Thursday, April 19, 2012

cynthia bommarito miscellanious wines

Steele Cabernet Red Hills Lake County 2009 from a beckstoffer owned vineyard. lots of tannin, dark berry. a little harsh on the finish.

Writers Block Petite Sirah ... from the son of Jed Steele comes the Writers block wines.. the Petite is very woodsy in its aromas and lots of tannin and dark fruit.. good value

Scaia Garganega Chardonnay 2010.. blend.. sauv blanc nose and lots of acidity.. comes off much like a sauv blanc. was hoping for a different experience with the different grape composition.

george vial major brands

Terlato wine international..

Giarusso Zinfandel Dry Creek 2009.. meaty nose, more elegant expression of zinfandel.

Domaine and Terlato L Block Shiraz Pyrennes Victoria Australia 2008... aromas of vegetable soup,, and meaty.. not as much of that on the back and for the money I was a little disappointed in its overall zip

Terlato cabernet Rutherford Napa 2007.. pretty cab nose, and good juice, may be a little hot but that could calm down with some aging

Episode Napa Valley 2007.. big nose and juicy tannins ... quite good if a little pricey

Terlato Chardonnay 2007... lime and cilantro on the nose, good acidity if missing some body.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vintas sustainable wines for earth day/ kim klein mo bev

Bodini Chardonnay 2010.. had to change from Budini because of the king of beers.. lots of minerality and acidity... lite fruit..

Bodini Malbec 2011  light green on the nose, a bit more food friendly less of a cocktail wine.

tikal natural organic malbec 2010.. earthy, slatey nose, dark color lots of fruit tannin

ben marco cabernet sauvignon 2008... maybe a little past prime.. dirty nose, lite mouthfeel..

susana balbo cabernet sauvignon 2009.. best of the bunch. pretty cedar nose, great mouthfeel and tannin for days.

small vineyards/major brands tim Freehan

Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi Marche 2010  always liked this wine.. good weight and minerality with some honeyed character

La Quercia MOntepulciano d Abruzzo 2010 almost mistaken for a rhone.. nose of iodine and earth.. not overly so.. lots of grip on the palate.. good food wine

Sikelia Nero d'avola Sicily 2010 stainless steel.. lots of red berry fruit on nose and palate.. tasty

Tortarossa Toscana  2010 , made from 100% sangiovese. cute label takes a shot at layer cake.. the name means red cake... somewhat sweet on the palate..

Bocelli Sangiovese IGT  a little green on the nose, a little italian stink.. some nice fruit. but not really that interesting

Bocelli Prosecco soft mousse, good acidity, light white peach on the finish.. and yes it is that Bocelli

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an evening in loch loyd

What an opportunity to have 10 wine people bring a wine to show off.. hopefully.
januik Cold Creek Chardonnay Washington 2008.. toasty on the finish. not quite sure onthe ML but definitely was a cross between Cali and Burgundy

2005 mondavi reserve pinot noir.. showing lots of fruit. and some dried mushroom.. surprisinly youthful

1994 Silver Oak Napa my contribution. past its prime and still showing some fruit... pencil box nose

Frank Family Napa Cabernet 2008.. dark fruit.. and tannins.. great for the cost

Mondavi Reserve cab 2008 big..

Rudd Oakville red 2005.. hot and chewy.. needs food

Episode Terlato 2006... weakest of the bunch

Cardinale 2006.. loads of fruit and tannin.. very nice

DelDotto 2001..the first bottle was corked.. second lovely fruit but not as lovely as

deldotto 2002.. loaded for bear and it was a hit.. my favorite of the night.. lush and supple

deldotto 2003... made with missouri oak and definitely showing more tightness... all three had lovely pencil box notes o wax and graphite

Jonata Sangre Syrah 2008... beautiful nose that didnt quite show on the palate.. but still pretty

2Hands Ares Australia 2007... rich luscious nose and finish... sweet fruit for sure

terra firma with marian

Image of grapes in Sauternes affected with nob...Image of grapes in Sauternes affected with noble rot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)french wines today

Tranquillitie Rose 2011.. 100% grenache blanc.. beautiful salmon color.. strawberry nose and juicy fruit.. great for my rose tree

Douce Vie Cotes du Provence 2011 rose... same pretty salmon color but a little lighter in body and boring

Cuvee des Quatro Vents Blanc 2010  Cotes de Blaye de Bordeaux.. mostly sauv blanc with semillon.. surprisinly sweet but with lots of acidity.. not hardly herbal but not bad

Cuvee Quatro Rouge 2010.. a little boring.. and very green on the nose.. fruit not bad but some of the green comes through on the finish

Domaine Tranquillitie Rouge.. 2006. a touch earthy.. some juice but missing something in the middle

domaine d'oustric 2009 a blend of bordeaux and rhone grapes.. french stink on the nose .. and a little disjointed. chunky on the finish

