could be a way to schedule these things but until then here goes my list.

Montinore Muller-Thurgau 07 soft grapefruit on the nose, finishes sweeter than i thought it would...interesting wine..a hybrid made in germany named after the gentleman who made it.

Montinore Gewurztraminer 2006 typical pretty nose, soapy floral lots of acid..and chunky not really smooth.

Montinore Pinot Noir 2007 Dark rusty color, tangy and bing cherry a little rhubarb...definitely from the lighter 07 vintage..

Badger Mountain Riesling 2007 NSA (no sulfites added) a dull nose and dull flavors...i think it may have been an off bottle because the stuff sells ok...not sweet at all and no acid to carry it through..

Badger Mountain Cab/Merlot 2004 showing some age...heavy cab influence with a bit of rustic weight to it...looking forward to the 05 also NSA

Powers Muscat Canelli 2007 an asti nose because you know that they have the same grape...again a little chunky and also doesnt finish as sweet as a muscat should

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mary Michelle Winery Illinois

As hard as they try to make world class wines there are just too many factors against them...but at least they try...

Illinois Cellars Unoaked Chardonnel 2006 a sweet and foxy nose, almost musky..not quite chardonnay and not quite riesling....

Illinois Cellars Norton 2008 dark purple in the glass and slightly smoky sweet nose, boysenberry with a hint of the tinny mineral traits on the finish.

Applewine...which may have been the best.. using a riesling yeast this wine is light yellow, a bit of caramel and cinnamon, not knowing you would not guess apples...

Velvet Red Sweet Concord NV raspberry in color, tastes like what you think grapes should taste like...foxy finish where it starts out sweet and then gets dull.

Velvet White Niagara straw color, see above

Vidal Blanc Icewine 2005 dark yellow and burnt caramel , round in the mouth but dried fruits, not overly pleasant finish...a bit chunky...

robert with garco

Domaine Gerbeaux Macon Chaintre 2008 chardonnay, light yellow, mineral and lemony.. a bit too watery for me

Domaine Gerbeaux Macon Solutre 2007 chardonnay, light yellow n color but with a nice texture...

Domaine Pral Beaujolais 2007 strawberry mineral or tinny character like I see in this wine...gamay by the way...just not overly exciting.

Domaine de Chateaumac Cuvee Bastien 2007 Cotes du Rhone...beautiful wine...dark color, 100% grenache.. a touch dirt but mostly bright fruit..missing the bacon fat from syrah..darn it.

Leonard Kreutsch Piesporter goldtroppchen Spatlese 2006 a diesel bomb ready to explode with a few more years... bright yellow and very viscous from all the sugars... mineral and petrol...

terra firma wines

Vina Robles White4 2008 a blend of verdehlo, vermentino, viognier and sauvignon blanc....interesting combo, with the viognier and sauv blanc being more standoutish.. bright acidity and a touch of lemon and vanilla with a long finish.

Domaine de Couron Merlot 2007 dark color in the glass with a hint of green veg on the nose that doesnt really stop the bright cherry fruit, almost a mocha finish..round and tasty.

Domaine de Couron Cuvee Marie Dubois Syrah 2005. if this wine wasnt from the 2005 vintage I would have taken a full case.. iodine and dark berry...ripe fruit, pretty pretty wine...almost voluptious... but the 2007's are almost here and they will be spectacular.

Domaine de Cristia Chateauneuf du Pape 2006 pepper on the nose and wow a lot going on...great savage or garrigue flavors great fruit and beautiful finish.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alan Cannon with Rombauer Vineyards

Rombauer Chardonnay Carneros 2007 interesting for a wine from cali with 100% malo and barrel fermented this wine was not the fruit or butter bomb that some can be...carneros is one of the coolest growing regions in california and this gives you just a hint of oaky toasty goodness with out hitting you over the head

Rombauer Merlot 2006 I love carneros merlot..very dense and chewy with lots of rich fruit and spice...

Rombauer Zinfandel 2007 the glorious vintage for cali Zin...the nose on this yelled out Sweet Tea...boysenberry and blackberry fruits but not cloyingly so.

Rombauer Cabernet 2005 90% cab with the rest cab franc...softer style...

Rombauer Diamond Selection Cabernet 2003 cedar and dark fruits, cedar almost overpowers... but the fruit comes through on the finish...

ron lachini with Appellation

Lachini is a small winery in the Chehalem hills between Portland and Salem'

07 Pinot Gris Family Estate lemon curd and citrus...creamy mouthfeel..not the bone dry alsace type but not the fruit bomb either..nice

06 Lachini Estate Pinot Noir earthy, mushroom and rich.. garnet color in glass, dark berry fruit on the palate...

07 Lachini "S" Pinot Noir light cola aromas, light color, red fruits? on the palate with good acidity to the finish.

06 Cuvee Giselle Pinot Noir dark garnet and again the cola nose, cinnamon? and a touch sweet with long fruit finish.

06 La Bestia Cabernet from Red Mountain in Washington... heavy duty fruit and not a lot of finese...

06 "il molinello" bordeaux style Red Mountain.. mostly cab and merlot, with a lot of the merlot influencing the wine...molinello means swirl, to blend, dense thick fruit and a nice finish...the better of the two washington wines.