Wednesday, November 18, 2009

terra firma wines

chateau la raze beauvallet medoc 2005 light bordeaux nice style but not very interesting

Domaine de Rozets Cotes du Tricastin 2007... hoping to be as good as the other southern rhones I have had...but mineral notes..fruity nose but the finish is watery and weak

Chateau Bolchet Costieres de Nimes 2007...WOW what a great wine and for such a little money

50/50 grenache and syrah... iodine, juicy.. some bacon fat...just a nice bottle of wine for themoney...HIGHLY liked.. wine of the day...good turkey wine too.

this is why I buy wine from this small distributor...great value and flavors. you never know

silver oak with brooke michaels

2008 Twomey Sauv Blanc Napa pungent and expressive...a cross between the grassy style with a little grapefruit...

2008 Twomey Pinot Noir Russian River 2006 light style..some red fruits...a little green...from what had been a pumpkin patch

2004 Twomey Merlot a massive merlot...

2005 Silver Oak Cabernet Alex soft and 100% cab....tasting coffee

2004 Silver Oak Cabernet Napa more bordeaux style.. bourbon on the nose to me...from the American oak I guess...some heat on the palate.

Mark Neville with Sinskey

Abraxas 2008 a single vineyard alsatian white...clean lively and crisp ...hard sell though for $30 great turkey wine

Pinot Noir 2007 fruity nose, candied fruit on the palate...would be a good turkey wine too..match the cranberries.

Merlot 2006 Carneros.. bright lively fruit that isnt bogged down with any heavy oak...not brooding like some carneros can be

POV 2006 I forgot to ask what POV stood for...a bordeaux blend..a little green on the nose, but nice texture on the tongue... lots of red fruit and again not too dark and forbidding.

slow november

With the large tasting a few weeks ago and a cold there havent been many reasons to post.

This first part of the week some big names were out and were some smaller guys

Grateful Palate from Australia
Known for a lot of good wine at all price levels.

Skulls G.S.M. sweet and juicy.. interesting label

Evil Incarnate 2004 Shiraz juicy, thick and expensive.. cold wasnt letting me get to a lot of the flavors.

The Wine Shiraz 2004 99pts from of the most beautiful packages I have seen. Reminds me of kindergarten color wheel in a good way... big and lush from some of the oldest vines in australia

Anamorphosis. 2005 I will carry the wine only because ofthe presentation. Shiraz and juicy with hints of all kinds of things I couldnt smell but the presentation was worth the price of admission
you have to see it to appreciate the play of imagery and bottle

Bitch Bubbly NV a blend of shiraz, grenache and riesling...cute label..cute juice...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

gary childers of cannon wines garco

2008Gassier Sables d azur provence...pretty perfumy nose of rose and strawberry..mocha? earth on the palate...nice fruit finish

2007 patriarche macon village some mineral, green apple, nice viscosity...

2007 roc de chateavieux vouvray....dry mineral finish..bright citrus flavor with a long finish... very nice chenin blanc

2007 ogier heritages cotes du rhone... earth and roses...turns the corner to mocha instead of being dull on the palate... not as ripe as some of the others but still tasty.

2005 rigal malbec southwest france...having had this a few times i was predisposed not to like it and it didnt fail... dirty nose, a bit juicy..good color but overall lacking for malbec

2006 chateau douley bordeaux... pretty french stink. a bit tobacco...dried red fruits..

2008 laroche petit chablis a touch light...quick finish..a little minerality but pleasant enough...was expecting a little more oomph from it though...