Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lange twins winery with Steven Folb/golden barrel

A long time farming family in Lodi near the California delta of the Sacremento River. Sustainable.. not to be confused with biodynamic or organic. kind of close..

Viognier Clarkburg 2009  sweet nose with a little banana on the finish... nice viscosity.. a little heavy handed for viognier...which can be light and ethereal.

Chardonnay Clarksburg 2009 tropical fruit.. very light oak influence.. sweet for chardonnay

Moscato 2010.. a touch of spritz on the wine. fruity and pretty nose of  nectarines and peaches.. a little disjointed in the glass but was just bottled so it could have been a young

Pinot Noir 2009. dirty garnet weak middle palate.touch of cherry.. soft flavors not a lot of depth.. some lingering mocha.

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