Monday, January 30, 2012

cynthia bommarito miscellanious wines

Lang and Reed Cabernet Franc 2009 North Coast.. a winery that only makes Cab Franc. this new bottling is prominently Lake County fruit... steak sauce herbal nose. good tannin on the palate. and nice finish... always consistent

Chateau Grand Tuillac Cuvee Elegance Cotes du Castillon predominately Merlot with Cab Franc... pretty french stink on the nose, lots of mid palate action but quick back finish...  would like to have seen more either up front fruit or back of the palate

Trenel Macon Village 2009 a good region for inexpensive chardonnay.. this to me seems to be all about clean fruit, light minerality.. pleasant wine if not exciting

Friday, January 27, 2012

rich zellich/ bernie lee/ pinnacle imports

Jeio Bisol Rose Cuvee Brut Valdobbiadene veneto Italy... a merlot and pinot nero blend.. pretty rose in color and strawberry on the nose but a little harsh on the palate..

Radio-Coteau La Neblina Pinot Noir 2009 Sonoma Conty ..lovely nose of forest floor and mushroom. tannic on the palate.. and mid long finish.. nice if pricey.

Domaine Santa Duc Cotes du rhone village Vielles Vigne 2009 wow.. i still love this wine.. glad it is back in the market.. full bodied.. mocha and chocolate and blood all what you expect from a cdr from a great vintage.

C and B Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet 2008.. stinky feet on the nose, good juice and mouthfeel on the palate with a quick finish.. Cartlidge and Brown reserve...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hodgepodge from bommarito/ cynthia paugh

Dauvergne Ranvier Cotes du Rhone Villages 2009Image by ellevalentine via FlickrDomaine de Cristia Chateauneuf du Pape 2009 big rich fruit bomb... a touch cold so that may explain why... some french stink.. good weight.. lots of fruit and alcohol on palate

Felsina Chianti Classico 2008 .. not expressing as much of the italian stink as was expected but still there.. good fruit. long finish and could probably work better with food

Dauvergne-Ranvier 2010 Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2010... really liked the red version of this last week.. this wine features grenache blanc/roussane and viognier. showing some fruit but not really giving much.. probably better in two years for my taste

patz and hall sonoma coast chardonnay 2009 light toasty oak and not to heavy given 100% malo-lactic
a nice expression of butterscotch and caramel on the finish

Abraxas Sinksey 2009. from scintilla vineyard it is a blend of 4 grape varietals.. Pinot gris/ Pinot Blanc/Gewurztraminer/ Riesling.. with the lineup and front nose of the gewurz I expected a sweeter wine but the Pinot Blanc rounded things up nicely with the acidity of the pinot gris. a hard sell wanting to be a California Alsace.. would recommend to those looking for a fun unusual wine

Chateau Marjosse White Bordeaux Equal parts Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with some Muscadelle.. showing more sweet fruit than expected.. again may be due to the colder bottle. one dimensional but a pretty dimension.

Hiedler Gruner Veltliner Loess 2009  I really like Gruner.. i forget about this wine because it flies under the radar so often.. loess is the type of soil grown in. crisp, clean and elegant.. the right amount of citrus
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Huber Orchard/Winery and Vineyards Indiana/ Golden Barrel

A working orchard/winery in Southern Indiana since 1850's.

2010 Seyval Blanc... a hybrid grape..there version of a sauvignon blanc. relatively clean with ust a bit of foxyness on the finish. crisp.. strong midpalate.. not bad at all

Starlight White blend made from Vidal/Villard and Cayuga. not a lot on the nose, sweet on the back palate.. wanting to be like a german kabinett  nice acidity on the finish... but still sweet

Sweet Marcella Concord grapes.. smells like concord/ tastes like concord but to be honest not overly sweet..

Cabernet Franc 2009.. ok this wine was surprisingly good.. lots of aromas which I like about CF.  lush good fruit.. a little smoky on the nose and maybe just a little green vegetal on the finish but probably my favorite of these wines

Blueberry Port a soft blueberry nose and juicy on the front. like drinking blueberry jam.. but enough acidity that it wasn't too thick. a little hot on the palate from the alcohol

peach Infusion interesting brandy with peaches.. made up of two vintages. one is the eau de vie and the other produces the main fruit juice.. not as interesting as the blueberry but was interesting when they blended it with the starlight white.

Ruby Port 2006  maybe the weakest of the bunch. made from chambuorcin and concord. aromas of concord grape thick in body but disappointing in the final push going down

Applejack made from their own apples. lighter version of Apple brandy.. hot on tongue and finish... clean finish.. light oak

Grappa made from Traminette grapes pulp and seeds that macerate and develop a thickness that I am not used to with grappa.. more user friendly for sure.. sweeter and more viscous than usual .. not the everyday jet fuel that people associate with grappa
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Monday, January 23, 2012

cellar selections/craig rohner

2008 Talbott Logan Pinot NoirImage by naotakem via Flickr2010 Luke Donald Chardonnay Carneros light toasty nose a pleasant chard but in the price point there are many as good if not better.

