Thursday, December 18, 2008

vintegrity tasting

First condolences and fond memories of Lauren Chapin. She was a sweet person and will be missed.

Not much tasting will be going on the next few weeks. If I do not have it in the store by now then I probably didnt need it and I know I wont have time to put it through the system, print tags for it, etc. Vintegrity has been bringing new wines by and I have told him that there wont be any more buying from me for a while but here are the last ofthe wines tried.

Don Cristabal Chardonnay Mendoza 2008 melon and rich textures for an inexpensive wine. easy finish.

1492 Red. merlot/bonarda and sangiovese blend. easy drinking red, juicy but not a heavy tannin thing.....

La Nina Cabernet fruity but a bit on the green side.

Don Cristabal 1492 red. rustic on the palate and rough finish...not pleasant

Mayu Malbec Zonda Valley San Juan Argentina... a region that we dont see often here.. juicy and sweet almost bing cherry fruit..but needs more depth.

Kaleido de Familia Mayo Bonarda Deep red, juicy and no heavy tannin... light red fruits and interesting wine. I did bring this one in after all. $ 14.99 on the shelf.

Happy Holidays. Alan

Thursday, December 4, 2008

misc wines for december

Mothers Milk Shiraz Barossa 2004 I was worried with the age that the wine would have lost some of its fruit, but it must have been a fruit bomb when it was young because there is still a lot of juicy meaty goodness. long finish and black black fruit.'

Independent Producers Chardonnay 2007 from Walla Walla area Unoaked with melon fruit aromas. dry and slightly bitter finish.

Independent Producers Merlot 2007 lots of vanilla and some rough edges. sweet fruit if a little green. I really like the new label wish I liked the wine as well.

Best wine of the week
Amavi Cabernet Sauv 2006 Walla Walla juicy, soft tannins and baking spice flavors on the mouth. uses a little syrah that gives it some body. very nice

jowler creek winery

A missouri winery Jowler Creek came in the store today and had 6 wines to try. The winery is located in Platte County and sells direct.

Norton 2007 dark purple color and fruity nose but of watermellon. spice and clove pretty on the tongue but a quick finish.

Chambourcin 2007 much the same color but more weight and flavors. pretty spice, american oak. quick finish but fun. this will be in the store

Butterfly Blush 2007 a light salman color, made from catawba grapes, a bit of CO 2 sweet but not overly so. this will be in the store.

Vignoles 2007 unique nose, almost like a pine tar..retsina aromas, sweet but missing something in the middle.

Critter Cuvee 2007 a blend and what the Vignoles was mising, it had a little more weight and interesting flavors. again not overly sweet finish. this will be in the store.

Nort 2007 a port style wine.. by law nothing made outside of Portugal can use the name port so they called it Nort since it was made from Norton grapes..
brickish purple color, caramel and fruity on the nose and palate. think of it as liquid fruitcake. This will also be in the store.