Monday, September 12, 2011

wine monday part two..what does bernie have in t he bag

Domaine Solitude cotes du rhone blanc 2009... this wine did nothing to discourage me from drinking YOUNG white cote du rhone.. lots of stone and mineral.. waiting for the fruit.. not there.. still a little viscous.. but not my type right now.

Mas de Boislauzon Cotes du rhone 2009.. pretty dark color but stemmy and green on the palate.. this is an awkward teenager that needs to mature

Juan Benegas Malbec Argentina 2009  dark color juicy but not fruity. missing that

Don Tiburcio Benegas Bordeaux blend Argentina 2007  a syrah drinkers cab blend.. a touch of meatiness on the finish.. pretty wine

Kamen 2007 Sonoma Mountain huge color.. loads of dark fruit... firm tannin... alittle hot on the finish.

Richter Piesporter Michelberg Riesling Germany 2009... not as sweet as expected... but not as exciting either.. quick finish.

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