Monday, October 29, 2012

Vincent Peyrat/Bordeaux with Classique

Amiral Dubroca Blanc 2010 Bordeaux ... definitely sau blanc.. pink grapefruit and lemon...

Amiral Dubroca Rouge 2008  80 % Merlot.. earthy on the nose, red fruit and easy drinking

Chaeau Desclau 2008 Bordeaux Superiore just enought earthy nose, some fruit and nice upfront tannin

Chateau Barthez 2006 Haut Medoc meaty nose, round flavors and very perfumy... but too old for the shelf

Chateau LaLande Red Cru Bourgeois 2006 Saint Julien.. green pepper and stinky feet.. tannins are noticeable and it drinks better than it smells but hard to get past that first smell

Chateau Colombier Monpelou 2006 Pauillac french stink.. soft palate.. missing something in the middle though..

rich with pinnacle/ miscellanious

2010 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir  full bodied for pinot.. lots of tannin and a long finish.. very tight

2009 Forman Cabernet Sauvignon Napa dark light color but very clear.. long in flavor.. big flavors.. long finish.

2011 Reverlry Riesling Columbia Valley  light fruit nose, not a german style but not sweet like cali.. almost gewurztraminer nose ...    will be at the november tasting

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kim Gattshall Vintegrity

Primaterra Pinot Noir 2010 Venezia  some italian earth.. a little dirty and not a lot of fruit

Locations by Dave Finney 'E" for Espana lots of dark cherry fruit... lots of nice fruit..

La Cartuja  Priorat 2011  an earthy nose, tight on the palate.. upfront fruit..

La Madrid Bonarda  very inky color.. nice oak notes.. blueberry

Foley Family David Langford/major brands

Lincourt Steel Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 2011  named steel for fermentation tanks.. unoaked.. lots of acidity.. not the typical fruit bomb of the region.. more like a sauv blanc..lots of mid palate activity and not much finish

Lincourt Pinot Noir 2009 Santa Rita Hills 2009. dried fruit prominent.. acidity is okay but thinking it may be just a little past peak

Lost Angel Mischief Red California 2008.. from purchased EOS fruit.. dark color and juicy... a blend of Petite Sirah and others.. nice finish. nice price

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bernie lee with Glazer Domaine and Estates

Cameron Hughes is a negotiant buyer who had been mail order only for a long time. now available..

Field Blend 2010.. zin blend with other black grape varieties.. zin was obvious and not in a good way.. lots of chunky briar

Alexander Valley Cabernet good tannins with sweet fruit... a liked the grip but it did finish a little bit rough.. like the first one a little chunky

Meritage 2009 a bordeaux blend from napa.. fruity but not a lot there

Joseph Phelps Freestone vineyard Pinot Noir 2009... everything that people do not like about Cali Pinot.. dried fruit.. cranberry.. not much complexity.. especially for the money.. pleasant but missing something

Coho winery with Gary Lipp/Massandra

relatively new to this market.. good press.. good vineyard sites

Stanley Ranch Pinot Noir 2010... once a beringer property... this pinot was more about the sweet fruit and light body.. not very finessed

Michael Black Merlot 2005... there was some oblem with the bottling but even then the wine was showing interesting character for the age... it would be fun to try another bottling some time

Summitvine Ranch Cabernet 2009  80% Cab with Cab Franc, and that shows in the nose, lovely tannins and just the right touch of oak... dark berry fruit

Headwaters Blend.. from the Combsville area of Napa County.. a bordeaux blend with cab merlot and petite verdot.. juicy.. good fruit and nice oak integration...

major brands crush craig

2011 La Croix Gratiot Picpoul de Pinet the chablis of the south.. Picpoul is one of the southern rhone white darlings.. this does not disappoint.. its a little creamy but lots of minerality and just a touch of citrus.  Going to have this at our holiday tasting

2009 Chateau Virgile Cuvee l'Eneide Costieres de Nimes  the blend of grapes I usually like but this young vine effort seemed to be missing something.. maybe age.. but the nose was the disappointing part, there was pleasant fruit and mocha finish... but the nose lost me

Sandhi Santa Barbara Chardonnay 2009.. light pineapple.. lots of fruit on the palate activity..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zonin Thomas Crowder

Zonin Prosecco NV.. from close to frozen must to ensure freshness. unfortunately this brut has that slight burnt aspirin after taste that I find in some Prosecco.

Zonin Rose brut NV a pink wine made with Nerello Mascalese, an indigenous grape found in Sicily. slight mousse with a little up front fruit.. light

Zonin Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2010 Winemakers Collection  a lot of young vine character. a little tar/tobacco on the front with a quick finish... there are better out there

Folio wines with David Francke/Garco

2010 Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio/Verduzzo blend. the Verduzzo is treated in the passimento style or laid out to dry... adds a creaminess to the final result. interesting

2010 Frescobaldi Remole IGT Tuscany  a little fruit for a chianti.. and not as earthy...

2009 Masi Campofiorin Valpolicella... the weakest of the wines today.. some italian dirt on the nose and palate.. but generally flat

2009 Tenuta di Castiglione  pretty purple in the glass... light and soft

2007 Masi Costasera Amarone Classico  dark color.. long fruit contact on the palate.. texture is more acidity than heat/

Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino... earthy on the nose., embodies the idea of brunello.. good fruit representation and texture.. long finish

trinchero/ ellie kutter

Folie a Deux Russian River Chardonnay 2010  what the oak and butter crowd would love.. lots of viscosity.. good palate for what it is...

Terra D'Oro Zinfandel Amador 2009   all about the briar and bramble and dark berry fruit...

