Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post 4th pre bastille day wines

From Pinnacle
Castalvero Cortese Piedmont white... cortese the wine of Gavi... soft and minerally.. already have a couple in the store... good porch pounding though.

Niepoort Twisted Duoro Portugal 2008... all port varietals.. a bit juicy and good acidity but when all is said and done I thought I would have a stronger finish.

Valle las Acequias Cabernet Sauvignon Mendozaa.. winner of this small group.. pretty nose, good fruit and a long finishl.. good dark fruit

from Vintegrity
Gilbert Picq Chablis 2009  good acidity and appropo for this weather.. no oak.. just fruit... well priced for a good chablis

Closerie des Lys Rouge Limoux 2009  light and fruity a beaujolais styled wine from languedoc area...

Wodka Vodka from Poland.. cirtus notes on the nose with a good dose of alcohol... clean and easy..

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