Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog is back/ Morgan

After mysterious inability to do this I now can. Lots of tastings over the last few months, but I will not do them here.

Morgan winery with Elise Faur Director of Sales. A very good property in Central Coast land of California. They have an uber cool video on their website showing the lay of the land and their famous neighbors.

Sauvignon Blanc Monterey 2010.. cant say I was a fan. Blended with Semillon and just not sure if it wanted to be New Zealand or california style.. a little heavy

Highland Chardonnay and the Double L which is the vineyard they own.  Both well made but the Double L was creamy and nice

Cotes du Crows Red blend 2010.. one of my favorite styles. the GSM blend.. the wine that people have fun with.. like Eberles Cotes du Robles.. juicy and well stated for brisket or peasant foods... peasant food is something you can sop up with bread in my vocab..

Double L and Gary's Pinot Noir.. Having tried a few Gary's Vineyards from different producers its fun to try other peoples interpretations. This one was pretty but tight and not very showy. whereas the double L was all about fruit.. I think the gary's may last a little longer but the Double L for now..

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