Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tintonegro winery/argentina/ domaine and estate

a new product from argentina from people associated with the wine industry there for many years. all they produce and bottle is malbec..except for some other bordeaux varietals.

Tintonegro Malbec 2010 a light purple in the glass.. vanilla nose and a little heat on the tongue. which I would have to say is my one complaint on all the wines from this portfolio.. a little too much alcohol.

Tintonegro Uco Valley 2010 Reserve ..a malbec made from higher altitude vines... cooler on vine.. less forgiving soils. blacker fruits and more complex flavor profile... definitely worth the higher price. at least you can see the money in the product.

Tintonegro Malbec Co-Ferment 2010.. instead of different barrels of wines the Cab Franc and Petite Verdot are barrelled together with the Malbec.. much like they do shiraz and viognier in the rhone.  truly a beautiful wine on the palate.. lots of sweet vanilla and also good tannins on the front... nice

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UGA Wino said...

I had the 2010 Tinto Negro Uco Valley Reserve a few weeks ago and I was quite disappointed. I didn't get any of the black fruit or spice that I like in Malbec. My bottle was all lighter red fruits and odd medicinal flavors. Couldn't even finish it. I think it eventually ended up in a pot of spaghetti sauce or stew. Glad you had a better experience.

I wouldn't mind trying that co-ferment bottling. How much Petit Verdot is in there? For some reason I tend to dig wines with lots of P.V.