2009 Talbott Logan Sleepy Hollow Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands... pine tree and rhubarb on the nose. dried fruits on the palate.. pleasant on the finish

Chanson Vire-Clesse Burgundy 2010... white burgundy.. clean with touches of mineral and some fruit but not overly obvious. some green apple.

2008 Nicklaus Private Reserve Cabernet Napa  made at chimney rock. very tight on the nose, some good juice on the palate but still not showing alot of fruit. should be better after more time open and more time in the bottle.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adam Lee with Siduri/ Pinnacle/Bernie Lee

SIDURI09012_cl.jpgImage by jspatchwork via FlickrSiduriImage of Siduri via SnoothYou can always tell its cold outside when the winemakers start to come indoors... yesterday ridge watson today Adam Lee of Siduri and Novy fame. Siduri is famous for exquiste pinot noir from both california and oregon.. novy for it's beautiful expressions of syrah.. and the wines today did not disappoint.
2010 vintage was a cool one in northern california with a few heat spikes

Siduri  Russian River Pinot Noir 2010 spice and lavender and beautiful nose and lots of acidity.. sweet fruit...

Siduri Hawk's View Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2010 ephemeral nose.. hard to describe and once you smell it you have beautiful memories but cant really describe... mushroomy.. good depth of fruit and finish

Siduri Ewald Vineyard 2010 Russian River Valley.. much more fruit forward and still good acidity..

Siduri Rosella Vineyard 2010 forward and good grip texture.

Siduri Clos Pepe Vineyard 2010 good tannin..the last wine tried because it had the most weight and tannin.. fruit also there

Siduri Sonatera Vineyard 2010 mushroomy notes on the front... prettier than expected.. more feminine style?

Siduri hirsch Vineyard 2010 light colored in the glass but lots of flavors from whole cluster fermentation.. the fruit goes quickly but there is a long finish of mocha and cedar... lovely wine

Novy Keefer Ranch Chardonnay 2010 soft and good texture.. no ml but a lot of stirring of the lees makes for creamy texture.. and acidity is right behind it..

Novy Blanc de Pinot Noir Oregon 2010.. white wine made with pinot noir grapes.. a light golden color .. and nose much more earthier than most chardonnay but that weight... kind of a pretty wine

Novy Syrah Christensen 2009 kind of one dimensional on the palate..some pepper but doesnt really promise like the nose suggested

Novy Rosellas Syrah 2009  i could smell this wine all day.. iodine and iron on the front.. lots of weight on the palate.. juicy.. didnt have the final bit that I would have liked on the end but still a very tasty wine

Novy Oley Late Harvest Viognier.. named after Adam's wifes grandmother this soft round dessert wine has good acidity that keeps it from being cloying. long finish.. would go well with wedding cake
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ridge watson/ joullian/ bommarito/cynthia paughs

DSC28076, Joullian Vineyards Tasting Room, Car...Image by jimg944 via Flickr Ridge is a kc native. has been with Joullian for some time.

Joullian Sauvignon Blanc Carmel Valley 2010.. creamy version ,,maybe one of the best of his I have tasted in some time.. a touch of lime and more grassy than grapefruit..

Joullian Chardonnay Monterey 2008... toasty notes on the palate and nose... creamy and lush on the palate...silky

Joullian Chardonnay Sleepy Hollow 2009 rich in texture.. lots of depth of flavors..

Joullian Cabernet Sauvignon Carmel Valley 2007.. from a great vintage this wine is all about silky tannins and juicy fruit... very drinkable now

Joullian Zinfandel Sais Cuvee Carmel Valley 2009  a field blend Zin with all sorts of other black grape varietals.. not a big alcohol bomb.. a very good food wine.. lots of blueberry and snap
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marc shoemaker/glazer wine

Creme de lys chardonnay california 2009.... says it is fruity but sweet it is and way too chuncky and not delicate at all.. over the top in oak...

trivento amado sur 2009 blend of malbec/bonarda and syrah argentina pretty woodsy nose with some red berry.. dark purple in color..loads of dark fruit and cherry flavors.. good palate texture... longish finish... like drinking a vanilla cherry mash.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

two distributors mo bev and bommarito

from mobev. kim klein and patrick cunningham
Radio Boca Tempranillo vintage? spain... showing some tobacco and earth on the front but it also was about 10 degrees too cold.. dense color and some nice cherry on the finish.. possible for the march 1st tasting

Home Grown Red a blend from california.. pretty purple in the glass..lots of juicy fruit.. nice grip on the tongue.. dark fruits.. and round finish... not terribly fond of the label but the wine was definitely good for the money

from bommarito and cynthia paugh

Bella Novello Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2007... a good example of wine from a good vintage filtering down to the less expensive bottlings. lots of juicy upfront fruit.. big and ripe.. nice integration of oak and fruit.

