Friday, May 10, 2013

shane wines with shane finley/ massandra

Shane Finley is winemaker for the eponymous winery and also Lynmar after working for Kosta Browne among others

Grenache Blanc 2012 stainless steel and more about the fruit, less the oak... more of an american style.. pretty

Pinot Noir The Charm 2011 from several lots and named for the charm of the irish.. somewhat mushroom and earth.. not a fruit bomb. soft coffee and mocha notes on the back

Syrah Judge Vineyard 2009.. he says it was corked.. i didnt get it and usually that comes through to me.. i smelled vegetal and halitosis with some nice round flavors at the end.. looking forward to trying it when its really good

not him but in the bag
Vacheron sancerre 2010  herbal and high notes of coffee.. (may be from the last wine in the glass)  light green apple with a kick of pink grapefruit on the finish.. some say a great expression of sancerre

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