Friday, April 15, 2011

Continuum with Carlo Mondavi

One of the fun parts of this job is to meet wine "celebrity" in this case the grandson of Robert Mondavi. Having never been able to meet him personally this was the next best thing. Of course the first thing I had to ask was about the book": house of mondavi" and his take on it. but we did talk about his wine also.

Continuum 2008 Napa from Pritchard Hill ..very dense and dark brooding wine that comes from the mountain fruit.. the aromas out of the glass are all about the winery.. if you get a chance to walk into a winery your sense of smell is bombarded with fruit and oak and atmosphere. The finish is lush with loads of cassis berry and oak tannin that doesnt bite back. The pedigree of the area this comes from includes Colgin, which I can't sell because it is restaurant only, go figure. Bryant Family and Dalle Valle. so for the money it is a bargain at $150.

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