Monday, November 15, 2010

Manos Negros with JP Gilmore /Vintegrity

Bert and Ernie: Getting Trashed on Pinot Noir ...Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flickr
Manos Negros means Black Hands in Spanish.. stained from the winemaking would be my guess

Torrontes 2009  not like many of the Torrontes I have experienced.  very high in acidity like the New Zealand Sauv Blanc, Grapefruit.. not the soft floral nose either.

Pinot Noir 2008 from the Patagonia region of Argentina.. soft on tannins   light on fruit.. a touch earthy but not enough to be overwhelming

Malbec 2007  dark color, bing cherry fruit... and just a little too tannic for this early in the morning
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Pinnacle with craig rohner

Ribera del Duero DO in Castilla y León region ...Image via Wikipedia
Wine by Joe Pinot Noir 2008 Oregon.. from a well liked vintage..this wine was surprisingly light and uneventful.. some raspberry for sure but light texture and quick finish

Gougenheim Malbec Argentina 2009  very juicy and fruit forward.. feminine style ?

Finca Resalso Ribera del Duero 2007.. found it to be more new world in style.. i usually like Ribero fruit and this was good but not as much earth as I would have liked

Cocchi Americano Apertivo.. made from Moscato grapes.. a distilled spirit that reminds one of St Germain.. smells like Dial Soap and bitter on the finish.. to be mixed for sure.. with white wine or gin..

Black Maple Hill Bourbon , with a name Maple in it you would think sweeter and it is a touch sweet but not the big heavy drink jack daniels is, smooth and citrus light body with a good amount of heat on the palalte.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Misc with Robert Noecker/ Garco

A1 and Heinz steak sauceImage via Wikipedia
Reinares Tempranillo 2008  Spain.. earthy nose with some dried fruit on the finish but pretty bland for what you can get out of Spain at this price

LeGode Rosso Montalcino 2007  dark with a typical rusty edge.. saddleleather that turns sweet.. soft and juicy.. good value.

Fritz Dry Creek Zinfandel 2006 steak sauce on the nose, some briar but just starting to go over the hill.a little watery on the finish.

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Renteria Chardonnay Carneros 2008  a major supplier for large Chard producers.. golden yellow in color, nice sweet fruit and just a hint of oak and toast...

Domaine Alain Normand Bourgogne Rouge 2007  dirty nose and palate.. a little fruit but mostly tannin and blah
Quatro Mano Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2008 stinky nose too but this time there was a little fruit behind it and on the palate pretty supple fruit.. quickish finish but typical for this price point

York Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain 2007.. dark dense color, and soft but firm tannins dark berry fruit and silky finish

Chateau Felice with Samantha Rogers

2007 LaCraie Grand Syrah Chalk Hill  .. cranberry and dried red fruits.. a long finish with good unction but not the bacon fat that I really like in Syrah but better than most I have had from this region

LaCraie Euphoria Cabernet Franc 2007  earthy on the nose which then goes to a ripe red fruit on the palate.. long finish

2007 La Craie Tall Woman Chalk Hill... best of the bunch.. cab.zin and merlot blend. great texture and lots of up front fruit.
 2007 La Craie American Celebration ripe nose and a clear linear finish... not a tannic monster by any means.

an interesting sidenote that I was getting a lot of what I called Cranberry throughout all the wines.. a similarity if you will