Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jade Lynch/ Bennett Lane Winery Napa/ Pinnacle

2010 Bennett Lane reserve Chardonnay.. forgot to ask why they call it reserve when they do not have a regular chard... purchased fruit.. lots of mid palate activity.. toasty nose, enough acidity but a slight dullish finish

2009 Bennett Lane Maximus described as a red feasting wine, named for Maximas someone from the middle ages.. Cab, merlot, syrah and malbec.. juicy with some texture on the mid palate..

2009 Bennett Lane Cabernet Sauvignon Napa  good tannin, dark fruit long finish.. everything you want a $60 cab to do

2006 Bennett Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.. dusty nose, lots of upfront fruit tannin.. could probably hold for some time but when most current vintages are 2010.. hard to explain the 2006 is just in the store.. difference between restaurant where age is valued.. and liquor stores where the question is whats wrong with it..

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