Ladera Napa Valley 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon LOTS of vanilla and cedar.. the fruit is nice if not just a little overshadowed by the sweet wood.. drinking well right now

Chateau Graves du Bert. Saint Emillon 2007... mostly merlot based wine with some cab franc... a nod to both old and new world styles.. with pretty red cherry on the finish... pleasant silky tannins.

Domaine Hudelot-Noellat Bourgogne Rouge 2009... expecting much from  this wine given the vintage.. and price and just a little disappointed. definite old world style.. maybe just too much french stink for me.. musty but not corked... fruit was very subtle...

favorite wine of the day... Eric Chevalier Muscadet Cotes du Grand Lieu 2010... what every value seeking chablis drinker should be searching for... muscadet is the most interesting and least understood french white wine... soft on the palate with just enough minerality to keep it interesting.. hint of honey...heavier weight than you expect.. nice very nice from the Loire Valley.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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cynthia bommarito miscellanious wines

Yealands Sauv blanc 2010 New Zealand.. a very green winery. some of the usual cat pee grapefruit on the finish.

Shooting Star 2009 Blue Franc Washington State.. blueberry pie in a glass. lots of lush berry fruit... easy and fun... good turkey wine for next thanksgiving.

Li Veli Passamante Salice Salentino 200? negroamaro with the traditional italian stink.. a little one dimensional. not sure if the vintage was light or this bottle wasnt showing well .

Quinta do Crasto Douro 2009 a portugese wine that shows what the spectator has been so excited about with wines from this country. there is a stink to this but its full bodied... going from earth to barnyard to lavender.. round mouthfeel... and a long finish for the money.

tintonegro winery/argentina/ domaine and estate

a new product from argentina from people associated with the wine industry there for many years. all they produce and bottle is malbec..except for some other bordeaux varietals.

Tintonegro Malbec 2010 a light purple in the glass.. vanilla nose and a little heat on the tongue. which I would have to say is my one complaint on all the wines from this portfolio.. a little too much alcohol.

Tintonegro Uco Valley 2010 Reserve ..a malbec made from higher altitude vines... cooler on vine.. less forgiving soils. blacker fruits and more complex flavor profile... definitely worth the higher price. at least you can see the money in the product.

Tintonegro Malbec Co-Ferment 2010.. instead of different barrels of wines the Cab Franc and Petite Verdot are barrelled together with the Malbec.. much like they do shiraz and viognier in the rhone.  truly a beautiful wine on the palate.. lots of sweet vanilla and also good tannins on the front... nice

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gian Vitale/Duetsch/ Glazers

Josh Joseph Carr Chardonnay North Coast 2009 named after Joseph Carr's father...these are a second label . toasty nose and a slight green on the palate... but pleasant finish

Windsor Sonoma Chardonnay Russian River 2009 toasty golden on the nose and palate..soft fruit..creamy and nice texture... longish finish.. lots of oaky notes.

Windor Sonoma Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2009.. nice typical nose of pinot noir... dark fruits and light tannins... sexy but not over the top so.

Josh Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 2009 fresh nose of fruit and flowers. again a tad green... light but obvious tannin .. toasty caramel on the finish.

Windsor Sonoma Zinfandel Dry Creek 2006... age is showing here in both appearance and taste.. a little smokey starting out and not much of a finish.. delicate for a zin.. again may be the product of age.

Monday, January 9, 2012

first post of the year 2012

Where did the time go. already 2012. the holidays were strange being on a sunday both cmas and new years. back to a routine. thats a good thing
Cynthia Paugh with Bommarito.. first time tasting.

Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Muscat 2009 ... soft sweet nose, pretty straw color..but on the palate it surprised me how unassuming it was.. almost watery. quick finish

Domaine De Cristia Vine De Pays de Mediterranee 2010.. a bit of iodine and mineral on the nose...maybe from youth... good enough fruit on the palate and clean finish but for the money I would rather drink,,,

Dauvergne-Ranvier Luberon 2009 a pretty blend of grenache and syrah... deep rich in color and nose of sweet fruit.. hits all the right notes going down.. depth and color... nice finish for the money.. see this at the next tasting March 1

Triennes 2007 French blend of Cab/Syrah and Merlot. tea and cola with pencil on the nose showing off the cab... lots of grip on the palate which is good for the price.. a good food wine for sure... but drinks well by itself.