Monday, February 17, 2014

Turnbull with Joel Portmann/ Pinnacle Imports

Turnbull has been in the kc market for a long time but lost in a big distributors book so they moved to Pinnacle.. more than doubling their last years number in the first months

2012 Turnbull Sauvignon Blanc  herbacious and grassy... not quiet... made with interest instead of as an afterthought.. stainless steel and mouth watering tannin

2010 Turnbull Napa Valley Cabernet ... tight nose but yummy fruit.. lots of lush tannin on the end... dark fruit...

2010 Turnbull OakVille Cabernet... meant to showcase the dirt of the Oakville AVA  defintely more tannic again with the dark fruit and mouthwatering tannins..

2010 Turnbull Black Label Cabernet best of the oakville vineyard.. mountain fruit,.. lots of higher notes on the palate.. mouth filling and huge would need some time to settle out.

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