Wednesday, April 27, 2011

shinas estates with george shinas

A judge in australia george shinas has been growing grapes for other people seeing them make money off his produce so he has now for several vintages produced his own wine. using judicial terms for his wines with clever pictures makes for visual as well as tasty fun.

The Innocent Viognier Victoria 2008.. blindfolded like justice is.. i would have guessed this wine to be an old world wine..stoney and slatey on the nose.. the sweetness comes on the tastebuds but not over the top.. lots of acidity to  create balance

The Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.. some stinky feet or earth on the nose, meaty on the palate.. definitely surprised me. good weight and not over the top sweet fruit like australian can be
The Guilty Shiraz Victoria 2007  again with the stinky feet.. again not a fruit bomb maybe a little less interesting than the cab which is interesting to me because I tend to not like Aussie Cab.

The Executioner Red 2007 a blend of Shiraz/Cab and 2% Viognier.. lighter in color than the other reds but tight on the nose, with a little time it opened up to show some molassis and cassis aromas.. the fruit was showing sweeter than the regular cab and shiraz did.. maybe just a little dullish on the finish..

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