Folie a Deux Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2009  dark concentrated color.. but lots of berry fruit up front.. soft tannins..nice wine for the money

Trinchero Chicken Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2009  rutherford dirt and juicy.. interesting afte palate that reminds one of syrah... the meatiness of it.. silky tannins

Terra d'Oro Zin port Non vintage.. very viscous.. lots of dark berry flavor.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heritage wines with Paul Underwood/Garco

La ginestra which was tasted earlier in the summer

Stefano Farina Barbera d'Alba 2010  tar and dark berry on th e nose.. some dark roasted meat on the back but not very forgiving

Stefano Farina Barbaresco 2008 light rusty nebbiolo color with a slight italian stink.. using slovenian oak.. good tannin structure with a longish finish... nice

Serena Sweet Red 2011  a blend of moscato and brachetto.. soft and not too sweet.. very feminine wine.. needs a chocolate flourless torte..

Bricco Riella Moscato 2011.. a light easy wine with some stone fruit components but really just fizzy and sweet but not cloyingly so.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

missouri beverage autumn bordeaux presale aquitaine... as in eleanor I assume

chateau freynelle blanc.. 2011 sauvignon and muscadell.. which added much softness.. could use some more acidity.
chateau freynelle rouge 2009  merlot based.. young vines on the nose and palate... not as good as some in this price point

Laroque 2011...Vine de Pays de la cite de carcassone... 100% cab franc... and it was gorgeous... and inexpensive.. blew me away... lovely aromas and palate... not a false note in the taste...

belleview peycharneau 2009 bordeaux superiore.. dark color in glass and lush tannin and fruit and just a touch of oak.. very nice

Haut Colombier Cote du Blaye 2009  lots of fruit... soft and easy drinking... not complex by any means

Sant Andre Courbin St Emilion 2009 berry and cedar with the cedar overwhelming the tannin and fruit.. not my favorite

chateau coutet st emilion 2009  lots of heritage from the land surrounding it.. organic and pre phyloxeria.. but didnt right down notes so must not have been that memorable

Chateau Blaignan Medoc Cru Bourgeois.. smooth and supple.. lush.. much tamer in the tannin and oak department.. very nice.. and shipped in wood

Tournefeuille (turning leaf for Gallo fans) 2009 Lalande de Pomerol  merlot, cab franc.. no french stink... beautiful aromas  and loads of dark berry fruit.. very nice.

Mongravey Margaux 2009. with the order being 2010.. there is the french stink... 70% cab.. more earthy than the right bank offerings above.. and lots of graphite and cassis.. tannins are being obvious

Fonbadet Pauillac 2010  light bodied with a hint of iron on the front.. very nice drinking but for the money the ones above where much more exciting

La Riviere Sauternes 2009.. the usual lovely honey and stone fruit nose, soft on the palate.. unctious but not too much with good acidity.. palate cleansing could use some bleu cheese

kim with vintegrity

Hook & Ladder Gewurztraminer Monterey 2009  the nose and flavors of spice but not as viscous.. acidity is ok but seems to be lacking some umphhh

Leth Gruner Veltliner Austria 2011... a little spritz, a little sweet. and mineral... nice light straw gold color..

Boedecker Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2011  light colored with red fruit being the dominate theme... some meatiness on the finish that was unexpected and nice

Wine Guerilla Dry Creek Zin 2010  briary and forest floor on the nose, juicy with a nice vanilla aftertaste.. good up front fruit

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bodega Ontanan/ major crush /Laine Boswell

 A Rioja producer.. definitely in the old style.. showing the wine works that date back to the 1700's

Ontanon Crianza DOC a 2008.. tempranillo with 10% garnacha.. a little young vines.. from an old area ... dusty and old world style

Ontanon Reserva 2004 a beautiful perfume nose, with a touch of earthiness.. good mid palate tannins.. dark cloudy coloring

Ontanon Gran Reserva 2001  juicy, and showing more fruit than the younger versions.. silky tannins.. long pretty finish... very nice.

francois with marian fuchia/terra firma

Last week was Italian this week is french
From a rhone producer/importer

Domaine Saurine CDR blanc Grenache blanc 2011.. a little hot.. juicy and berry nectar sweet.. nice

Camp Romain CDR Village White.. 2011  the usual suspects as he calls them.. grenache blanc, clairette, picpoul, marsanne and roussannne.. good food wine. slightly stone fruit sweet.. good value

Dimaine de l'olivette CDR 2009... sweet berry nose, blackberry.. licorice.. a little viscous almost a cough syrup flavor.. lots of texture

Les Dolia CDR Village 2007... mouth filling fruit and some heat.. was hoping for a little mellowing out of the fruit but it was still young and vibrant.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jean-Piere Mourgues Chateau Teyssier Pinnacle

An unusal tasting on a saturday but pinnacle was trying to do a brunch.. couldnt make it so they came to the store.

2010 Pezat Bordeaux with french stink and light purple in color.. bordeaux superiore very nice grip and tannins which will run through most ofthe wines tasted here .. was a great wine from the 09 vintage and this vintage should be no different

2010 Chateau Mazarat a higher concentration of cab franc with mostly merlot.. fruit and violet nose... beautiful juice.. pretty and elegant.. bought a case

2010 Chateau Teyssier again with the upfront fruit tannins.. felt tongue darkening in color.. can use time and a steak

2010 Chateau Laforge.. silky.. works on many levels... and lots of complexity.. and not so much french stink

2010 La Carre  dark and brooding in the glass not a wimpy merlot.. and needs time to open up

2010 Les Asteries dark and gritty and dry

2010 LeDome dark color intense tannin perfumed nose.. mostly cab franc with some merlot to balance

Worlds End" if six was nine" cabernet lots of upfront fruit. some silky tannins.. and pretty and definite new world wine after the bordeaux versions