Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lucio Mastroberardino of Terredora Di Paolo

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Blanc 2008 from indigenous grapes of the area...with lush mouthfeel and minerality it is a fun wine to try. I dont sell many but they are really good finds for people looking beyond pinot grigio from italy

Falanghina 2008 sounds like a race car but another grape type found in campania...clean and lovely...citrus and just the slightest hint of pepper...

Greco di Tufo bright yellow, some off aromas on the nose...want to try again

Fiano di Avellino 2008 clean and bright...soapstone and minerals...great food wine..

Fiano di Avellino CampoRe a single vineyard wine avellino. great wine..very intense for an italian white..almost like a california chard without the oakiness...

Aglianico 2007 bright purple, cinnamon and spice and pretty long finish, wine of campania

Lacryma Christi Rosso... cinnamon, earth and violets..much like a cote du rhone but prettier...

Taurasi Italina stink, spice and follow through on the finish with both...the southern italian version of barolo

Taurasi CampoRe 2001 some aging going on in the bottle..oaky earthy stink.. bright but intense...and very tight...can use more ageing and air.... truly worth &70 plus dollars...

mastroberardino have lots of family drama like the sebastiani's and mondavis, families dont always agree about ways to run a winery.

Monday, August 24, 2009

craig with pinnacle

St Innocent 2007 Shea Vineyard...typical of the hard vintage...flat, uninteresting...a little watery..not a lot there there

St Innocent Temprance Hill 2007 from a little farther south and a little more heat...this wine shows really nicely in the nose, mushroom and earth...the flavors dont carry quite as much weight but still a nice wine and they have brought the price down significantly.

Mas de la Dame La Gourmande les Baux de Provence 2006 back in the day this would have been a great find ...grenache and syrah...and not terribly pricey but with all the great southern french wines coming in this is just so so...some earth some juice but nothing exciting.

wine with jp and derrick

York Creek Pinot Blanc 2008 rich and aromatic...round mouthfeel and nice fruit flavors.

Boxler Edelzwicker 2007 Alsace...normally a blend of left over whites, gewurztraminer and riesling being most predominate...surprisingly sweet for alsace...blame that on global warming...round on the mouth with a long minerally finish.

Case Ibidini Insolia Sicily 2008 from the warmth comes round almost tropical but not quite that sweet...creamy finish...not overly fruity but not mineral either...interesting wine

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jonata with Matt Dees the winemaker

I tasted this wine in may on a day when I had 5 other reps.. and it still by itself it really was an excellent winery...and tasting with the winemaker didnt hurt either

La Flor de Jonata ..2006 the flower in spanish..and lots of tropical fruit but a nice crispness...still for the money it would be a hard sell

La Tierra de Jonata 2005 the earth...mostly sangiovese...fruity, and no saddle leather or dirt that is typical of sangiovese from italy...lots of forward juicy fruit...

Corazon de Jonata 2005 syrah/cab/ and others..even a touch of sauv blanc.. dark purple..very fruit forward and and acidic tea on the back...very much fun

El Alma de Jonata 2005 ..the soul.. violets..tannic and rich..brooding?? but a really soft finish..sweet fruit.. a contradiction in flavors... mostly cab franc yummy

El Desafio de Jonata 2005... the defiance..named because they were told no one does well with cabernet sauvignon and it does have all the bells and whistles of good cab...but nothing truly as exciting as the syrah or cab franc...

la Sangre de Jonata 2005 . the blood of jonata... too many great aromas and bouquets to get all in one sniff...its all the things I love about syrah from the northern rhone .. juicy, dark fruits...a wonderful wine. one of my favorite wines of the year I would say

La Miel de Jonata NV ..the honey... liquid creme brulee...icewine and late harvest and trockens all together.. semillon and sauv of the best desserts I have had in a long time

