Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stephen Vincent WInery with Golden Barrel

Stephen VincentImage of Stephen Vincent via SnoothStephen Vincent had not been available to me because it was a berbiglia exclusive through the defunct premier cru distributors. I will now carry all the varietals they distribute to Missouri and got a chance to taste 3 . All of them have California designations. I  believe Stephen Vincent is a negotiant buyer who owns no actual vineyard sites.

Chardonnay 2008  soft and lightly oaked. a little dull on the finish which would go away when slightly chilled.

Pinot Noir 2009 light garnet color.. briary tight nose, cranberry and rhubarb fruit.. earth...

Zinfandel 2007  briary nose, good fruit, mid palate fruit.. best of the bunch for me.

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