Friday, March 21, 2014

mark joseph/ trademark wines

Cultivar Napa 2012  light in color.. goose berry nose but a rounder style.. sauv blanc..

Buty Semillon/Sauvignon Muscadelle blend.. Columbia Valley round nose of melon and minerality..nice enough acidity

SansSoo Languedoc... is nice i guess to taste a really bad wine once in a while to know that they do still exist. This biodynamic grenache/syrah blend from the south of france is so bad.. tart and strange on the palate.. a metalic taste with a hint of sausage...

Martinozzi Brunello di Montalicino 2009  brickish in color and cinnamon earthy character. very nice idea of the area at not a lot of money

Hestia Columbia Valley Red blend 2011.. syrah, cab, petite verdot and malbec. dark color in the glass with spice, mocha and cocoa dominating.  tight nose so it could use some aeration or age.. cedar and tannins..with some dark cherry on the finish

Edict Chardonnay Napa 2011 made from Hyde Vineyard fruit by guest winemaker Jay Bonnacorsi.. toasty nose with good acidity.. long fruit frinish but not overly ml or oaked... an almost meaty finish.. interesting and good price for the source

Edity Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2010.. made by Mark Herald from Stagecoach vineyard.. dark forboding in the glass, and its all about texture.. tannin and heat..fruit is there but really has to be coaxed out.. just bottled and shipped may need to revisit in 6 months or so

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