Jonata is the name of the original land grant back in the day

vintegrity with jp gilmore

Lumos Pinot Gris oregon 2008 crisp and light..refreshing but too many pinot gris from oregon already that dont sell

ernesto catena padrillos Malbec argentina padrillos means studhorse and you can read your meaning in that.. a nice malbec, not heavy but definitely finish.

york creek cuvee one california nv a cab/merlot blend..with some other fun varietals.. good fruit, longish finish...nice for the money...around $16

jk wines with hoyt

siemma rosso nv blend of nebbiolo, barbera and dolcetto....from Lodali a little green on the nose, not much weight and a quick finish

musaragno cab franc 2007 missing the nose of cab franc but ju8icy and nice acidity with a touch of italian dirt...nice finish..will be featured in the winter wine tasting i think

Old Hands Monastrell Yecla Spain 2006 ripe but almost too ripe,...quick finish..not bad but lots of wines from this area more enjoyable and the same price if not less

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The winery JC Cellars is know available in Missouri...not much made and not much that didnt go to st louis... really nice syrah and pinot though.. i did try the imposter which was a field blend with zinfandel and such..very disjointed and disappointing

Also tried some wines called Sans Promis which means without permission which is why they wont be made anymore because they were made without licenscing from the state of california.. chardonnays were way to pricey for the value and they wont ever be back in the state..anyway...interesting wines today all together...

Terlato with chris dodgen

Chanson Vire Clesse 2006 strong mid palate but nothing else...burgundian chardonnay without a lot of character.

Tangley Oaks Chardonnay 2006 not a lot of ml or oak for those people looking for more fruit less outside sources

Tangley Oaks Merlot 2oo6 Merlot...good mouthfeel, light finish..not disagreable but not much exciting going on.

Mazzoni Toscana Rosso 2006 aromas of sangiovese, light saddleleather, terroir followed by good red fruits and finishes with some dirt. one of the nicer super tuscans i have tried ina while..

Ernie Els Cirrus Syrah South Africa of the best wines tried today.. beautiful nose that almost suggests northern rhone...iodine and earth...dark mocha and berries on the palate.. long finish that keeps going and changing

Luke Donald Claret Napa 2005 traditional california meritage blend...and nose, soft unremarkable finish...a little heat from the alcohol/

Brandlin Cabernet Napa 2004 from Mt Veeder and it taste it...full tannin from wind blown vines..lots of stress and lots of depth. dark purple color, full bodied.

Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino 2004 from the great vintage.. more approachable than I thought it would be... with a long lush rich finish...nose of sangiovese and italian earth

king estate with shelli shepard

King estate has ties to kansas city...used to own king radio that became bendix

king estate acrobat pinot gris 2007 light, pinot grigio style.. a little sweeter and less serious?

king estate signature pinot gris...2007 a work horse for them and consistently good if not overly exciting

king estate next oregon riesling 2007 a touch sweet, quick finish and a little dull at the tension or acid

2007 next pinot noir oregon a little herbal, light. quick finish...

2007 king estate signature pinot noir...light which is typical for the vintage..good food wine just a little soft for what i like.

king estate domaine vin de glace pinot gris...take the grapes, freeze them and then take out the water..liquid apricots...soft not overly sweet...lots of legs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Artesa with tim shippey

Artesa winery has been around for about a decade. Housed in the beautiful winery that was once Codorniu California site in Carneros...

2007 Artesa Chardonnay Carneros creamy, light oak, good legs.. nice finish...

2006 Artesa pinot noir Carneros cola and cranberry, tart and yet a sweetish finish.

2006 Artesa Pinot Noir Reserve Carneros Estate a little more burgundian in style, according to the salesman...but hard to hide the calif fruit...and some floculates too

2005 Artesa Merlot Napa/Sonoma herbacious stinky feet...and not in a good way.. red fruiton the palate...with some of the stinky feet coming seems cool climate merlot can either be like this or really tannic and enjoyable like truchards.

2005 Artesa Cabernet Napa/Sonoma some stinky feet but not as much as the merlot, nice coffee aromas medium bodied and nice finish

2005 Artesa Cabernet Reserve Napa penicl lead and traditional cab aromas...good fruit and tannin up front but slowly missing the middle and not a long finish.

