Monday, March 28, 2011

Misc posting

Monday seems to be a day for wine reps to be out.

Bill with Bommarito
LeClerc Bourgogne rouge 2008... sweet nose and fruit.. if someone asked me what grape juice would taste like it would be this.. simple and uncomplicated.. not a lot on the back

LeClerc Gevry Chambertin 2008.. staying with the light sweet theme of the Bourgogne.. some more depth but not a lot of complexity for the money they are asking

Paitin Sori'Paitin Barbaresco 2005  light rusty color.. some light italian dirt on the nose.. rose and anise on the palate.. good grip with some cedar on the back.. nice but not overly excited given the price.

Chris Berry with Palm Bay Imports

Salentein Malbec 2008  dark color in glass. lovely mocha with a little more medicinal notes on the nose.. higher in alcohol but good viscosity and mouthfeel. long finish

Portillo Malbec 2009 Argentina.. soft easy and juicy with some pretty cedar notes.

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