Friday, March 21, 2014

cynthia/ bommarito

Domaine Romaine Collet Les Pargues Chablis 2011.. definite chablis nose of minerality.. missingsome of that nervosity or tension that Chablis can have.. 

Luigi Baudana Dragon Langhe Bianco 2011 a blend of chard/pinot blanc/riesling and sauv blanc.. lots of texture and fruit round from the pinot blanc and slight sweet from the drier riesling... very enjoyable for a hot summer day

Tiennes Sainte Fleur Viognier Provence 2012.. finding well priced Viognier from france can be tricky, either pricy or bad. this is nice white pepper with some stone fruit on the back... juicy and long finish

Chateau la tour de mons Margaux 2012  french stink on the nose, dark fruit and earth on the palate.. just a hint of spice

Chevalier de lascombes margaux 2009 depth in flavor and color, long finish  not as much of the french stink but not too new world either

Qupe Syrah Central Coast 2011.. young vine nose that wasnt as young on the palate..well maybe just a little.. should be better in 6 months

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