Saturday, October 8, 2011

guigal lunch with patrick will at JJ's

Great food..great wine..very great

2009 St Joseph Lieu Dit Blanc ...marsanne and roussanne blend.. smoky floral nose.. oily and lime? a little bread dough

2000 Guigal Hermitage Blanc light golden in color.. again a blend of mars and rouss.. unctious.. a little mushroom on the nose but not on the palate... creamy finish

2007 Guigal Ermitage Ex-Voto Blanc.. from the heart...slight flooral nose, not as viscous.somewhat softer. good acidity...maybe in a dumb phase

2007 Guigal Cote du Rhone a touch stemmy on the nose then meat... meaty throughout.. intense for the money

2007 Guigal Gigondas.. dark purple..lead and roses on the nose.. lovely light cardimon spice on the finish

2004 Guigal Saint Joseph Vigne Hospice purple deep flavors.. great acidity and a little hot on the palate.. syrah based

2004 Guigal Cote-Rotie Brune et Blonde... brown and blond refering to the soil the grapes are grown on.. syrah based. medium purple.. soft and nice but expecting more.

2000 Guigal Cote Rote Chateau D'Ampuis  nose of cedar and earth.. lush mouthfeel with a maple sweetness

2007 Guigal Cote Rote Chteau D'Ampuis showing lighter color.. earthy dirty nose, lots of intense flavors

2007 Guigal Ermitage Ex Voto Rouge... Ermitage is the early spelling... makes the bottle sound more expensive..since it is.. huge color but not overpowering in flavos.

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