Si mon pere savait cotes de roussillon 2007.. juicy bright fruit up front but not much after

Sauternes de ma fille 2006.. golden yellow.. but missing the traditional nose.. a little sweet.. very thick palate.. not even viscous.. it was thick.hints of some of the traditional flavors but you really have to search them out
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinnacle Donald Shannon with Vias

Map of Valpolicella Italiano: Mappa della Valp...Map of Valpolicella Italiano: Mappa della Valpolicella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)TerraDora dep Paolo Coda di Volpe. 2010.. tale of the fox. rich wine on the palate and great acidity with lots of verve...lots of high notes on the palate.. and not that much minerality.I really like the wines from this producer and from this part of Italy. Vesuvius and Naples

TerraDora Falanghina 2010... agin with the rich flavors.. thick like a chard without the overt sweetness

Frattoria del Cerro Vino Nobile.. may not be showing as well as it should... a little off

Bertagnoli Honey Flavored Grappa... grappa isnt my cup of tea.. the honey picks up some citrus notes but still a little like kerosene

Bertagnoli Limoncello... made from Sorrento lemons.. not as heavy as others I have experienced . definitely for lemon lovers

Bertagnoli Mirtillo Grappino.. a little grappa mixed with a berry reminiscent of blueberry... pretty

La Salette Valpolicella 2010  .. green young vine nose, which follows through on the palate

I Pragni Valpolicella Ripasso 2009.. italian stink which always reminds me of fall.. nice enough juice but not really exciting.

on friday I tasted these with bernie

Finca Nueva Spain 2009 100% Viura with Rioja designation. very rich in mouthfeel. acidity on the side of the tongue.. interesting in a good way

Rio Madre Rioja 2010.. 100% Graciano one of the grapes allowed in Rioja.. teeth staining purple and loads of extracted juice berry fruit...going to be a good one for the next wine tasting
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Bossiet Family Estates/DeLoach /Mo Bev

DeLoach VineyardsImage of DeLoach Vineyards via Snoothdeloach was owned by cecil deloach a fireman from san francisco.. lost it with the downturn..
Deloach Chardonnay California 2009  your usual california chard.. fruity and easy drinking

DeLoach Pinot Noir California 2009 light color.. tight nose, dark fruit.. a little of a burnt finish.

DeLoach Merlot California 2009... weakest of the bunch. juicy up front but a young vine character of tinniness.

DeLoach Cabernet Sauvignon Cali 2010... full of rich bing cherry flavor. loads of upfront fruit.. almost refreshing

DeLoach Zinfandel 2007.. briary.. some fruit but a little faded.

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Paul Hobbs Imports with Ian Gutierrez/Bommarito

Paul HobbsImage of Paul Hobbs via SnoothPaul Hobbs of Sonoma fame has been involved in Argentina for a few years now.
Felino Chardonnay 2011... a little heavy handed.. strong on the palate.. lots of weight.. nothing subtle here

Felino merlot 2010 .. one of the best merlots i have tried from south america in a long time.. juicy and full bodied. good quality for the money

Felino Malbec 2010  lots of extraction in color, plummy fruit. about as good as malbec gets

Felino Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 ...again with the deep color, good body.

Bramare Cabernet Sauvigon Lujan de Cuyo 2009. pretty cedar notes.. dark concentrated  color.. lush. coffee and spice on the finish.. very pretty and attractive.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Terra Rouge Easton/Garco/ Terance Livingston

Location in the state of CaliforniaLocation in the state of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Wineries located mostly in the non glamorous parts of the california wine country.
Easton Sauv Blanc 2009 Sierra Foothills Very herbal lots of texture, almost thick. coating the tongue.. lots of things going on here but not necessarily subtle..

Terra Rouge Enigma 2008 Sierra Foothills  ...rhone varietals in california. I have never really cared for this wine from  the earliest time I remember.. not that the wine isnt well made, I have found I do not care for these varietals young. marsanne and roussanne in particular, show for me, better with some age. very golden yellow in color viscous and a little green olive on the palate that I am sure will turn into a more honeyed character as it ages.

H House Wine Easton 2008.. cab and syrah blend. juicy and spicy, not a wimpy wine lots of color and extraction

terra Rouge Tete a Tete Sierra Foothills a grenache syrah mourvedre blend.. juicy and very fruit forward.. not subtle again. almost chunky

Terre ROuge Les Cotes de l'ouest.. my nose is happy in this wine... palate was not as much but still tasty.. again with the chunky almost meaty nature.. dark and dense.. very enjoyable for the money though

Easton Zinfandel Amador County 2009.. light garnet color, bright red fruit.. juicy and supple some pepper but not too much briar

Terra Rouge Sentinel Oak Syrah 2002..yes 2002 and it was dark and brooding..still could have rested for many years.. again the beautiful fall, barnyard nose. lots of texture on the and tar on the finish...
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