2005 Artesa Elements a red of the bunch for me.. tempranillo as the base with a whole range of other red grapes... nice acidity, juicy and medium bodied...good food wine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the other guys with premier cru/jonathan white

The White Night Viognier Clarksburg 2007 smells more like beaujolais than viognier...more banana . sweet

MooBuzz (because california is the land of milk and honey) Chardonnay 2007 golden yellow, very california in style.

Moobuzz Pinot Noir 2007 Monterey fruit...juicy cranberry and tea on the finish.. nice for the price

Leese-Fitch California Chardonnay 2007 typical california chardonnay, a touch hot on palate..boring label

Plungerhead Loid Zinfandel 2007 made from 40 to 80 year old vines.. juicy and smokey, a pleasant surprise...lots of good zin character...

Robert Rentsch of Dobbes

2007 wine by Joe (Dobbes) Pinot Gris light, not much minerality more round. light green apple after taste.

2007 Wine by Joe Pinot Noir light color, some whole cluster pressings... a touch of banana... good example of what oregon pinot can taste like.

Dobbes Grand Assemblage Cuvee Pinot Noir 07 lots of acidity...good fruit.. nice finish...a good example from a hard vintage... this wine changes each year with the blend..depending on the quality of the single vintages.

arnold goldberg with alexander valley vineyards

a staple in my wine repetoire since I can remember.. very solid if not very exciting...

AVV Chardonnay 07 soft ml. some oak but mostly stainless steel..going toward the lighter side

AVV Dry Rose of Sangiovese. dry and strawberry, rose and fruity nose...definitely a dry finish. and great for summer

AVV Sin Zin 2007 woulld like more fruit on it...still a dependable zin year in...cute label

AVV Temptation Zin... opening up from the last time I tried it...more fruit..less briar..

AVV Estate Cab 2006 full flavor cab...84% cab..uses all the bordeaux varietals. could be called meritage if it wanted to...

AVV Merlot 2006 big full bodied merlot..not the insipid style that the less expensive brands can be...

Cyrus 2004..their high end..big boy very tannic, and lots of juicy berry flavor... nice special occasion wine

Monday, August 3, 2009

Derrick bommarito

Care Syrah-Tempranillo blend 2007 dark purple and coffee on the palate...the northern rhone often gives this type of experience at 3 times the price....we have their rose for the summer too

Massone Gavi 2008 a touch nutty on the finish. a much more interesting and food friendly wine for summer than pinot grigio...made with the Cortese grape...a touch of stone fruit on the finish...nice and round palate

Vina Mayor Verdejo Spain 2007 one of the prominent white wines of spain, verdejo is a hard sell to american consumers... this wine really had a lot of torrontes feel to me..just a hint of sweetness with good acidity.

cellar selections with juan guardia

one of the premier suppliers for value wines from the old world...several of their wines have been staples in my corner for many years.

Val de Sil 2007 Godello mineral, a little herbacious and just a little too dry

Roger Champault, Sancerre 2007 sauvignon blanc as its meant to be.. light yellow/green
rounder than most sancerre i have had and still it was all stainless steel, stirred on lees i imagine, just a hint of sweetness that surprised me

Espelt Saulo Red 2007 from emporda region of spain near the french border.. a little green on the nose, grenache and carignan blend... rustic through and through...a little alcoholic on the palate... but a cute label and it tasted better after being open a few minutes.

L'hortus Rouge, Pic saint loup, Coteaux languedoc, 2007 syrah, grenache and carignan. really beautiful nose, with mocha and red cherry fruit on the palate...

Artadi Pagos Viejos Rioja 2007 beautiful fruit...dark and potent..long tannic finish..tempranillo

Aalto Ribero del Duero 2005 cedar, earth and fruit on the nose, long long finish...french 5 hours open I bet it would rival any big california cab,